First NR picture from Photokina

No new rumors today, time to have some fun @ Photokina: If you are at the show go ahead and take a funny picture in front of the Nikon booth with NR or written on a piece of paper, hat, T-shirt, your forehead... be creative but don't do anything illegal. You can also send us some "serious" eyewitness reports, pictures of products, anything really... we will get a booth next time.

Thanks A.

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  • Anonymous

    Otoji has been released as the Leica S2, and you’re posting this? Okay, I am done with NikonRumors.

  • Aspegic

    No you’re not. Wanna bet? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Me too and I only just discovered the webshite.

  • Aspegic

    See, told ya! (now if only you’d taken that bet… damn)

  • drew

    gonna make your way over to instead?

  • Anonymous

    Why do you think this website is called ?

  • Anonymous

    Because the registrant is cybersquatting and using copyrighted/trademarks material in his domain name. OK, it’s ‘legal’ based upon a legal technicality but its morally dubious, not to mention a reflection of an intellectual vacuum.

  • Blog Admin

    what are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    I just read the posting regarding the brilliant Mr Ken Rockwell and whether rumors emanating from this photographic genius should be posted – the poll adds up to 99%. Can someone explain where the other 1% goes? I mean, imagine if governments were elected on such approximate figures??? What then? Where would it all end – financial meltdown?

  • Anonymous

    No, they’re sso gay!

  • Blog Admin

    this guy is GONE and banned

  • Viewtiful

    Wow so serious?!

  • Blog Admin

    Second person to be banned so far in 6 months.

  • cameron

    lol that’s a little harsh 😀

  • Blog Admin

    you haven’t see his/her other comments

  • chris

    Oh, come on Nikon. Get on with it. There has to be better than a single miserable prime no one except D40 owners wanted anyway.

  • Dave

    I am gutted at the lack of new glass, I expected a couple of more primes and 70-200 upgrade. Nikon need to forget about making bodies for a while. It’s like putting remoulds on a F1 car.
    This is the real sub-‘prime’ disaster!

  • dnhjr

    the 300mm f/4, 80-400mm VR and 180mm need updates more then the 70-200mm VR does. The lens is wonderful.

  • red-red

    But there’s no Photokina next year. 😀

  • PJS

    The 70-200 VR is very weak on FX format cameras, with extreme vignetting. Time for an update since it seems every DX owner already has one!

  • I wanted it too!

  • zyb

    Let them update the bodies instead… 😛
    This lens works perfectly for DX & film bodies.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    Does anyone out there know anything about Nikon AF-S 70-200mm VR Refurbished lens.

    Is it recommended to buy?
    I can buy from authorized Nikon retailer for $1,300.00, is this a good price?

    What to do, what to do?

    Thanks for any advice.

  • Especially if you’re shooting DX, the current 70-200 VR is the best 70-200 lens on the market, and that’s a screaming deal for a fully warrantied lens! (I assume it’s fully warrantied, even though its’ refurb.)

    If you shoot FX, don’t ghet the 70-200 for landscapes, but it’s still KILLER as a portrait / candid lens, where the extreme corners don’t matter. Gorgeous bokeh, insane sharpness in most of the center…


  • garth

    so, let me get this straight…
    50/1.4 afs – $500
    85/1.4 af-s – prob $1200
    35/ 1.4 af-s – prob $600
    24/1.4 af-s – prob $1000
    70-200/2.8 update – prob $2k
    135/2 update – prob $2k

    you got 7k lying around to spend on lens’ ? nope. you just want to say nikon has them with no intention to buy. so nikon should just make em so you get some bragging rights.

    this obsession with updates for EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME is ridiculous.

  • Markus

    … a naked finger! All this German nudidity is really shocking! 😉

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I am shooting with a D300. The lens comes with a ninety (90) day warranty. I am a little concerned about only ninety (90) days, should I be?

  • Max

    Oh yes I do, and I’m confirmed going to get the 50, 85, and 70-200mm.

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