Nikon’s Black Friday sale reveal a new lens?

Go to and look at the lower right (those are btw Nikon's Black Friday specials - US only):

16-185 VR? I say this is a typo - 16-85 VR is an existing lens (and this is actually a good deal). If you open the pdf file, the lens is listed as 16-85 VR.

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  • JR

    god i hope not.

    new wide primes please. i could care less about another freakin’ zoom or telephoto.

  • Nikkorian

    with an 18-105 of almost the same optical quality an only minor features missing like distance scale and 2-mode-vr, this comes as no surprise.

  • JPR

    Not quite such a good deal as it looks on the surface – small print says you have to buy a D300 to qualify?

  • jake-94

    Err, why would something not yet released have instant savings?

  • August Mife

    I want it!
    it’s an excellent idea…

  • Chevypower

    I just want a 10-400 f/1.4 – so I never have to change lenses. Is that too much to ask for? 🙂

    • Lyr

      I think you’re too shy in your wishes.

      I’d prefer a new 1mm-2000mm f/1.0 (because f/0,95 is for primes only) weighing only 100gr, pancake size, and 1 dollar as a price.
      Don’t forget the VR: Allows you to shoot 10 stops slower.
      Minimum focusing distance? 1mm away from sensor plane, at every focal length.

      So, Nikon, what are you waiting for?

      P.S.: I hope distortion and other parameters will be non present.

      P.P.S.: Okay, maybe I’m joking ;o)

  • Anonymous

    lolz, it’s been corrected!

    • Mario

      They watching, lolz!

  • Niloy

    Come on, that was lame. Just say that they mistyped! In the title!

    Like really there were thinking of the 1-2000mm lens!

  • andy

    nikon really does pay attention to this site. this is already fixed at

  • Johnmh

    Not great deals….. the D300 is already $1560 where I usually buy – so that ‘savings’ means I’m still paying the usual price for either lens.

  • Greg Tommers

    Yeah, they’re introducing a new lens at almost 50% off. LOL!
    Obviously it’s just a typo… jeez. Shouldn’t Nikon Rumors have at least a tiny bit of common sense?

  • Spencer Johnson

    Nikon I am disappointed with your rebates and or pricing. You have nothing for someone who already invested in you camera system, Canon has rebates all the time. from ameture to pro equipment, also your stuff on sale is equipment you can’t sell during the year discontinued etc………do you think your consumers are that stupid……….

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