Nikon D3x – what do we have so far

Few days left until the potential release date. This is what we have so far:

  • Everything started with a D3 firmware update back in April that revealed a new 6048x4032 24.4 MP option (source).
  • Nikon has scheduled several events world wide for December 1st (see here, here and here).
  • Few weeks ago Nikon Germany created a placeholder on their web site called Nikon D3_2. After we reported it, the folder was promptly removed.
  • Then we have leaks/hints from a Nikon tester, Thom Hogan and jeff-c and Iliah Borg.
  • The price of Nikon D3 dropped significantly to $4,200. There was also a rumor that retailers could not place D3 orders anymore.
  • In the past few months we had a bunch of products "designed" for D3x: Delkin, Sea& Sea, SanDisk and a HoodCap (yes! - what should we do without it). Maybe this is all just sloppy marketing.

I also received about a dozen of emails from around the world about the D3x coming on December 1st (mainly from retailers). That's all we have for now. Nothing solid, but sufficient for me to still believe that there is a 90% chance we will see a D3x on December 1st (hopefully with a Kodak sensor - this is my own speculation).

Now the latest rumor from dpreview:

"D3x is what's expected, but also to be announced:

80-400 AF-S version

35mm 1.8 AF-S

135mm 1.8 AF-S"

And now... RED again:
Red is suppose to have an even bigger announcement on December 3rd - the only reason I am mentioning this is because Red cameras can also be used with Nikon lenses. Red called their last announcement "insignificant". If they come up with a DSLR-like camera and a reasonable price tag, Nikon (and every other big DSLR manufacturer will be in serious trouble). Via PhotographyBay.

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  • Anonymous

    i hope you are right. after all you were also 90% or so ure about an announcement on nov. 20. but why kodak sensor?

    • If you read my post I said “by the end of the month”:

      About the Kodak sensor – just speculation based on this post:

      It is not clear who exactly makes the sensor for the D3, so I am just guessing that is Kodak.

      • Anonymous

        ok, i read you. but kodak is a very wild speculation. renesas is more likely.

        • I will update the post that this is clearly a speculation on my part.

        • Anonymous

          also, you will recall the leaks before the D3 launch. specs were basically public domain days before it became official. well, maybe it was different at the D700 launch. still, the lack of serious lacks makes me very sceptical about next week.

          • Yes, that’s why I am only at 90%. We have few more days.

            • rhlpetrus

              D700 was on a German magazine 4 to 5 days before announcement. D90’s specs and video feature was also around the net days before launch. This is too silent unless Nikon wanted it to be so this time around. In fact, the D700 info was handed out to magazines and sites long before the release, so Nikon surely wanted it to be leaked.

              But Thom is really quiet and usually he confirms launches at least one week before, even if he doesn’t say what’s coming.

              My bet is no, no camera on Dec 1st, likley PMA.

        • Douglas

          why do you consider Kodak a “very wild” speculation? honestly it makes the most sence… as we know for a fact that it is not a Sony Sensor, Sony themselves has come out and said as much (i dont know why, i would personally want ALL credit for the sensor if i had made it, or even if i hadnt, i would still want to take credit for it!). and Nikon has had a VERY long relationship with Kodak, the two where partners in the very first “affordable” professional DSLR, and as Kodak makes some very good sensor’s for the likes of Hassiblad and many others, personally i dont think its a far fetched speculation in the least!

          • Simply because I do not have any info/source – just what I read at several forums. I have to be careful not to “make up” stuff 🙂

            • Internets

              Isn’t that what basically goes on here? Do you make a lot of money from your ads?

            • Do you ask every web site that you visit how much money they make? If I could afford it, trust me I would do it. The D3 will be a little bit hard to crack though 🙂

            • LordBug

              You might have noticed that this site is “Nikon Rumors”, not “Nikon Definites”.

              He’s just gathering rumblings of rumors and speculations and putting them into one easy to sort through medium, which I for one greatly enjoy reading every day.

              It’s interesting to watch the speculation build up, and to see whether or not it turns out to be accurate in the end.

            • exactly – thank you!

            • Eric B

              I’m sure I’d be surprised… and judging by the way he lives, I’d say he’s very comfortable. I’d be equally surprised if he just gave out that information though; how much he is making. Do you actually know? + $120,000? +200,000?!

            • Douglas

              im sorry if my post seemed like it was directed at you [NR]Admin… it was actually an attempt to clarify to the Anonymous poster before you who said it was a “very wild speculation” that the sensor was a Kodak production.

