Update: the images were removed from the site aprox. 45 min after my post...

What is that lens?

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  • Maddog


    • tonashideska

      OK. Now that the D3X is here, what’s next?

      (just kidding)



  • OH NO, what will we rumourize about now?

    • I will tell you after the official announcement!

    • Maddog

      How about speculation about when we can actually get our hands on one?

      • Hulk

        MFMX!! :))

    • dave

      rumorize is not a word

  • Okay, what can we read from these two tea leaves?

    — Still has the “FX” logo on the front. What, no “MX”?

    — I don’t see any sign of a microphone, or an extra input jack for one, or any extra controls that might apply to a movie mode.

    So… how disappointed is everyone going to be if the D3x turns out to be “just” a D3 upgraded with the D700’s sensor cleaning feature and maybe a few firmware tweaks, but NOT with a 20+megapixel sensor, and NOT with 1080i movie recording to counter the Canon 5DII…? Yikes, I can hear the howls of anguish already.

    Oh, well, still lots of time before December 1 to bat this ball around…

    • Jason

      Please see my post below – retouched D3 press photos. Looks like they serve as some sort of placeholder until announcement.

      • It does say D3x

      • Vinnyp

        They look to be identical bodies except for the D3X BUT they are not the same shot the lighting is slightly different.

        • Jason

          No, the lighting isn’t different, it’s the same D3 Nikon press photos.

          • VinnyP

            It’s better not to trust your eyes, If you make them into an animated gif you can easily see the differences and more importantly AKS labs Image Comparer reports hundreds of differences between the 2 images.

    • bast

      mic is included in the d3 already, which comes in very handy taking short notes to your shots. I doubt there will be a video function in the successfor of the d3 at all. if required you could easily go with a d90 as second body for a better price/performance ratio.
      feels early for a revoltion in how press photographers work. no requirement to have video in a studio. no rumors about 1d/s mark IV doing video too, are there?

      what do think?

    • Erwin

      as my friend from Nikon confirmed:
      MX will be upgradeable via Firmware *lol*

      IMHO MX will never be introduced in the Dx-Series, I assume these models won’t have more than FX.

      what do you think about this theorie?

    • Mike

      The mic’s on the back, lower-left, to the left of the LCD displaying the ‘200’ iso, the mic button is to the right of the LCD panel, same as on the old D2x, so probably no video mode, although an activation setting could be on the rotating dial on the top-left of the toplate (the same one where one selects continuous low/high/M-up etc, or LV on the D300). But no, it doesn’t look like it has video functionality.

  • Niloy

    removed from the nikon site already!?

    • well I have witnesses…lol

      • Jason

        Yes, I have saved them from the Nikon USA URL you gave, so YES, I’m a witness! πŸ˜‰


    Uh, it’s not here.

    Nikon removed the images from their site already.

    • WOW! They are fast!

      • Jason

        Well, maybe it’s one of these “leaks” which are fixed when they are sure there’s at least a handful of people who saw it in person..

        • Exactly. As soon as they saw that NR had it up (or someone @ DP Review had posted about it), I’m sure they pulled it. On purpose.

          My money is on this NOT being a mistake. It’s marketing’s way of showing you some booby. Flash a little skin and generate some excitement πŸ˜‰

          • S3 Shooter

            you gotta love a little booby … πŸ™‚
            for that matter you gotta love a lot of booby. SHOW US MORE! SHOW US MORE!!!

  • some dood

    they were there, its no joke!

  • Richard Hall

    Let the D700x/D800 rumors begin!!!!

    • um
      Or D400.
      D700 came this summer.
      D300 is old…
      D400 will come in spring 2009. =)

  • Jason

    Yes, they were at the Nikon USA website.

    BUT please note they were only retouched D3 press photos, it’s basically these

    So the D3x photos from the Nikon USA website are NOT the real thing!!

    • if they are not, I am not sure what is the real thing?

      • Jason

        I don’t know – maybe some sort of placeholder??

        In any case it’s clear they are retouched D3 Nikon press photos only – or do you disagree in the latter?

        • kaka

          maybe they haven’t money to afford a new press photo for a new product LOL jocking…

    • They could be retouched D3 press photos and STILL be the real thing.

      What made me realize this is that this afternoon, right in the middle of the rumor-fest, I did a similar job for my own employer. They had updated one of their products and didn’t want to have the delay and expense of a new photo shoot.

