World wide Nikon event on November 20th

Rumors chatter started to pick up in anticipation of the world wide Nikon event on November 20th.

The first report came today from a Canadian Nikon Pro Dealer indicating that a new 21 or 24 MP body will be released on November 20th.

Our initial report was for a new software suite. I will be getting more solid information in the next few weeks, so please be patient.

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  • >> new 21 or 24 MP body will be released on November 20th.

    As You think, whose will be a sensor? (Manufacturer)

    • Laurence

      Most likely Nikon made

  • Pablov

    Releasing would be much better for sales, although I guess that could be only an announcement (would be bad for Nikon to only announce something just before December)

  • pete

    interesting. when is the 5dMkII due for wide release ? i doubt it will be release of a new body. it will probably be an announcement of a new body early next year. i’m guessing they wanna put some stops on people jumping onto th 5dMkII and give people a moment of pause.

    nikon need to start being very cautious here about bodies. i say they stop bodies until late next year and focus their attention on more lens updates. no point putting some of the existing top end lens’, (like the 85/1.4, 70-200/2.8), on a hi-res body cos the lens’ won’t cope with the extra resolution.

    • Ernst

      If you want to know how well the 85/1.4 or 70-200/2.8 would cope with the center of a 24-megapixel sensor, look no farther than a D200. The 10.2MP D200 is a DX crop of a 24-megapixel FX sensor.

      Edge performance is worse, but then, edge performance is always worse.

      • pete

        the image circle is much, much smaller so it hides any faults in the corners let alone the extremes. the 12mp FX nikons already show up the weaknesses of the 70-200 in particular.

        a 24mp sensor also offers up more resolution than even a 12mp on DX. its more similar to an 17mp DX if you want to look at it that way.

  • max

    i wish theres a 5DmII competitor coming out, with video fixes (d90 sucks ass at video)… hopefully full frame for under 3000.

  • nikonguy

    note. New FF body could have more than 24Mp…

    If you scale up the D300 sensor to FF,
    the count goes to 28Mpixels!!!
    1.5 x 1.5 x 12 mp = 28.

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  • Beaujolais Day

    20 November is the third Thursday in November. That is the day each year to release Beaujolais Nouveau. The event might be just Nikon-sponsored wine tasting event.

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