Nikon DSLR prototype with HUGE LCD spotted on a conference in Europe (updated)

Update: this one got busted - the large screen is an.... iPhone (as someone already suggested n the comments). The blog owner did not mean to trick us and actually felt very uncomfortable for misleading the rumor hunters  He also updated his blog.

Huge LCD! I say 3.5 - 4 inches. Way bigger than the D90.

What is that?

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  • Blog Admin

    you were correct!!!

  • dnhjr

    yeah, anyone could tell that was fake.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    You’re assuming that a D60 replacement would’nt have these things. D90 is too fresh to be replaced as is D300. The logical candidate is a bump down for the D60 to entry level and a replacement to fill the gap. In the film days Nikon had battery grips for the entry level cams. The Canon XS does well in my camera store in part because it has a grip option and features that the D60 does not have. Nikon would make a smart move if they fleshed out this level of camera to compete with the Canon offerings a bit more at this level. The fact that it has such a HUGE screen would seem to indicate a higher camera but such a camera would hurt D300 and kill D90 sales. The prototype looks fairly finished in that tape was needed to disguse it so spring most likely to an announcement. The mode dial also points to an entry level as we can all see since they didn’t bother to cover it up.
    If it was a higher than D60 level camera (but not D300 level with that mode dial) it could be something like a D90V optimized for video at 1080P, 24 fps or 30fps with stereo sound with 4 inch LCD (same as the MX might have) with longer recording times and faster refresh rates (I wasn’t too impressed when I played with the D90 video mode but will try it again since I was only at it for 45 min).
    This is some fun speculation.

  • Blog Admin

    your comments always make sense

  • No one is right about the camera type it is a D80. I know the owner.

  • A big screen isn’t that important anyway. Any serious photographer is going to be shooting hundreds of pictures and editing them later on the computer.

    I get great pictures with my Nikon camera.

  • Arukuhito

    This is D80!. If this photo is later D90 model, Rotate-dial probably has non-flash mode. This photo doesn’t have non-flash-mode. And Exposure-botton is not circle-style. D90 has Exposure-botton is circle-style.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    D60 or more likely a D40 replacement with the D60 dropping to the level of the D40 in price and stature. PMA 2009 I’ll wager.

  • Blog Admin

    With the extra battery grip? Don’t think so. This look like a high end DSLR to me.

  • Jovan

    Call me crazy, but it looks like someone is holding an iPhone over the back of a DSLR!

    • Anonymous

      omg…so true :O
      i can also see that!

  • cameron

    the pentaprisim is way to small to be a pro-line camera, i agree with the above of a D60 replacement 🙂
    the grip isent integrated. you can see the dip where it meets the camera.
    Annd its using a 20mm AF lens. Ya gotta wonder if this is a brother to the D90 or they brought AF lenses to the entry level?

  • cameron

    ANNND actually. look at the view finder. its IDENTICAL shape to the D60/D40/x Series

  • Ouch, I’m really sorry guys, it’s a fake. This was a bad joke. I really didn’t mean to trick anybody to actually believe it. My friend just saw these two pieces of gaffer tape on a flash gel, and decided to play Chase Jarvis.

    I’ll adapt my blogpost a bit so it isn’t confusing anymore.

    and Jovan, you’re right about the iPhone.

  • Juergen

    No high-end Nikon – note the exposure mode wheel, that’s D80/D90 style. From the front the cam looks exactly like a D90 – with the back it’s hard to say. What always makes me suspicious is that the photo of the back is so dark – it should have been no problem to take a much clearer/brighter photo!

  • According to the updated blog post “it” is a “fake” aka prank. . .

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