      So they had me render out a new image of the front only from the Illustrator artwork, and Photoshop it onto the photo of the old product! It looks just like the new one for Web purposes and lets them get their sales materials out more quickly and less expensively.

      Then it hit me: “Nikon could have done exactly the same thing I’m doing right now!”

      So, more questions than answers. Maybe this is Nikon USA’s little gift to its US customers, so we’ll have something to talk about over our Thanksgiving Day holiday besides turkey and football!

    • Retouched photos based on what? The reflection in the lens? That’s probably a photoshop action that was in the previous press photo. Maybe it is, but being on Nikon’s official website seems to mean there is something coming. Wait until next week and we’ll see if they are retouched bodies, or just reflections.

  • miss maro

    im salivating! bring it on! ha

  • dj

    Now the speculation will be on the specs and the d800 and d400. The top three cameras have all had significant price drops lately.

  • Andre

    I think this is what you would call a ‘TEASER’ – a hype generator. It works every time.

  • Internets

    What’s a D3x?

  • Ala’a

    I want that lens! What is it … maybe a Nikkor Noctilux? πŸ˜€

    • Dave

      It looks like the 24-70 to me.

      • bast

        definitely the 24-70 2.8

        • Anonymous

          thats what i thought too.

    • Jason

      As it’s only a retouched Nikon press photo from zthe D3 the latter states in the description “D3_24-70_front.jpg” so yes, it is a 24-70/2.8

  • danny

    is that a…..p-p-p-p-prime?!?!?

    • David Chu

      Nope, 24-70mm f/2.8.

  • bast

    looks like the body is perfectly the same as the D3’s.. I’m curious about the tech specs.

  • I made a comparing GIf which can be found here:

    • Alex

      The D3x image has been sharpened.

      What are you trying to illustrate, exactly?

  • firefly

    seems to be no difference at all… just look closely at the rubber texture… it has exatly the same “bumps”.

    • Jason

      I think we have been through that – they ARE retouched D3 photos.
      When I saw the D3X photos I just jumped to the Nikon USA Press Site and looked through the D3 press photos – very easily to spot in next-to-no time…

  • rhlpetrus

    Has Nikon USA played a practical joke on everybody?

  • Look at the strap holders. Might be crappy masking but the dont look the same.

    • firefly

      it looks just like a sharpened version of the D3 picture to me.., on top of which they have “pasted” the D3x logo

    • Jason

      No exactly the same base photos – Nikon D3 press photos!

    • bast

      .. crappy masking, well, still interesting to find this on the nikonusa web site. I wonder how the “final” pictures are going to be, if any.

  • Alex

    Cool. This just goes to show that Cameron and Joey were wrong AGAIN (just like they were about the D700)

  • Pablov

    weird behavior….. placing pictures of a D3x (that could be retouched from a D3’s) and later removing them ?

    what for ? just to feed more comments?

    I guess Nikon is a permanent and VERY serious reader of NikonRumors
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    (the 1st thing I looked for in the image was the “surprise” or “new” feature… but didn’t find a clue. If that is a retouched picture, then the “real thing” could look slightly different…)

  • jsa

    I think someone has hacked the nikon site.

    When googling nikon usa for d3x, 1 result comes up, click on the result, wait a bit and a zip file called automatically tries to download itself.

    I wasn’t game to accept the download, made me think scammers up to no good.

  • lox

    Well. I’m not surprised, nor I am disappointed. I was hoping for new lenses, a new 70-200/2.8 and some AF-S primes. THAT would be breaking news. I don’t care much about the D3X (as long as the D700 pricing is not affected).

    • The only way the D700 price would be affected would be for it to go down πŸ™‚ I, for one, am all FOR the price being affected πŸ˜‰

  • bigmouth

    this is a very interesting interaction between nikon’s marketing/web team and its fan base. They are clearly teasing everyone and this strategy is both playful and effective. Kudos Nikon marketing team! Now, please also read the harsh criticisms from Tom Hogan so that you do everything right. Gobble! Gobble!

    • Maddog

      I agree. I think they dunnit on porpoise.

  • YAY!!!!! I seriously can’t wait!!! This is going to be hell, haha, c’mon December 1st!

  • Ralf

    Lens looks like an 85 f1.4 to me

    • David Chu

      I don’t see how that looks like an 85mm f/1.4 at all. If you look directly though one it’s basically see-through, no black behind the glass when wide open. And it’s pretty clear that this lens is wide open… the black area is not the aperture blades.

