Nikon 300mm F/4 price increase

We got multiple emails on this topic - thank you all!
Why did Ritz camera increase the price of the 300 mm f/4 ED-IF Auto Focus Silent Wave Nikkor Lens to $1,595.00 USD? Amazon's price is $1,579.00 USD (original list price I believe was $1,299.00 USD).
The price is suppose to go down when a new model is announced, correct? We do not have any information on this lens being updated, but this is an interesting development.
In B&H and Adorama the lens is back ordered/out of stock.
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  • Jason

    I hope there’s a new version coming out, an AFS-VR version of the 300mm/f4 would be a dream come true! The only other change I’d ask for would be the lens foot of the 70-200mm/f2.8 and a better hood – maybe a bayonet variety

  • Brian

    It could be that a new production run was produced and Nikon’s cost increased. If so they are just passing it along.

  • yoyomah

    Ritz raised prices on more than just that, i dont know if they’re permenent or what, but the price on teh 500mm 1.8 went up to 150 from 120. the 70-300 VR went from 529-670 or so, a huge increase. its odd. i think the 50mm 1.4 might have dropped considerably however.

  • Thomas

    No change on the prices here in Norway, lot’s of stores are out of stock though.

  • Most likely it is due to the weakened dollar. When the Japanese yen gets stronger relative to the US dollar, the profits for a Japan based Company go down. That leaves the company with 2 options: accept a lower profit margin on US sales; or raise prices and hope that sales quantities stay the same.

  • Plus, demand for lenses in the US is obviously outpacing supply. Just look at all the “out of stock” indicators on the major web sites for Nikon lenses. With that kind of demand, wouldn’t you raise prices too?

  • AZ

    Same thing was with the “Bigma” – couple weeks ago the price was just below 1k, and now it’s around 1,2k at BH.

  • davidthenikonuser

    I can see why Ritz raised the price because they are greedy money hogs. If you go to there stores the lenses are way over priced. It’s best to stay away from them.

    I can’t see why Amazon would do this because there are usually pretty good on prices.

  • davidthenikonuser

    what’s wrong with the 300mm f/4 hood? I think its great and you will never lose it.

  • davidthenikonuser

    that’s Ritz for you. greedy!!! I stay far away from them. $670 for the 70-300 VR!!!! someone would have to be a total dumb-ass to buy it for that price when you can get it at B&H for $479.95.

  • davidthenikonuser

    same with the “sigmonster” it’s also up by $1000.

    I guess everything is going up because of the crappy time we now live in.

  • Jason

    Could do with it being a bit longer is all. I still occasionally get a few flares with the current hood fully extended.

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