  • Anonymous

    I also got messages from very well informed peope which I interpret as to new camera(s?) will be shown next monday to the press. Apparently the event to be held in a European country is restricted to major Nikon dealers and photographic press. It is set up such that the ITEM(S?) can be taken to the Nikon press event in another European country the day after.

  • Red’s last announcement WAS insignificant, in that it amounted to nothing except renderings of 3D models and breathless press releases about products they hope to introduce someday.

    It reminds me of the old Microsoft strategy of telling customers, “Don’t buy our competitor’s product that meets your needs and is available today. Wait for our much more fully-featured product that we plan to introduce, um, Real Soon Now.”

    If Red has a specific timetable for the delivery of an actual new product, that WILL be a significant announcement!

    • chevypower

      Red and Microsoft both have the cheap box price philosophy, where the product is really cheap, but comes with nothing, and the accessories (which you really need to make it work) are a complete rip off!

  • Mark

    That’s nice, but how about if we finally get pricing / availability for the GP-1, which was announced at the same time as the D90?

    • The price I saw online was US$209 – I will post a link shortly.

  • Pablov

    – If Nikon releases a new DSLR (as we hope), then the prediction of many people won’t be correct (those who said there wouldn’t be any new DSLR this year).
    That demonstrates that strategies and companies are not always so predictable, even by renowned professionals…

    – Guess 1:
    If the D3x is announced (or better, released) and it was leaked that it will include something new (besides higher res)….
    Will it be a Movie/Video implementation ? In such case one would expect it to be a Professionally movie/video mode (since D3x is(would be) the highest Nikon’s DSLR). There is no room for “weak” Movie/Video mode on it.
    Besides many people claim many things (against video), some many other would/will take advantage of that feature.
    Just few days (hopefully) to know something about..

    I am 100% sure Nikon will include a better (than D90’s) video mode in upcoming DSLRs, no matter they do on the D3x or not. It’s a matter of perspective of the technology path and development.

    – I wonder.. This could sound silly, but wouldn’t be a sign of the manufacturer of the D3’s sensor printed on it? Didn’t anyone on the planet open a D3 (or a broken D3) and check it?
    Maybe a renowned Review website could do that, and at least have the exclusive… (If there is no sign of the manufactuer, at least it was a try and still can post the images)
    Yes, could be expensive to do on a working D3, but cheap on a non-working D3 that they could get.

    – About RED’s possible DSLR, that could be a “problem” for companies like Nikon and Canon, IF Red decides to sell it at competitive prices compared to Nikon’s and Canon’s.
    So far RED sells EVERYTHING much more expensive than usual Nikon customers…
    And another aspect is that RED is not worldwide extended as the other two are.

    • Maybe we should start collecting money online, buy a D3 and crack it open to see the sensor 🙂 I am up for that.

      • Internets

        Thom hogan already has. If you look around you can find his conclusions…

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get your information on the lenses? I’m desperately waiting for the new 35 mm and 85 mm primes. A 135 f/1.8 lens would be quite interesting.

    • dpreview – the link in in the post

      • rhlpetrus

        Don’t trust that poster re new stuff. Nice person, but has never been in the know before, likely a wish list.

      • Jeff

        The guy who posted that on dpreview is one of the main trolls there.

        “ThomasMiller” is the main troll account of Robert E. Brody from Carmel, NY in the US.

        Other troll accounts of him there are/were “Brian Coles”, “precisionshot”, “Buttes Keeper”, “lordofnikon”, “armando amayo”, “ThomasH_always”, “EricIsDerek”, “touristguy87”, “Bobsprit”, “captRob”, “captRB”, …

        That guy is a proven and notorious liar. The obvious excuse later will be that the guy who told him about the lenses was wrong…

  • wyss

    80-400 AF-S!
    i want it badly

    • I doubt that we will see 3 new lenses, but we can always hope.

      • Michael

        I doubt that we will see this year as well, but as you put it we can hope. If they do annouce the D3x on 12/1 they probably will release one new lens anyway. We will have to wait and see.

        On the Kodak sensor, personally I think that could be a very good thing. It works for Hasselblad and others. They have lots of experience in the High Resolution field.

        Just waiting…

        • rhlpetrus

          One thing that they likely know about is how to deal with no AA filter, and there was a hint in the first post at DPr about Dec 1st that there was something that would avoid the poor first look of images.

