Detailed Nikon D90 specs

More updates coming soon.

Nikon D90 specs:

12.3-megapixel CMOS sensor: This Nikon D90 camera body
features a DX-format CMOS image sensor that provides the highest level
of performance. Its integrated A/D converter enables selection between
12-bit and 14-bit conversions. The sensor design supports the broad
light sensitivity range of ISO 200 to ISO 3200, and features refined
high-ISO noise reduction.

3.0" LCD monitor: A high-resolution, super-density,
920,000-dot LCD monitor makes critical image review possible. This
monitor also allows ultra-wide, 170-degree viewing in all directions.

Live view: You’ll also have a live preview of your subject, giving you point-and-shoot feel with the quality of a DSLR.

11-area AF: The sensor module offers an 11-area AF that
ensures consistently fast and precise focus lock under varying shooting
conditions. The wide area AF system gives greater compositional freedom
when shooting sports and action.

4.5fps continuous shooting: Capture fast action and fleeting expressions. The D90 can shoot up to 4.5 frames per second.

Scene Recognition System: This system recognizes subject and
scene conditions prior to capturing the shot. Enjoy improved subject
tracking and subject identification for rapid and accurate focus area
selection. Highlight analysis optimizes auto exposure by providing more
accurate control. Light source inference studies both subject and
pattern to achieve optimal white balance.

HD movie mode: Capture your surroundings in cinematic quality. The D90 features the D-Movie mode, which shoots HD movie with sound at 24fps.

D-Lighting enhancement: This technology compensates for
underexposed images or insufficient flash by automatically adding light
and detail to selected shots where needed, without affecting properly
exposed areas.

In-camera editing menu: The in-camera editing features
include Nikon D-lighting (that adds light and detail to selected shots
only where needed), red-eye correction, image trimming, image overlay,
monochrome black and white, sepia and cyanotype along with skylight,
warm tone and custom color filter effects.

Lens included: You'll be ready to go in no time with the included 5.8x AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens.

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  • Renato

    It mentions HD video capture. Is that 740 or 1080 lines (vertically)?

    Interesting to see this at work.

    The D90 looks like a great camera at the price point, right between the 450D and the 50D.

    It’s looking more and more like no other stuff being announced now. And, probably, Canon rushed the 50D announcement because of D90.

  • somebody

    yeah 😉 HD-video. Nice if you’re shooting microstock 😉 hehe

  • I do like this part – HD movie mode: Capture your surroundings in cinematic quality. The D90 features the D-Movie mode, which shoots HD movie with sound at 24fps.

    It confirms what I had hoped about the video capability of the Nikon D90 bering HD (hopefully full 1080 format) with a frame rate of at least 24 fps. I still find it amazing that Pentax was so close to providing this kind of video capability on the Pentax K20D but failed to do so. . .

  • tyler


    (my) last questions: price in € and shipping date for germany…

    more important or… more interesting: 720p or 1080p. 720p would be enough for me, i guess…

    (to me) nice competitor against the 50d from canon…… which is priced higher and wants to be a competitor against the d300…

  • theChipmunk

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let there be a mic in, so that the video mode isn’t spoiled by a crap built-in microphone!

  • MrD

    There will certainly be NO video in, as well as only mono-sound… The video thing is mostly a gimmick… but a nice addition to take small clips! I certainly would like to upgrade my old d80 to d90 for that feature alone… and the high-res screen…

  • What Chipmunk said. It would be a shame if Nikon did not provide the possibility of high quality audio recording to complement the D90’s video mode. I had thought about the need for a mic in before but failed to comment about it. In fact I was hoping for a stereo mic in. . . but I am not counting on it.

  • MrD

    I meant, MIC-in!

  • The Nikon D90 is a significant step above and beyond the Nikon D80 and not just in terms of the video capability. I believe that Nikon was thinking about the legacy of the Nikon F90 camera when designing the D90 DSLR camera. I am still hoping for a built-in intervalometer as was available with the F90’s MF-26 multi-function back. I have two or three F90’s with the MF-26 back for those occasions when I might want an automated multiple camera set-up. It sure was nice when pros dumped their F90s for bargain basement prices when they moved to digital. 😉 The F90s are very handy for those occasions when shooting film is the best option as is still the case with certain types of photography. Digital has yet to handle shooting directly towards the sun well and film is still better for other types of shooting as well.

  • Anonymous

    With an availability date of 9/5, I wonder if it’ll be available body only at the same time. I also wonder how long it’ll take Adobe to support NEF’s from the thing.

  • alans

    What about GPS feature?

  • theChipmunk

    Yes, I thought it was a bit ambiguous when they said Geotagging – does that come as standard?

    Probably not and frankly it’s cool and sort of useful, but I can accurately position all my shots on a map easily enough with the vast expense of GPS in camera. Plus, though I’ve never used it, I expect it drains battery like nothing…?

  • theChipmunk

    Ahem…I meant *without* :-$

  • pasltd

    Once there was a rumor that D90 is only AF-S lens type compatible. I just cannot find any information in the latest posts to confirm/deny it…

  • eyrieowl

    the presence of the af/m switch on the body very strongly indicates that it does include a focus motor, fwiw.

  • George Bush

    Specs seem to imply 12 ***and*** 14 bit NEFs will be available. Cool! Hopefully they fixed the crappy exposure meter of its predecessor. The only thing remaining is then to wait for the body-only price to drop 10-15% by the holidays.

  • It should be noted that selecting 14 bit NEFs significantly slows down the motor drive speed. At least this is true of my Nikon D300. I would expect the same from the Nikon D90. Hi speed motor drive might actually fall below 3 FPS on the D90 if it is anything like the drop-off on my D300. I have wondered if the Pentax K20D might be capable of a faster motor drive speed than 3 FPS if it allowed one to select between 14 bit and 12 bit RAW conversion.

  • OTOH If the 4.5 FPS rating is based on shooting 14 bit NEF files that would likely mean a significantly faster Hi speed for 12 bit files. I doubt this is the case however.

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