Nikon rebates now official in France.

Nikon France rebates:

Update: Nikon Japan has started a 30,000 yen mail-in rebate campaign for the D700.

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  • Karim

    The rebates look pretty good (350 EUR off a 70-200 f/2.8, for instance). It depends on the original price of the product, though. I was just in Amsterdam and Madrid, and recall seeing a new D300 for around 1600 EUR (give or take). Assuming a 70-200 is around the same price–a reasonable assumption given they’re basically the same here in the States–the lens with rebate would be 1250 EUR, or US$1625, not including shipping, any customs taxes, etc. A new US-warranty 70-200 is US$1630 at B&H, so the rebate is basically a wash.

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  • Nils

    Yeah, but here in Germany the price for the 70 200 VR increased about 100€.
    It’s as always with those rebate programs. The merchants cash in on the rebates.

  • Nils

    increased about 100€ in the last 2 weeks… that needs to be added…
    increasing lens prices often signalise that a rebate program comes up.

  • Mark

    i dont belive this rebate. prices are very cheap.

  • Phin

    Nikon does not respect its rebates. Beware.
    I trusted them blindly – bought a D300, gave them the info online for the rebate with the details needed to do a bank transfer. When it finally occurred to me to look to see if the rebate had ever arrived, it was of course after the time limit. When I contacted them they said 1) we never heard from you and 2) we had sent a final warning to your email the last week of the offer. Unbelievable – how could they have sent me an email if I had not sent them all the info in the first place?

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