New Nikon ad from Japan (updated)

Update: the ad says "Big" in Japanese. My first D700 picture was... weird and I updated it. I will create a different post for that story.
Is it just me again, or this mount looks to big? Can anyone translate the text?
My observation is that the red grip and the mount are different from the current full frame Nikon D700 and D3 models:
What say you?
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  • Pablov

    Sorry for my question:

    Where did this ad/photo/rumor come from?

  • Roger Moore

    The mirror is too big. The DX cameras use a mirror that’s only big enough for the smaller sensor. This camera has a mirror that fills the mount, just like the FX cameras.

  • dfgdfgdfg

    The shutter is retracted to show that big sensor!

  • E

    Wow, the real Camerons Brother, maybe

    Or it just Cameron again, pretending he has a brother that has all the upcoming info>?

  • E

    It could be a large sensor on a smaller body, or a larger sensor on a smaller one…

    I’m still not sure which way to go, but this one could be legit (but just as well could not be!)

  • E

    Oops, typo. I meant to say, it could be a FF sensor on a smaller body, or an MX sensor on a pro level body, with mount of about the same proportionate size

  • Ernst

    Either way, why pretend to be somebody who’s been found-out to be a phony?

  • E

    A good question indeed…

  • Maybe he knows because he’s the one that Photoshopped it?

  • KEN

    Japanese text means “Large format”.
    And the pic shows the camera is small.


  • Nikon Rumors

    More on the Nikon ad

    Some more thoughts on the Nikon “BIG” ad from Japan:I do agree that Otoji, BIG and MX do not fit all together. Maybe Otoji really got canceled, or maybe those are multiple projects going at the same time.The wording “BIG” doesn’t make sense in Japanese, but remember the leaked Nikon D700 brochure – the English text did not make any sense either (see here and here).A reader sent me an interesting side by side comparison (thanks D.K.) – the D700 does look smaller:Emerging from the darkness camera ads are typical for Nikon (and Canon). Here are some examples (thanks D.S.) …

  • Man, this is CLEARLY fake. Look at the small pin for the AI indexing. This has to be presnt in FX or DX mount to support older lenses, but if Nikon would release a new MX format (with a new, bigger mount), why to add an AI tab? This one is ridiculous, and the one that did the fake ad didn’t know what this pin was for, I’m pretty sure. 🙂


  • Blog Admin

    I don’t understand those too either – they are pretending to know something but they do not want to talk to me. Oh well, I have enough sources as it is.

  • Blog Admin

    I don’t think so.

  • hulk

    If true, how would the PC-E lenses be mounted?

  • E

    The PC-E lenses will need a new mount to fit on a new bayonet, so it’s not inconcievable that they will have a locking pin

  • fauxhawked

    takai ne… 🙂
    big! big!

  • >Can anyone translate the text?

    it says NIKON RUMORS dot COM

  • David

    I’m going to say it’s going to be the D3x – Ken Rockwell ( definately seems convinced that Nikon’s going to release the D3x in January.

  • Olivier
  • Blog Admin

    the prism on the ad is way bigger

  • David

    I think it’s a fake because of the electrical contacts. They are shown here on the exact same scale relative to the rest of the mount as on the D3 and D700. However, in a new mount, the size of the individual electrical contacts would stay the same, even if their number varied.

  • Anonymous


    C) The Japanese are crazy for the image of a new product emerging from the darkness…

  • Foxer

    I say… that D700’s photo in this news is a fake.

  • E

    Note the lack of an inbody focus screw.

    The mount (compare to the red thing) does look slightly bigger, but thatcould be just me

  • aabram

    大きい means ‘big’

  • Blog Admin

    yes, there is no Nikon FF body without the focus screw

  • umbora skirp

    First the printer photos get leaked, then we get factory cellphone photos and sketchy model numbers before the official announcement comes. If this is legit, it looks like a new camera, as the mount is much closer to the grip (see distance from red ‘swish’ to mount on leaked photo and compare to D3/D700)

    Awesome find! Now we need someone to translate to English.

