Phase One to release Capture One 4.6

Update (January 5th): Capture One 4.6 was officially released today.

Phase One will provide Nikon tethered support in the latest Capture One 4.6.

What's new in this version:

  • Nikon tethered capture for the following cameras (PRO): Nikon D3, Nikon D700, Nikon D300, Nikon D200, Nikon D80, Nikon D60, Nikon D40x, Nikon D40
  • New cameras supported (4/PRO): Phase One P 65+, Canon G10, Nikon D3X, Olympus E-30
  • Improved camera support (4/PRO): Canon EOS 5D mk II and EOS 50D: sRaw1 and sRaw2 supported

Talking about software: if you are short on cash you can try ChocoFlop - it is free, looks like Photoshop and it does work with NEF files (using dcRAW, Mac only).

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  • I was speaking to…

    a Nikon Rep and there is a Nikon DF1 coming soon. Its is made of a super light but strong material and will be the next big breakthrough in digital/film technology. Forget about the D3/3x, you will just want to throw those away after 21st January 2009. Can’t wait.

  • Guest2

    Maybe be worth mentioning that this flop is “made for mac only”?

  • savvo

    “Nikon tethered capture for the following cameras….”
    What about the D2[H|X[s]?

  • Sony Rumors

    I have spent a large part of today playing with a Sony A900 and am so tempted to sell my D700’s and all those nikkors I have collected. Its so impressively intuitive and exciting to use. OK, lose high ISO performance v’s D700 but its on a par with the D3x – more pixels does equal lower high ISO performance, but WOW! what a camera and the Zeiss lenses I have been using are extraordinary. I am salivating over it and NEVER thought I would EVER sell out on my Nikon system that I started collecting when 8 years old!

    • Oxford_artist

      Well, thanks for sharing that with us, but I think you’re under the mistaken impression this is a Sony forum.

    • Eric B

      Hey, thats cool! I have a Sony HDTV and a Sony camcorder too. But guess what, I use cameras and lenses made by a CAMERA and LENS company… go figure

      • Sony Rumors

        Oh please! You’re so silly – digital is a very different world from film, which is why it is not impossible for Sony to topple both Canon and Nikon if they make the right product and market it correctly. Film was different – very difficult to dislodge the big players then.

        Also, Carl Zeiss ARE a lens manufacturer!!! – er, probably the best in the world by a long stretch. I know many pros over the years who use Nikon but have had customized lenses made by Carl Zeiss on a Nikon F mount!

        Within 3 years Sony will be No. 2 in the DSLR market but not at the huge expense of either Canon or Nikon – put simply, these 3 will end up owning the market with roughly equal shares which will fluctuate year by year. That is without them even coming up with a ground-breaking product. If they pull ahead of the competition with a technological breakthrough, or manage to equal at a vastly reduced price (such as A900 vs D3x!!!) then they will swallow up both these players. I am thinking – having now played with the A900 that it is going to turn out on par with the D3x, if they can just fire out a higher ISO performance version to rival D3/D700 then it is bye bye Nikon for me and many others I know. Remember the younger generation DO NOT have the sentimental attachment to Nikon (especially) or indeed Canon. Infact, they know the SONY brand infinitely better and there is instant trust there with the brand – a marketers dream!

        Buy some more Sony shares tomorrow I think.

        • Oxford_artist

          Not a market analysis forum either, not the above statement shows much acumen in that area. Any chance of getting back on topic?

          • Sony Rumors

            Not really, does it bother you? More acumen than you buddy and enough not to have to worry about paying my bills or my kids or grandchildren ever having to worry about anything. Ho-hum! To be me!

            • Eric B

              Yeah, no kidding! With the quality of images you’ll make on that A900 nobody in your extended family will ever have to work again! 😉

              And btw, If I wanted to manually focus all my lenses I would just shoot Mamiya with Phase1 backs.

  • dualon

    Just as a sidenote: RawTherapee is also a good RAW converter. Native linux and windows versions are available for free (can be run on Mac boxes with virtual technologies), the image quality is absolutely comparable to (sometimes better than) industrial proprietary solutions, and RT has a good community, plus developed regularly.

  • Shaun McDougle

    “Nikon tethered capture for the following cameras (PRO): Nikon D3, Nikon D700, Nikon D300, Nikon D200, Nikon D80, Nikon D60, Nikon D40x, Nikon D40”

    Why did they skip over the D90?

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