Nikon D90 available this Fall according to a Slovenian DLSR site (updated)

Update: (company Infocona d.d.) is listed on Nikon Europe page as an authorized Nikon dealer.

On the official Slovenian Sigma dealer site (no confirmation yet if they are a Nikon dealer) you can find a D90 marked as NEW. There is no price yet, but it is written that we can expect it this Fall:

Just to remind our readers that the D700 also popped up in few European retailers before it was officially announced - see here, here and here for more details.

Thank you NM (Slovenia)

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  • matt

    D90 was removed from the site!

    nikon didn’t liked it?

  • Blog Admin

    They were an authorized dealer, so this is 100% possible. Thanks for the observation.

  • Blog Admin

    I guess you are joking since the D700 was released over a month ago.

  • Jordi

    I saw a Nikon D700 in a Fotoprix store in Barcelona this weekend. Cant remember the price but it was more than 2500 euro.

  • au

    in one of the canarian online stores it’s being sold (at least I think it’s already being sold, since I don’t see any notice that it will be available later) for 2.499,00€

  • Blog Admin

    Can you get us a link please?

  • au

    here’s the store, the d700 body is featured on the home page
    and here’s the link to the item
    it says there are 2-5 items in stock and that the item first appeared in their catalogue on July 27th

  • au

    ah one more thing, the price might be without VAT, if the buyer is from outside Spain I think 16% will have to be added

  • Blog Admin

    Oh, this is for the D700, I thought we are talking about the D90. D700 was released over a month ago, so I guess this is not a rumor.

  • somebody

    The bodies seem to be listed by price on that list. I wonder why the D90 is between the D300 and D700…

    A FX D90 would be nice, hehe 😉

  • somebody

    me again; probably not fx. i was just phantasising 😉 (thom mentioned a new dx lens)

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