Nikon D3x for sale again (updated)

Update: I just called 42nd Street Photo and they told me on the phone that they do have the Nikon D3x and the Nikon D90 body only in stock. I told the rep that the Nikon D3x was not released yet and he confirmed again that they have it. I would not trust them with my credit card in order to find out.

42nd Street Photo claims to have Nikon D3x in stock:

They also claim to have Nikon D90 body only in stock. I will call them today. If this is another scam to attract traffic (99% sure it is), I suggest we boycott this store - remember just visiting their site doesn't mean anything unless you make a purchase.

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  • cameron

    lol i saw it last night and i was like ??? then asked my brother about it, he said it’s a scam and d90 body only havent began shipping yet… “around the end of this month or beginning of october, depends on the market traffic”

  • Lars

    I wonder if this is legally defined as fraud in the U.S., selling a product that doesn’t exist. It certainly would be considered fraud in my country.

  • Someone should complain to the BBB in New York. But then, how do these fraudulent camera stores keep going after several decades of such deceptive practices?

    It jewelry stores acted half as badly, they would be closed down. For good reason for sure, but somehow the S.E.C. doesn’t seem to think cheating and lying to photographers is all that bad?

  • Marc

    I wouldn’t trust buying a lens cap from them:

  • Theo

    You should’ve asked what’s the difference between D3 and D3x. Can someone call and ask? (I’m on another continent 🙂

  • Blog Admin

    I think the rep did not have a clue – he was just reading from a computer screen.

  • Aleksey

    Jewrly stores act twice as badly and they are (and will be) in business. Money can buy you a lawers, lawers can buy a politicians, politicians can buy a Ferrary, which you will sell them, to hawe a money, to buy a lawers, to buy a politicians, to buy a Ferrary, which you will sell them….

  • Jos

    If they have it in stock, why isn’t there a photo on the website?

  • ImgMkr

    Sounds to me like some of the people that used to work on Wall Street are now working at 42nd St. Photo.

  • dan rydell

    How does your brother know?

  • cameron

    lol i just called them ((just for fun fooling around with them))

    me: “hello, i see you have nikon d3x in stock, what is the current availability?”

    rep: “it is in stock for $5,999.95, do you wish to place your order today? we can do it on the phone using your credit card”

    me: “oh, im curious whats the difference between d3 and d3x?”

    rep: “i dont know”

    me: “oh, okay, how much megapixels do it have?”

    rep: “i don’t know”

    me: “are you absolutely sure you have it? it dont sound like your store actually have it”

    rep: ((hangs up phone))

    me: ((talking to myself)) “oh, that’s nice and very professional of them”

  • humanoid

    Hi,Where be a serial number on body D90, wanted be registered

    It’s below “MADE IN THAILAND” scribing?
    7 digits

  • Drew

    I just called and asked for a description of the camera as far as AF, MP, etc. etc. The guy I spoke with said he was not sure and that my best bet was to look at Nikon’s website for a description and then he hung up on me.

  • Marc

    haha, we all should call and say we wanna put an order in, but had a quick question.

  • Marc

    woops, looks like someone already did that 🙂

  • jimmy

    haha what?

  • Bubba

    Crazy! If somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about they should shut up. There is no D3X – at least at this time.

    Any if Nikon would have such a camera somebody else (dpreview or so) would post it – defenitly not a shop!!

  • Pessimist

    This is obviously a typo.

  • Blog Admin

    I don’t think is a typo because they do have the D3 listed under different item #, I will call it a scam.

  • au

    ask the rep about specs 😉

  • Eric L

    This Cameron always seems to hve the “I saw it before you, no big deal” attitude, what a troll!

  • Eric L

    This Cameron always seems to hve the “I saw it before you, no big deal” attitude, what a troll!

  • PreferNotSay

    Complaining to BBB won’t work at all. My camera and lens were damaged by Anchorage Sheraton hotel. My writing to BBB did nothing. At the end, the hotel said they welcome me to sue them. Legal action is what counts.

  • cameron

    okay have fun calling me a troll for no reason

  • mainfr4me

    Appears to now say ‘pre-order’ on the site as of 4:15PM CST.

    Might have been a glitch, but why say you have it in stock? I wouldn’t trust ’em.

  • Tim

    of course its a scam, how can they have something in stock that hasn’t even been announced much less released? Read the horror stories about this “merchant” here:

  • Alex

    Oh my! Another “verified” online “camera” store in the New York/Jersey area claiming to have products that don’t exist, back ordered products for hundreds less than the competitors, and super package deals. 42nd is another scamo site that sells bodies and lenses for hundreds less because they’re really selling you gray market products…if even that. Ask about a Nikon/Canon camera kit they quote they have…the rep will tell you to order it quickly to get that great deal, with the two free Nikon/Canon lenses, and the bag, etc…and when the camera actually shows up there’s one lens and its off brand low quality glass and the camera is gray market with no warranty. And of course don’t bother calling them a minute after you’ve given your credit card number because you’ll never get the same rep and they’ll all tell you you’re wrong and theres no refund and hang up and on and on it goes. If it’s too good to be true…it is.

  • derek

    Here in New York City, 42nd street Times Square is a giant tourist aTRAPtion. They scam tourists and even locals, and hope they won’t come back to complain. They have gut to charge me $50 for a Bowel NC filter, go figure.

  • dfgdfgdfg


  • Anonymous

    Looks like they removed the d3x? I can’t find it on the search 🙂 As for the d90 body i bet they’re just pulling the kit lens out of the box.

  • Sorry, you are mistaken. Jewelry stores are tightly controlled by the S.E.C. If they misrepresent the karatage of gold, or the treatment and quality of gemstones, they are fined big time. Of course, people have to complain to get action, but if you find a store you trust, you can rely on them. Bargain shopping is not the way to go about it, like you can with cameras.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I am not sure how many people have actually been to this store, but I have. I travel to New York about twice a year and I can tell you that this store is a small store in Midtown on 5th Avenue. It has the similar appearance to a number of other camera stores in New York in the Time Square area and around the city.

    What I would call the legimate camera stores in New York are obviously B&H Photo, Adorama and 17th Street Photo.

    Most of these stores like 42nd Street tend to rely on alot of walkin business of tourist and internet deals. There are also alot of stores like this in San Francisco in China Town and on Fishermans Warf.

    I also would not trust any of them.

  • falstaff

    D90 Body only is on stock in switzerland:

    I will get it tomorrow *yaaah*

  • Aleksey

    Screwing with the gold is not where the money made in this business (or any), it’s screwing with the customers… (and taxes, and vendors, and …). There is a LAW in NY that price should be clearly displayed in such stores, and yet it is hidden all the time. That way you have to ask the clerk about it, and that where the screwing begins. That 42ndSt. camera store doing the same thing. People call, people ask, people walk in and they sell them something for a lot more money that it costs elsewhere.

  • ZoetMB

    This store is a total scam that caters to dumb tourists. It’s not even worth talking about. The take your money and even if you eventually get your money back (which would be difficult), they’ve played the float for a month or so.

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