Nikon Germany, what is Nikon D3_2?

Is there going to be a new Nikon D3 soon? Nikon Germany thinks so - they already have a placeholder named "Nikon D3_2":

We will be seeing more leaks in the next few weeks, in anticipation for the November 20th world wide Nikon event.

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  • Darrell

    Major camera shop only aware of december press conference

    • Willis

      That’s not a camera shop… it’s Nikon’s German web-page.

      • Anonymous

        when is the december press conference? i only know of one on november 20.
        maybe the december pc corresponds to jeff-c’s prediction (45 days from now…posted at the end of october).

  • Darrell

    Major camera shop only aware of December press release

  • Anonymous

    odd placement, wonder why its underneath d300 and above the d40?

    • Roger Moore

      It’s a computer sort order. 0 sorts after nothing, and _ sorts after 0.

  • Charlie

    Looks like a D3 with increased memory buffer update from the factory…

  • Markus

    Why could it be a D3 II instead of a D3x?

    The name could mean, that they will provide a D§ with sensor cleaning and some other improvements (but more or less comparable to the old D3 which would exclude increased pixel count)

  • Torgo

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in it – the creator of the site can’t even spell “camera” right. 😉 I wish there was a link to the Nikon USA version of these press photos, so I didn’t have to click each one to see the thumbnail to figure out what they are.

    But I agree, probably the buffer-updated D3.

    • Torgo

      Ha, or I could just hit the language popup to the side of the directory listings.

    • this site is in German…

  • Joe

    Just a thought: Maybe the admin could start a thread for what Nikon users want in a new camera.

    I’ll start:
    A D700 style camera with 17 – 21 MP.
    Also HD movie capabilities (like the D90)

    • Have you seen
      Check it out!

    • Laurence

      you mean the Canon 5D Mark II?

      loll =p

      • Joe

        yeah, basically the 5D Mark II, but if it could have the ISO of the D700 / D3, that would be ideal.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t the D3_2 just be the version that they came out with this summer that has the upgraded memory buffer?

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  • Anonymous

    this does not indicate a new camera it is just an overflow folder.

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