Nikon D3 price drop

Nikon D3 price drop: B&H is now selling it for $4,198.95! Coincidence? You will have to add it to the cart to see the low price.

Nikon D80 is now discontinued from Adorama and B&H (automatically redirect to D90)- if you want one, you better hurry up (Amazon still has it).

I also updated the complete price watch section today.

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  • Juergen

    “Nikon D3 price drop: B&H is now selling it for $4,198.95!”

    What was the price before?

    • cas

      It changed two days ago. Before that, it was $100 higher. Before that, it was $4,500. (I’ve been keeping an eye on B&H D3 prices for a month now since I am planning on buying one.)

      • anon

        Don’t buy a D3 now… just sit back and wait

        • tell my why – send me an anonymous email.

  • Cato

    Looks like the D700 is coming down too. I just purchased a D700 from B&H for $2,224. That’s the third price change that I’ve seen from them in the past week….it’s like watching the commodities market! 😉

    • Dude

      Hi Cato: $2224? When I add it to my cart online I get $2519. How did you get it for $2224?

      • Ryan

        Hmmm…the price was down on the D700 this morning, I saw it at 2224. It is back up to 2519.

        • Trevor Nelmes

          In the UK Simply Electronics are selling the D700 body for $2,079 plus tax, and you get Capture NX2.

  • Dude

    I wouldn’t read too much into this. That’s what happens with digital cameras. They fall in price over time. It’s pretty amazing that the D3 has been out for over a year and it’s only fallen in price by 16%.

  • Chad

    The part that gets me excited it the new signs pointing to the D3 being discontinued when the D3x or D4 is released… makes me think that we are not gust getting a studio camera like the A900, but a real low noise monster. I just don’t think they would replace the D3 without the replacement living up to the low noise levels, regardless of extra MP.

  • Laurence

    In Australia, the D3 sells for $3889 USD which is $5785 AUD. Sadly, the $4198 USD at B&H converts to $6244 AUD, so even with the free shipping it’s more expensive. Seriously like 6 months ago the US and AU dollar were like 1:1. Why can’t it be like that nowww! Cameras Direct doesn’t ship to the US, but anyone coming on a holiday over here could invest!

  • Lars

    All you see is the result of currency fluctuations – the USD has strengthened considerably over the last month.

  • Zalman

    Price adjustments all over the place. Buydig used to have the D90 body for $929, but for some reason everybody has upped the price to list price again.

    More price adjustments coming next year, especially when Canon replaces the XSi to add video, and with the expected low-end fullframe 7D. Considering the world economy D90 street price will probably go sub-$900.

    Some time before PIE expo in March we’ll see updates to the D3, maybe even a D300s.

  • Trevor Nelmes

    These are even cheaper in the UK.

    Our main telecoms company, BT, has dropped them to the UK equivalent of $3,900 plus TAX, in their online shop, here:

    (local tax is 17.5% included in the price), exchange rate 1 USD = 0.639 GBP

    • Lars

      Robert White lists the D3 for GBP 2290 before tax, which should translate to USD 3600.

  • Looks like B&H has the D3 for only $4,099.95 now. $100 price drop in one month – hope it’s keeps coming down!

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