Nikon tester leak

Recent discussion from an Austrian forum (translated, thanks F):

Oliver: Anyways, you can say Nikon bettered themselves [Re: Delays]. I even got a camera, even before it was announced. Can't find anything wrong with it.

A.: D3x?

Oliver: Hardly. Rather a probably upcoming -yet unnamed- DX-SLR model for Joe Sixpack. Feeling like a dual-digit D, but nice. I applied for the "D4" or "D3x", but whether I as a zero will be able to get my hands on it, God knows.

A.: And you didn't sign a NDA that forbids you to tell your opinion publicly?

Oliver: I wasn't forbidden to tell I saw a camera. And nobody can forbid me to tell my "feelings". Only /facts/ are, what I may not tell until a certain date. Or publishing pictures.

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  • JohnMitch

    DX means affordable. Yay!

    • anon

      I *want* a D10. A D40 with only a single AF sensor, running on AA batteries. The Nikon D-SLR for the recession…


      • anon

        Oh… and a plastic lens mount, small 1.8″ LCD (à la D70), same 6mp sensor as the D40, but with Active D-lighting available in the firmware.

        At the right price level I think such a camera would sell very well! Even in financially hard times!


  • Laurence

    Well lets think.. they’ve used up D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90.. so it can only be lesser.. like a D30 or like a D60x and there’s no way they would be releasing a D90x already! Unless he has a current model, and not one to be released.

    • Martin

      Might as well be something like a D65. Nikon have done it before. Remember the film days? There used to be a F60 (N60 in US) and later on – by the time they ran out of numbers – there was a F65 (N65).

  • *chuckles* funny dialogue between a curious person and know-it-all person

  • Crabby

    Possibly adding Live View and video to a D60? Alternatively, a disposable model with non-replaceable, non-rechargeable batteries, the D10, intended to last only through the recession. (Just kidding about the second model, although…)

    • Pablov

      If the D10 is real, then it must have a long-term battery indeed….. or made to shoot just 100-300 pics 😛

      • anon

        No, no … see my post above. Of course it uses ordinary AA batteries.

        – anon

  • Jimo

    A double digit D… interesting….. a D95? With 1080HD video build-in body VR?
    More than 11 points focusing? Weather Sealed body?

    Actually, that’s what I had hoped to get in the D90…

    • tim

      Nikon will never use in-body stabilization.

      • Pablov

        I got a “very reliable” rumor, that tells Nikon will implement a very new stabilization system….

        it could be called shock-stabilization…..
        you know, just to prevent the hand shaking, but the bad point is the big shake it initially produce… after that all is very steady 😛

        (just kidding, if you know what I’m talking about, a page with a humor-rumor around there that is always showed by google…. tired of getting that result when looking for new release’s features)

    • Martin

      Why is everybody getting so excited about in-body stabilization? If one thinks about it, it doesn’t make sense: A stabilization system has to be tailored to the focal length of the lens used! That’s why VR is less effective when used in conjuction with a teleconverter. And there are tests around which show clearly that in-body stabilization loses effectivenes on longer focal lengths. But that’s where you’d need VR.
      But I fear, since all those bloody amateurs – who by all rights shouldn’t be shooting with a SLR camera – want in-body stabilization, Nikon will eventually implement it and drom VR from their lenses.
      If Nikon reads this: Don’t implement in-body stabilization! Please, don’t! VR on the 70-300mm is spectacular! And on the 18-200mm as well.

      • ingSiang

        Why must Nikon drop VR in lens, even if they developed one for the body?

        They can enable in-body stabilisation when the lens is non-VR, and disable it when a VR lens is mounted, best of both world. Just like how DX lens works on FX camera.

        • Martin

          They do not need to drop VR in the lenses. But they would if they had in-body stabilisation. Why? Because VR in the lens makes the lens more difficult to construct, heavier and more expensive. And people don’t want to pay for it.

          If they don’t drop VR from their lenses, then I’m happy. Well, sort of. It’s just, I don’t like in-body stabilizers, because I think it’s completely ineffective for the purposes you’d need it and ultimately unnecessary.

          I don’t need stabilization at short focal lengths. Because if your shutter speeds get too slow you’ll have blurred images anyway, since people keep moving. And if you’re shooting buildings or landscapes, VR isn’t really needed either. Just use a tripod.
          I need VR with long focal lengths. And that’s where only a real VR built into the lens works.

  • dan rydell

    It is NOT going to be a D95. The D90 just came out. If it’s legit, it’s likely the successor to either the D40 or D60.

  • Maybe new way for re-signing? like this DX10 and FX10…

    but “leak” comes from DX-SLR…. not from FX-SLR series

  • fotomik

    Well Nikon IS running out of numbers for DX-DSLRs, I wouldn’t be much surprised if they think of something new.

    The translation says “FEELS like a double-digit camera”, so can we think that it is something veryvery cheap, that feels surprisingly good?

    Anyway, prepare yourselves for a disappointment, I fear.

    • Martin

      Considering that the D40 is pretty much the oldest in the lineup, I’d expect a D45 or maybe a D65. What do you think? And it’ll be a disappointment, allright, like the D40, D40x and D60 have been.

  • Duncan

    Well, Nikon haven’t used the Dxxxx series of numbers yet. Maybe they’ll be making a new affordable cheap SLR range (somewhere between the D40 and D90) that’ll be labelled the D1000.