    • Jason


    • i bet this is to ease the real page when it comes. This way, the Google bot will have seen it. All they have to do is switch a few things.

    • Jason

      Yes. Because 25434 is the Nikon product code for the D3. D700 is 25444, D300 is 25432 and so on, so seems the D3X will have 25442 as product code…

    • Daf

      Yeah – that’s just a standard HTTP redirect – you can put anything you like in the filename and it still gives you the D3 page.

  • Floydianben

    Click the link, and change one letter of the filename.jpg…
    Same logo with “this image has been removed”…
    We can bring here fake and say, it was on the official nikon website but the image has been removed !!!

    Ha ha ha !!!

    • yes only few thousand people saw it… I don’t have to convince you if you don’t want to believe

      • Pablov

        Hi Admin,

        an idea for when you find something really awesome on internet (not this really case) and you want (or need) to prove it:

        because a screen capture, an image, and a saved webpage can be faked with ease, there is a better (more difficult to fake) way to prove: recording your screen on video with a camcorder (or even a digital camera with good video capability)
        If it is WELL done, that is much more difficult to fake, and reliable
        So far is the best way I found to prove something was online. (if google doesn’t show because it was not cached).

        Obviously you can always contact a lawyer (or similar professional) to write a legal paper.
        But, for an easy and unexpensive way, I found it useful.

        Just an idea πŸ™‚

        Cheers, and thanks a lot for the news, we can bet there will be a new camera soon (my only guess is about the features πŸ™‚ )

    • Jason

      Right! But I am one of the people who saw the pictures inj the original links and saved them from there. So indeed these pictures WERE on the Nikon USA site.
      The strange thing is they are retouched D3 Nikon press photos only, so we still have to wait to real D3x photos.

  • Honestly, I am not sure why people, any people at all, would find it disappointing if the D3x didn’t have video. Who cares? If you want high-quality video, get a high-quality video camera. If you want high-quality stills, get a high-quality dSLR. It’s as easy as that. I really, really don’t want video capabilities to be something dSLR manufacturers consider when making a camera; I want them to concentrate on making the best still-image capturing camera they can.

    • AndrΓ©

      Couldn’t have said it any better. On a photography camera, photography features first, then whatever else. Don’t want Nikon to half-ass focus or construction so they can use the money on video features.

      • fxed

        Agreed. Problem is the masses on dpr will go nuts if left out.

        • Martin

          I agree, too. But it will be pretty unlikely that the masses who claim to want such a feature, will be able to afford such a camera. The masses will be going for the D90 or the D60, and still keep talking about a D3x, which they can’t afford.
          So, what should Nikon care about the masses, who want video capabilities in a D3-style body?
          Personally I wouldn’t even need or want video capability in a D90-style body. I think it’s not useful. Nikon really should concentrate on making the best possible still image camera in a certain price bracket. That said, the D90 pretty much looks the part.
          Let’s wait for the official announcement of the D3x!

    • Josh

      If you were a video professional you would understand why video in DSLRs is a big deal.

      More expensive HD video cameras such as the Sony EX1 or Canon XLH1 have a lot of functionality that is great for video, but they can’t match the depth of field control and incredible low light performance of DSLRs with big chips and 35mm lenses.

      The D90 fails to deliver for anything more than home videos – the codec & bit rate is terrible, but the idea is right. The Canon 5D Mkii is half way there.

      You may not care about video, but people like myself who shoot video all day would jump on all over the D3x if it delivers high end implementation of video. And I’m someone who would never consider a D3x otherwise (as a videographer first, my D80 does just fine for my level of photography).

      Nikon has no video market to protect – including video is a no brainer, and doesn’t in any way inhibit a camera’s still performance

      • Stephen

        I guess I can understand why you are stoked about it, but I am not convinced that you can do both well at the same time. At least not yet.

        I personally don’t care about that kind of artistry for video. If I need that level of control I usually put film in a can. I shot with the RED ONE the other day on a consulting gig, and that was cool. I don’t think it delivered on the hype, but it was cool.

        Anyway, in the end I think any time you go with a convergence technology like that you are going to have a long slow period of re-engineering.

      • Anonymous

        That’s why Sony need to make a 4K 35mm version of the XDCAM EX series cameras. Because you need ergonomics and audio features too. The image sensor is only a part. It is not everything you need. The DSLRs certainly don’t have it all for video yet.

  • Len

    anyone want to upload the saved images somewhere?

