Nikon event in Saint Petersburg?

I got a report from a Nikon Pro Dealer in Europe - they got an invitation to go to Saint Petersburg at the end of the month for a Nikon event. Can someone (mainly in Europe) confirm that and maybe send us a copy/scan of the invitation text?


Update: Why Russia? Maybe this article has the answer.

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  • mike

    Do we actually know for sure there’s an event on the 20th?

    I went to a very reputable dealer that’s local to me recently and they knew nothing of such an event.

  • raio

    Nothing on the German site; only a lot of “product demonstrations” in different cities – big ones and smaller ones – beginning with Nov 21st.

  • Aleksey

    Nikon event in St. Petersburg? How much does Nikon actualy sells in Russia? Sounds like UFO landing in Siberia and Ninja training camps in Inner Mongolia.

    • I was surprised as well. This is why I asked if anyone else has received an invitation, or someone is taking us for a ride again…

    • Photar

      Might be that Nikon will actually announce something with S(t.)P(etersburg) in the productname?

    • Boris

      $170 mio. in 2007… BUT with a growth of 30% in 2007… canon and sony are ways ahead in russia. i think it’s not a bad idea to promote their gear there..

      • Good point – I added this link to the original post. I do believe that the market penetration in Russia is way higher than Europe or the US where the market for DSLR is saturated. Makes sense to me.
        Thanks for the link.

  • lox

    It would be very uncommon for them to make major announcements in Russia. I guess it’s product promo of the Nov 20th stuff, whatever it might be (keep fingers x’ed for a new 70-200/2.8).

  • I’m really having doubts about anything earth shattering coming from Nikon on the 20th. Nikon’s having such a Renaissance with the D3 and D700. I really feel “Big” might be referring to some much needed lenses for the FX format. I think sales of the D700 would really stall with a new body.
    So many Pro’s have adopted FX and really need the 70-200 improved. Not to mention the 80-400 and other prime lenses. Who really needs 24 megpaixels in a SLR full frame body? Don’t they call them Medium camera’s? The quality and storage capabilities for the 12.1 sensor make it for me in spades..

    • lox

      No doubt that 12 MP are enough for most purposes. But other brands are selling 24 MP bodies and there’s obviously someone out there to buy those. So Nikon can’t go without it. This said, it’s pretty clear that Nikon has to offer the BEST 24 MP camera. It wouldn’t be Nikon otherwise. I feel that time has come. Even though I don’t need it.

  • Aleksey

    IF anything will be announced on 20th, it must be available before X-Mass or it will hinder sales of existing products. That means there is a lot of boxes piling up in a lot of warehouses somewhere and a lot of people know about it. The fact that we do not have any substantiated information on that makes me fear the worse,- there will be no new toys for now!

    • the only thing would be available before christmas is the new 50mm f/1.4G AF-S…

      that makes me wonder why they want an event in russia? maybe teaming up with hasselblad (because it was first built in russia), perhaps?

      • Aleksey

        Hasselblad + Nikon = MF (MX) ???

      • Jørgen

        Hasselblad is Swedish, and has always been.

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