  • blackie neegro johns

    I heard from one my my very reputable source that on Dec 1st, we’ll have a new Nikon D4 and a D400. (Remember both the d3 and d300 around this time last year?)

    • Michael

      VERY Uncool

    • Mark

      Was that a year ago? Seems like forever. The buz was so cool when the D3 was introduced. People would sell their left one to get one. I really don’t expect the D3x will ever create that excitement. The D3 changed the game, a real moment in image making that will never be repeated.. Not on an megapixals alone. Nikon really must up the game big time to cause a buying “MUST HAVE NOW”spree that the D3 caused. I’m glad I wast of it early. My D3 amazes me every time I use it, that’s about a year now, So cool.

      • DoneDeal

        Either D4 or D400, both will not catch up electronically as well as economically

  • Douglas

    personally if they do make a high-res update to the D3, then those lenses will be the least of people’s worries IMHO. if they are going to release a camera like this then they need to address the biggest issue that was seen with the D3 and D700, and that is the poor performance of the staple lens of any professional photographers bag, Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR. in my oppinion, Nikon needs to adress this issue before they even THINK about releasing a High Res. Pro. Body.

    • Mike

      I’ve never been a huge fan of the 70-200, but come on, it’s not like it’s a bad lens for most people’s uses. I’ve happily used it for sports and events, and I never felt held back in those situations. It could definitely be better, especially from 2.8-4, and I’m sure the new nano version with improved VR will find it’s way into my bag, but I’d much rather see a few fast primes come out before a new 70-200. Have you yourself actually used the lens with a D3/D700?

      • Douglas

        yes, i have… sadly it wasn’t my personal equiptment, it was rented, but from a very “locally” reputable shop that i have rented equiptment from for years now and never had a problem. i shot a college baseball game with the D3/70-200 setup and then did portraits for the players after the game for baseball cards. the shots during the game, the corners where noticibly darker than the center of the frame… and affect i was actually somewhat pleased with for the portraits, but still its something i would rather NOT be there on the original file and be able to add it later on in photoshop, that way i have both versions.

  • Justin

    The 70-200mm f/2.8 VR has plenty of resolving power left in the center of the image circle for a high resolution FX camera, so they may leave it be for a while. Although I do agree though that it SHOULD be updated for the poor edge performance on FX.

  • fotomik

    A new 35! Yaay! And a bit faster than the current one! Double-yay!
    Oh pleaseplease be priced like the 50/1.8… Well, okay, that’s not going to happen. Well, okay, the lens isn’t going to happen either, I fear.

    Couldn’t care much less about the D3x/D4 or whatever it is going to be. 12mp is plenty enough for me in 135-size. And I do LOVE the high ISO-performance.

    Scale down the D700 and then I’ll be interested again.

  • GT

    I’ve had my hands on both D2X and D3 Sensors and neither have a “brand” on them – they have some numbers and letters yes – this is a batch or serial number thing.

    • GT

      Oh and have handled the D30 sensor at well – same comments for those above.

      • GT

        SORRY – D300 Sensor.

  • GT

    Anyone ever thought that its NOT the 70-200 lens problem – but the problem of your $4000+ camera!! YES the sensor is actual problem…..??
    If I’m not mistaken this lens works well on the F100, F5 and F6 film cameras.

    Think about that for a minute.

    • rhlpetrus

      Digital requires better lenses for corners, because of light angle of incidence. That was the original Oly claim for their lenses, but Nikon seems to have solved that with the new batch of lenses (14-24 and 24-70, let’s see the new 50 f/1.4).

      Film didn’t have that and, besides, no one really checked corners with film as they do now with digital. My Leica M3 with the legendary Summicron had corner problems if you checked carefully.

  • rhlpetrus

    Sorry, but I’m starting to think this Dec1st launch is a mirage. No hard leaks at this point, no credible guru to say that something is actually coming (like Thom and a few others), my bet is no camera is coming now.

  • alex

    the RED news is absolutely boring
    RED can’t manufature more than 2-300 models a month at most
    they will never be competition to anyone

    anyone here knows how long it takes to get a RED ONE for $20k today?
    almost forever…

  • Jason

    RED made a big fuss about their latest announcement . Now only a couple of days later they claim it to be “insignificant”. So how long will it take after the new, non-significant announcement to announce another, even more significant announcement than that they will announce on Dec 3?

  • Kent

    wasn’t the 35mm 1.8 AF-S a rumor that someone heard at photokina ?
    I really hope this lens will come, I really need a modern compact normal for my D300

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