$300 instant savings on the Nikon D700 should be starting today

This info is coming from a Nikon dealer in Southern Louisiana (source):

"Nikon has a $300 instant savings on the D700 starting tomorrow 10/23-11/22."

Amazon is currently selling the Nikon D700 for $2,499.99.

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  • Adam

    Crutchfield has a $300 dollar rebate for D700 up on their website putting the final price to $2499 Crutchfield’s is said to be active until Dec. 31,2008, though.

  • Ryan

    Nice!! For someone who was considering the D3, this seems to be the deal not to pass up. I may hold out a bit longer to see if the D3 does drop in price as well.

  • MAtt

    Bought one last week for $2800, now I am pissed.

  • Adam

    Is this valid in Canada?

  • Justin

    Yes its true. maybe i’m special, but i got it for $2400 YESTERDAY…. Its probably a hint though. Digital SLRs seem to get replaced every time i decide to buy a new digital…

    • Anonymous

      would you share where ??

  • one walk-in ritz express at the city mall have $300 rebate on F6, D3, D700, D300, $150 rebate on D90, D60 ((black gold edition)), D40 and SB-900, $50 rebate on coolpix P6000. the rebates just began today, the rebates end november 31st. no rebates on lenses or other accessories.

  • Frank

    So what about rebates in the EU, especially the Netherlands? I just bought a d700 from Amazon UK, and now i feel i should have waited 🙁

  • John

    So it seems like the price went up $200 and then they have a $300 rebate. Even without the rebate it seems cheaper at Amazon compared to Adorama and B&H.

    • Steve

      Yesterday B&H priced it at $2649.00 today there is a $300.00 repate of $2999.00 do the price went up $50.00 in one day. What kind of Bullshit is that!! Price should be $2350.00

    • John

      Now Amazon has gone and raised the price to $2,679.00, it was around $2,519.00 yesterday.

      Looks like Nikon in reality is raising the price of the D700 🙁

  • Anonymous

    crutchfield has raised the price back up to 2699….wtf?

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