NR @ the 2008 Weblog Awards

Update: WOW! Just in the few hours since I posted this, we surpassed Gizmodo (our score is now 152, Gizmodo is 91)! Unfortunately, I was late to register for some of the other categories, where I am sure we would have some tougher competition. Voting for selected finalists is scheduled to begin December 8, 2008. Finalists will be announced several days before voting begins. Stay tuned and thanks again for your support!

If you like NR, please cast your vote for the 2008 Weblog Awards by going to this link, scroll down to the entry and click the green + score sign under the NikonRumors nomination (Best Small Major Blog category):


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  • Cliff

    Just went and clicked +1 – over 220 votes – nice!

  • Congrats! I am glad that you’re more popular than Gizmodo – a website that bans people who criticize the web site producers for boorish behavior at tech events from commenting.

    • Really? I did not know that. I will google it.

  • Pablov

    Mine was 267 🙂


    • Pablov

      (I meant my vote was the 267th )

  • Martin

    Looks like there are 2 nikonrumors entries now. One has around 30 votes now. A split of the vote?

    • I think this is OK – the will consolidate them for the final vote.

  • GT

    At least NR Admin has the right dates on his site –
    What the hell is Ken Rockwell on?? Ahh… Ken its a Tuesday and its the 25th November… hello…??
    29 November 2008, Saturday

    Nikon D40 Deals

    The Nikon D40, the world’s best camera for the dollar, is now selling brand-new for only $445, and refurbished for only $375.

    Each of these prices includes the excellent 18-55mm II AF-S ED lens, also one of my favorites.

    • Alex

      Ah hahahaha, Ken’s always good for a laugh. But what’s up with this second nikonrumors entry on the list? I went and voted for the legitimate nikonrumors entry and then scrolled down the list and found another…wierd?

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