Blog update

This is the last post on this topic - from tomorrow I will concentrate again on Nikon Rumors content.

I have been reading all of your feedback on the new site and I have fixed most of the issues. I still have few minor changes pending, so please be patient.

I have many ideas about NR. I may have to shut down or sell in order to concentrate on Nikon. LeicaRumors was more like a hobby.

Email and RSS are working again - they are now located on the top bar.

I am still not sure if I can use the red triangle/swoosh - I could not find any info whether this is Nikon's trademark or not. I may contact Nikon directly and ask them.

Thank you all for your support and suggestions!

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  • Me

    The RSS feed is basically useless if all you show is the title and then tell the user to visit the site to read the content. Partial (or in this case no) feed content can be a major turnoff to a lot of people, and you’ll end up losing people to the one of the many other news sources out there that does not filter their RSS content. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Ok, I really though it was the other way around: if you get the full RSS feed, you get ads as well. Should I do that? I have no problem with it. If I offer full RSS feeds without ads, I am not sure how I will support this site.

  • Larry

    I sometimes access this site on my Windows Mobile smartphone using Opera Mobile 9.5. After the site was upgraded all I got from the browser is a blank page with the line “Received a malformed response.”

    Can this be fixed?

    • Yes, I haven’t modified the page for mobile access yet, but you should be able to see something. Can you access any other WordPress blog?

      • Larry

        Yes I can access other WordPress blogs using my phone, but all I got is the blank page with the error message when I browse this site using the phone.

  • Siletto

    ha ha. Just when I was about bother you (blog admin) with email concerning RSS.

  • Carson

    Please full RSS feeds, ads in the feed are fine as long as they aren’t too obnoxious/obtrusive. Having a partial feed is a real downer and sometimes I just mark all and read and move on because it’s so annoying.

  • New logo and sign [NR] – more implies as Noise Reduction mnemonics.
    That can cause many incomprehensibility and jest…

    I think to save logotype with full writing – Nikon Rumors…

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