Store in Texas takes deposits for Nikon D4

"Hi, my local camera store (in Texas) has started to take deposits on the D4 at $500 down."

Their guess for the price is $6000. Availability: "could be by the holidays"


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  • Dude

    I would be really weary of this. With the credit crisis, this store may be using your “deposit” as financing. It might be a sign they are about to go belly up in which case you lose your deposit as an unsecured creditor in a bankruptcy filing.

    • Not me

      I think I would pass on this particular deal as well. Smells fishy.

    • Mary

      I am not worried I gave a deposit for the (D what ever) I have prepaid many times before for the next new camera and no problems

  • What’s a D4?

  • yrsued

    There’s a Moron born every day and anyone that gives $500 to these scam artists should loose their money!!

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  • JJ

    They may have started to ask for deposits – has anyone put themselves on the list?

  • Niloy

    Has to be a scam. A desperate bid by them to not go bankrupt.

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