  • Blog Admin

    Let’s don’t forget that this also could be a prank, but it looks real to me – that’s why I posted it. Remember the D700 brochure leak from the Chinese manufacturer? Maybe this is from the same guy…

  • Blog Admin

    good point – I did not notice this one

  • The Japanese simply says “big”

  • Blog Admin


  • NikonMan

    Not only the missing focus screw, but also the lever inside the mount on the left side which closes the aperatures down at time of exposure.
    The only current lenses which don’t require this are the PC-E nikkors (these lenses also have an oversized image circle)
    Maybe an MX system with 24mm f3.5 / 45mm f2.8 / 85mm f2.8 for starters?

  • cameron

    could be either D40, D40X or D60 but photoshop made the mount much bigger and brushed over the lever and that black dot thingy under red triangle

  • eyrieowl

    not that it debunks it in any way, but if true it would mean the rumors about a square sensor with crop modes would be incorrect.

  • Kendall

    Look, I am not one of those “everything is a fake” or “guilty until proven in a store” types but I am in marketing. And it seems to me that it is strange that the creative team at Nikon would use the same type of peeking light with their introduction that Canon just did with the 5dMkII. In other words, which is more likely:
    A) Nikon is lazy, not creative, and a marketing copy cat


    B) A trickster is lazy, not creative, and a marketing copy cat

    If I am wrong then maybe I should go apply for a marketing position at Nikon. Anyone who can look at Canon’s ads from a few weeks before will never be short on “good” ideas.

  • Looks like a 40MP ”BIG” mouth! What about this D700’s photo ? This camera doesn’t exist…

  • E

    Good Catch! And with Nikon releasing the PC-E’s when nobody wanted then, new tech, hmmmm

  • E

    No, the shape of the swoop is wrong

  • Uh, take a look at the mount on the side closest to the grip–there should be a lip for the lens to lock onto. There are two others on this mount image, but the one closest to the aperture arm is just plain missing. That would be mechanically unstable. A larger than standard F lens dangling from two slivers of metal seems unplausible. Otherwise this looks just like the standard F mount sans screw drive.

    This looks to me to be just a bad PS job, or a marketing graphic and not a picture of a real camera.

    The only positive thing this ad could be is an FX d40 (not bloody likely!).

  • drew

    i’d say especially not likely due to the fact the d40 series has never had a front command dial.

  • drew

    i should add… did anyone happen to notice the mirror… it’s got the reflective qualities of a CCD, not a mirror… hmm.

  • Ernst

    Maybe we’re not seeing a bigger mount; maybe it’s a smaller grip. In other words, a P+S with a full-frame sensor.

  • masaoni

    It’s true that 大きい means Big. As a native Japanese, however, I would never use this particular word in an ad. It just doesn’t sound right to me – as my English probably doesn’t to you guys. I bet this is a fake by somebody who doesn’t really know Japanese.

  • Douglas

    has anybody looked at the Mk III Box compared to the much longer, widely used Nikon Coolpix Boxes? i’d post sample pictures but i dont know how to in text html… but they both also use that “spotlight” affect! and it seems to me that Nikon has used the Marketing longer and on a wider product base!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha, Kendall needs to go back to marketing school…

  • Douglas

    im sure someone wanted them… but i was actually thinking back earlier this year why release so many, what i consider “small market” lenses in one lump batch. this starts to make some sense… but it is still somewhat sketchy on a larger sensor…

  • NikonMan

    How about: same glass-different barrels.
    The PC lenses have always been reasonably simple optical designs (the entire optical unit moves as a single block for focussing) not unlike the new 50mm f1.4
    This would make the design and manufacture of a new barrel a relativly straight foward process

  • hulk

    The ratio of the mount external/internal diameters on this photo is 1.25.

    The ratio on a D700 body is 1.25.

    My guess :
    – the mount is unchanged, the grip is just smaller.

    or …
    – it is a stupid faked image, printed to paper so that people dont try to analyse it.

  • JJ

    Unless the lens has a larger flange on one side than on the others – in which case the mounting instructions are “hold the lens like this, put the larger flange into the mount on the body like so, push the lens flush with the mount and give it a quarter turn”
    My apologies for the analogy to any Americans, but it’s how the lid of a teapot usually works

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