    Who knows??

    • Learn to spell “labeled.”

      Nikon isn’t about to introduce a D1000 “between the D40 and D90”! A D1000 would be better than a D700…

      Why do people assume that Nikon wouldn’t sell a D45, a D55, a D65, a D75, a D85 or D95?

      • Anonymous

        Learn to spell “labeled”…???

        It’s English, you know.
        The language they speak in the UK

      • Duncan

        ’tis true, there’s nothing to say that Nikon might go back to basics and launch a new D45 or similar to really screw with our heads.

      • fotomik

        I’m betting on a D30, it would make sense still.

        Nikon did have film-SLRs with in-between numbers when they ran out of digits, so it’s not entirely unpossible. D45 certainly doesn’t sound as good though. There’s something about those that I just don’t like.

        Oh, and I’m betting also that it definitely won’t be between the D40 and D90, not even between D40 and D60… Less than D40 is the (only) likely choice.

        • fotomik

          Oh wait, it would ofcourse replace the D40, not go anywhere between anything. So the lowest model.

          • Duncan

            Or maybe a lower priced, DX sensor bridge SLR?

            • fotomik

              A “bridge SLR”? That would be a first for everyone.

              But sure, a compact with a DX sensor? Bring it on, I say.

              Although I refuse to believe that would be CHEAPER than a D40…

            • Martin

              Why not? Since Canon now has a EOS1000D (called RebelXS in the US) which is right head on with the D60, it’ll make sense to release a D30, which is even less expensive.
              Heck, they could go crazy and do something like Panasonic with it’s micro four thirds, thingy.
              Imagine a D30 without mirror, but plus EVF. I bet they could sell it to lots of people. Not to me, though. I’m staying in the D70-D80-D90 line.

  • fotomik

    I thought about D1000, it would be funny that Canon’s low-end model is 1000D, and Nikon’s would be D1000…

    Just realized that the D40 is now 2 years old, and still going strong. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a body of same size or smaller (just cut the grip away and we’re down to rangefinder/OlympusE420/Panasonic G1 territory here), with a focus motor (or an affordable 24mm f2.0 AF-S DX pancake whatever). The D40 was enough camera for this purpose (second/third body for the pro/serious amateur with big main setup). Just pleaseplease don’t cripple it any further.

    Well okay, cripple away, but then it better cost under 300€…

    • Martin

      I’m afraid we won’t see the focus motor again on low end bodies.
      I’d like a 24mm f2.0 – or better yet a 28mm f2.0 – AF-S lens. But full frame pretty please. Because I’d intend to use it on my F80 (aka. N80) as well.

  • Bill

    A few days before the next pro Nikon will be announced and you still have nothing here? This is poor…

    • fotomik

      This is discussion about a rumored base-level DSLR.

      The 20th may bring a new pro-body, sure, but this is not the thread or bit of news to discuss that.

      • Pablov

        what exactly happens on may 20th ?
        and why a new pro-body would be released on that date ?


      • Pablov

        sorry !! I missunderstood your post….

        have just got you were talking about november 20th…

  • well, yeah nikon is out of digits… how about SECOND generation of all D#0’s?

    D90½ ((maybe not D90 yet))


    • Martin

      What about:
      and so on

      More practical that way.

  • rhlpetrus

    This is likely the new entry-level camera, to be announced around PMA 2009. My bet is that it will come between D60 and D90, with D90’s sensor, LV, movie capability, priced same as 450D. D60’s price will be below 500USD then.

    But maybe they’ll just drop the D60, same as above, and keep the D40, still the best seller dslr Nikon, as PopPhoto has recently published (for US):

    November 13, 2008
    Top Selling Cameras for September 2008

    From NPD Group, the Top 5 Ranked on Unit Volume for September 2008

    Digital SLR
    1. Canon EOS Rebel XSi 12.2MP SDHC/MMC 3″ LCD Pictbridge w/18-55mm Lens
    2. Nikon D40 6.1 MP w/18-55mm Lens SLR Kit
    3. Nikon D60 10.2MP SD/SDHC 2.5″ LCD USB 2.0 w/18-55mm Lens
    4. Nikon D90 12.3MP SDHC 3″LCD USB 2.0 w/18-105mm Lens
    5. Sony DSLR-A300K 10.2MP 2.7″ LCD USB 2.0 w/18-70mm Lens

    • Duncan

      I think Nikon’s entry line is long overdue for an update. It could be that they’re looking drop the D40 and replace it with the D60 (which will drop in price to take the new D40 slot, some people in the States have already reported that D60s are selling for just $50 more than the D40), and then release a cheapened version of the D80/90 cameras.

  • Mike

    I reckon it’s be the replacement for the D40, It’s getting old. So I gueass the D45.

  • opoo

    I say a souped up D60


    Nikon also have used the S suffix when introducing new cameras. There’s the D2, D2x and D2xs ( as an example). So maybe they haven’t run out of means of interpolating new model designations. And there is also the possibility of (for example) a D90n (as un FM2n). Or even putting an ‘i’ (for improved in the title. Cheers. STEVE

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    Nikon also introducing new cameras. D2, D2x and D2xs ( as an example). So maybe they haven’t run out of means of interpolating new model designations. And there is also the possibility of (for example) D90 , D90x and D90xs (16 megapixel)

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