Nikon D90 – in the 9 top tech flops list

I don't take this seriously since the #1 top tech flop is the new Google G1 phone, the MacBook Air is #3, and Blue-Ray is #4. Nikon D90 is #6.

I believe all of those technologies will prevail and will be with us for a while.


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  • Z

    Well, it’s just an article about reductions in consumer spending, not an indictment of any of the products themselves. I myself will be buying a lot less camera gear over the next few months, but that doesn’t mean the D700 is a flop…

    • If this is the case they should not have called it “The 9 top tech flops list”. Every single product out there will be impacted by the reduced consumer spendings.

      • PHB

        I am writing this on a MacBook Air. My desktop machine is a $8000 Voodoo Omen, I drive a Jaguar XK8. They are all niche luxury products for a very specific market segment. And as for Apple owners not being fashion victims, the writer is a complete fool.

        A MacBook Air is not a desktop replacement. It is an ultra-lightweight portable for a small niche of users who need a laptop as a supplement to a desktop.

        The main drawback to the Air is the small disk size. The new machine has 128Gb instead of 80. That means it is practical to use it for development.

        I am not at all surprised that Amazon would rank what is now a discontinued model at $56 in the laptops category when there is an improved model due out in a few weeks.

        WiMax is an even more peculiar choice, the full spec is not even launched yet.

        The D90 has only just launched and it is a mid range camera that might well do OK in the Xmas market, it is too soon to know. It is certainly rather early to write it off. It was never going to be as big a seller as the D60 and folk might well prefer to buy the D300. At this point the body only kit is not yet in the stores.

        So all told, the author is an ignoramus. Perhaps Sarah Palin’s policy adviser was looking for a job?

        • Jesse

          Out of curiosity, why not build a PC yourself? (It’s fun.) Why not a Thinkpad X300? (More ports, cd/dvd drive, OS X can be installed on it, etc.)

          Not trying to dig on you or anything. I just want to better understand why.

  • Chevypower

    Good point Z, I love the D90 and Blu-ray, I can’t see how they are flops. Apple Mac? yeah i like those too, and use a MacBook Pro… MacBook Air (specifically) – a waste of time and money!

  • Paul

    That was a strange, meaningless list…

  • misleading (sensational) title. Guess they need the traffic/exposure @ CNN (as always).
    I got another list suggestion for CNN; Flopped supercars.
    I won’t be buying a Ferrari this month, so that’s also a flop?

    May I remind everyone that the Nikon 70-200/2.8 is the hottest piece of photography gear ever this x-mas. ’cause I’m geting one….. 🙂

  • rthomas

    There is *one* item on the list that is truly a flop, Microsoft Windows Vista – but to present this as NEWS is really pushing it!

  • Zoetmb

    This is all pretty stupid and is very sloppy reporting for a supposedly reputable financial magazine. It’s this kind of attitude that drives down the stock of companies for no reason. Quarter after quarter, Apple posts record sales in every area of the company and the naysayers still drive the stock down with, “well, it’s not going to be that way next quarter.”

    Apple has had a few failures, like the Cube and years ago, the Newton, but since Steve Jobs returned to the company they have pretty much executed flawlessly. No company is perfect and I have my own little pet peeves about Apple, but the company and its products do quite well and Apple continues to be the “shining light” of high-end American ingenuity and class. The Air isn’t a machine for me, but if it were truly a failure, Apple wouldn’t have just updated it.

    As for the D90, it looks like they were using the D90 as an example for DSLRS which they think no one would buy in this economy. Meanwhile, sales are still quite good, but profits are very weak, but that’s more due to currency conversion than anything else.

    Certainly, in this economy, there are people who will defer purchases of certain things, but to pick on a D90 is absurd, in my opinion. Americans are shoppers and except for the people who now find themselves out of work, they are not going to deny themselves anything.

    If the stock market manages an upturn, after they get over their unwarranted fear of the Democrats, everyone will start shopping again. Meanwhile, the electronic stores I shop in are still quite crowded.

    • Let me get this straight – I do not agree with this report either. Why they did not use the new Canon (also has video) as an example? I do have the D90, and I think it fits perfectly its targeted audience.

  • Adam

    The D700 is indeed a flop. It’s not selling well at all.

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