No more Nikon D3?

"Nikon will introduce soon a high res FF. Today I had a chat with a friend of mine that owns the biggest local photo retailer and he told me that ... all photo retailers here cannot place orders for D3 anymore."

What? Can someone who owns a shop confirm that? Hard to believe.


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  • yrsued

    IMHO, Pure Hooey!!

    Most retailers are not informed to this decisions until the formal Press Release is out there and then the NOS (New Old Stock or End of Life stock is released!!

    If Nikon were going to Discontinue their highest seller to pros, they would have done an official Release and they wouldn’t do it until after the new body was out. I bet this retailer can’t get the D3’s because they haven’t sold enough Nikon to allow them to buy & sell the D3 and the high end Nikon stuff!!

  • jimmyable

    not believable.

  • “i had a chat with a friend of mines…” rumors are never true.

    • E

      First time, THE first time, I actually agree with you Cameron. One of your one liners actaully had no bragging, and make sense!

  • Juergen

    No more D3 due to deflation – sure, sure… ===:-((

  • Narna

    I sell cameras in Australia, including the D3 and nikon ‘pro’ lenses.
    We haven’t heard anything about this. Its highly unlikely that your average Joe in a camera store (and that includes me) is going to know anything about Nikon’s future plans until its actually announced. And then we have no idea when we can get stock until it actually arrives. But hey, I’d be very happy to have a swag of D4 bodies to sell to hungry Nikon lovers.

  • if someone NEEDS more megapixels… use nikon’s highest MP camera ((like D90, D300, D700, or D3)) and invest in a PC-E lens… use a L bracket and rotate the lens 90º to the right or left and shift all the way to the left, shoot, shift back to the middle, shoot, then shift all the way to right, shoot.

    then develop the RAW’s and apply the same settings from the first RAW file to other two RAW files ((for equal WB, exposure, sharpness etc etc)) then export as TIF then open all 3 TIF files in photoshop, file > automate > photomerge then select the best option for stitching then OK… voila! there’s your 20+ megapixels picture.

    but for people with slow computers… be patient 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Uh, how many people in real life shoot things that don’t move at all?

      • Bibz

        How about landscape and architecture ?

        • eyrieowl

          and what percentage of photos do you suppose that is? especially if you only count landscapes with no moving trees/birds/water…

          • moving trees? i never knew trees could walk.

            • eyrieowl

              ah, that’s right, people only take pictures of the trunks and ignore those pesky branches.

  • lox

    D3 and D3x would be completely different products for professional use. So a D3x would NOT be a replacement for the D3. Nikon would rather keep both lines as they did with the D2X(s) and D2H(s). On the other hand, the D3 has grown BIG in the pro camera market, especially among photo journalists. You would not discontinue a product that sells like the D3.

  • yasil

    heard the same thing from a german source…
    I think this would make sense, one cam for all purposes…

  • tim

    Load of bollocks. We can still order them. In fact we have them on backorder. We find out a few days before announcents at the EARLIEST. Most of time we hear about these things as the press releases are sent out.

    I’ve heard nothing.

  • Andy


    “A good news maybe (to some), bad news to others: Nikon will introduce soon a high res FF. Today I had a chat with a friend of mine that owns the biggest local photo retailer and he told me that this rumor is mainly due to the fact that all photo retailers here cannot place orders for D3 anymore. D3 was not the distribution lists received from local distributor by all local retailers for orders.

    One of the reasons may be introduction of a new high res FF, decrease of production due to the deflation etc. He told me that the new FF may be just around the corner, to be announced soon.

    He’s quite a reliable guy and I trust his words because his business relies mainly on Nikon and Canon sales.”

    Then take a look at

    Lets see whats announced on the 20th 🙂

  • eyrieowl

    is that supposed to hint that the d3 is going bye? extremely unlikely. but, if it’s just meant to indicate a temporary shortage in the supply chain, it seems conceivable that if they were releasing a high-res ff body *soon* that they would have temporarily drawn down d3 production to produce the new body….

  • Rick


    As has already been discussed at length on every Nikon related forum, a high MP count Full Frame Sensor is unlikely to have the low noise and dynamic range characteristics of the D3. The D3 and the speculated D3X/D4 will both remain the line up as they will fit different purposes. As a D3 owner, I have no interest in a high MP/High Noise D4. I’m very happy with the D3 for my work.

  • May be see an up grade..often Nikon put useful features on the down priced model..(D700), so isn’t it about time we had a D3 with sensor cleaning?

    I doubt they would even consider dropping the D3 yet as a 12mp FF, but we could see an “s” version?

    Any high res would surely be a separate model..(D4?) and run with the D3(s) for high iso, one for landscape/commercial…you should have both not either/or!!!

  • Yes..just found the D3 2..trying to down load the pdf but it seems reluctant.

    Note, the D3 is still listed?

  • Darrell

    D3 still think and fast in major London shop

  • Zoetmb

    A new high-res DSLR would NOT replace the D3. But a minor upgrade to the D3, like a D3s could replace the D3. So the rumor is only credible if it’s a minor update. These things aren’t necessarily announced to dealers, but the fact that one dealer above has D3s on backorder actually lends credence to the rumor. (And I don’t believe most rumors.)

  • Spartan

    Until D3 drops to $2k, I can’t afford it. So I don’t give a rats ass about any rumor until I see online (new or used) a D3 for $2k. 🙂

  • rhlpetrus

    Maybe a D3s, a minor update, more fps, larger buffer, something like that.

    It’s too early for a major revamp, like a 16MP sensor (that’s possible for 2010, and the camera will likely be called D4).

    Now, regarding D3X (high MP camera), my bet Nikon is waiting to see how the 5DII performs. There are hints its high ISO won’t be as good as D3/D700, so different market. There’s a spot for a 5-6 K USD pro body with 24MP for landscapers and studio shooters, but the IQ has to at least match that of 1DsIII/5DII, otherwise forget it. The A900’s sensor doesn’t look that good, hope Nikon has teaked it or gone for a different design, like they did with the D3’s sensor.

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  • kD

    D3 will be discontinued..
    However, Nikon will extend it’s upgrading services for existing D3 cameras (beyond the $550 buffer upgrade); sensor/firmware upgrade will cost a total of $1500, making the camera just short of the new D3X specifications. Get in early as the wait will probably be long..
    All info Dec.1st

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