    • Pablov

      someone already did πŸ™‚
      read comments above

  • JR

    If there are no primes I might switch back to canon. seriously. enough of this.

    • Joe

      God I know. Give us just a HINT that you’re going to bring out some fast wides, Nikon. If Canon can do it, you should be able to do it and a hundred times better.

      • JR

        Better yet, canon has been making them for over 15 years and they are on their second revision already! Seriously, what gives? I know the EF mount is superior to nikon’s, but can’t we have something?

  • Gee, This D3x thing is turning into real porno..

  • Look, we made ‘Electronista’ —

    So if this is a viral marketing ploy by Nikon to build interest in their new camera, it seems to be working!

  • Douglas

    i just hope to god that it isn’t sony’s crap 24mp sensor… Even Nikon’s Expeed Processor would be very hard pressed to get a decent image out of that thing!

  • Anonymous

    it is Sony’s 24 megapixel sensor, period!

    • HYBRiS

      No, Nikon has always used their own sensors for their pro line of cameras.
      That, and Sony’s already said their 24MP sensor will be Sony exclusive (thank god).

  • Upgrades

    I don’t know, it looks like the new Canon 5D MKII

  • ο½“ο½ο½Žο½


  • fede

    Has anybody noticed that the photos are IDENTICAL to the official D3 ones? Compare them pixel by pixel…they’re exactly the same. Even the numbers shown in the LCD display on the back are the same. The lighting is absolutely identical.

    I noticed that the “X” of the D3X logo seems to be partially overlapped on the “3”.

    Are we sure this is not a joke? Ok the main difference between old and new model could be the resolution…
    but I doubt they decided to recycle a D3 photo and add the X in such an important occasion!

    Am I paranoid? πŸ™‚


    • firefly

      please, take your time to read some of the previous posts… this has been discussed already.

  • somebody

    i can’t afford a D3x.

    not even a D300 πŸ˜‰

    To all the ones who can: Have fun with it πŸ˜‰

  • guest

    Oh, they have even the site for the D4 prepared. Try this:

    Pictures have been removed :))))

    BTW: It’s fake. It’s just the behaviour of the web server, you can to look for other models as well πŸ˜‰

    • Laurence

      I agree. You can also search D5. Same with this URL – – changing the D3 to D3x, D4 or even D5 leads you to the same D3 page.

      But that doesn’t explain the pictures. Aren’t they the same as the ones that popped up last week? Only, we didn’t see the rear.

      • Wiilyb

        D5…I can hardly wait.

  • HYBRiS
    • Anonymous

      now that’s a funny one! Let’s just assume that a giant like Nikon that makes photography equipment, “could not afford or have the time” to have a decent photograph for the release of their new flagship, according to some of you and they resorted to using a crappy photoshoped image from D3…bottom line is the camera is not out yet, and until then, you can speculate as much as you want, because it will have no effect on what they will release. And frankly, they don’t care about what you have to say as they care more about the opinion of pros they manufacture this for…as they might be already testing it equipment for nikon.
      I’ll say instead of wasting your time here, invest your time in a-making more money to actually be able to buy it, and/or b-invest your time towards honing your skills to be in a level to use that body when you actually could afford it.

      • Anonymous

        There’s something ironic about people writing on forums that writing on forums is a waste of time. Even if you really believe in what you say, you expect people to take photos 24/7 and never discuss it and never discuss upcoming and new technology?

  • firefly

    I think this would be much more constructive if we stopped with all the fuss about how nikon’s web server handles image hosting… πŸ˜‰

  • Martin

    Is there any exif data with the saved images, so you can work out when it was created? If it’s a recent image then it gives more credence to the image/webpage being a placeholder until the D3x goes live.

    • the exif data was removed (not by me)

  • Davide

    The pic on the screen is taken in Turin, Italy…5min away from my office πŸ˜‰

  • Nicko

    WOOHOO no video mode… that day nikon put video mode on a camera in class with the D300/D700/D3/D3x i’m going to change to film…

  • bokeh

    it is very likely a placeholder image that got overlooked or is waiting to be photographed

  • Peter

    I think this imag is fake – although a D3X may be coming. If they were trying to keep this secret – why would the link still work… and have Nikon logo posted? silly.

  • Looks good. Cannot wait!

  • Martin

    With the Nikon Pro photos now available (, and the D3X looking identical to the D3, it looks like the discovered images at Nikon USA may not have been fake after all.

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