New Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G lens coming in September

Schland! Again! The primes are coming!
Just received this from a reader in Europe:
A German store found the new AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G listed from Nikon for pre-orders and delivery in September. Price 650 Euro (which would mean 600-700$)!
This should be the long awaited replacement of the Nikon 50mm f/1.4D Auto Focus AF Nikkor lens.
Waiting on more information.
Anyone working in a Nikon authorized dealer in Germany - can you please confirm and get us a screenshot? Are there any other lenses available for pre-order?
I think you all know by know that every rumor we got from Germany turned out to be true (too many to mention here). Just scan the old D700 posts (prior to the official announcement) and you will find out.
I say this is a plausible rumor.
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  • Blog Admin

    No problem – that’s why we are all here – to clear things up

  • Blog Admin

    Well, Nikon may stop producing the old AF lenses. They just had a bad quarter and they have to make money. I hope I am wrong.

  • DAC

    The only thing that 50mm worth that price are.. add VRII… and that sound likely to be worth.. lol

  • Darren

    this is great,anymore news? 😀

    i really hope nikon will release a whole new set of primes.
    im using a d40 and craving for a build-in motor for it.

  • Blog Admin

    I am trying to get more info. I am hoping that someone in Germany/Austria will be able to see what else is available for pre-order from Nikon.

  • buddywumps

    The AF-s Will be a piece of crap much like the 24-120mm VR

  • Steven Sow

    As much as I would hate to bring this up, but if you look at Canon’s lens lineup, you’re pretty hard pressed to find a lens without their USM system, Canon pretty much saw a that screw driven AF lens system when you have a high torque AF module in the body limits some of your auto focus performance. This is something Nikon has been missing in its older lenses for a long time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Those that want AF-S performance can have it, and those of us needing to stretch our cash can buy the older AF-D lenses. Hopefully the price won’t be $700 when released, Nikon may lose a lot of sales to Sigma, they should try everything that they can to get it around $450-500, put it right in competition with the Sigma. We still might see a 50 1.2 (hopefully) and maybe a fast wide angle(24,28,35)

  • AnonyMouse

    Source says price between $400-$550 USD. Considering how pricing is derived this is very likely.

  • Theo

    Looks unlikely at that price, that’s 2x Canon’s motored version.

  • peter

    what does the 24-120 have to do with anything ?
    what a stupid comment.

  • Patrick

    I wonder how is the price tag justified when there are loads of 50mm 1.4D out there at less than USD260.

  • Jonathan

    Why so expensive!?!? *starts sobbing* :[

  • Steven Sow

    $450-550 is about right if that’s the final price after everything is said and done. A brand new 50 1.4 is $290, so if you add the AF-S and Nano coating, and it probably will have an ED element in it as well. And it would be nice if they kept that same pricing gap with any other lenses that they update.

  • BG

    Highly unlikely that somebody at a bread-and-butter computer store knows about a yet to be announced Nikkor, when usually not even specialized dealers, or even sales reps don’t know much in advance. I don’t say a 50/1.4 AF-S is unlikely, but I say it’s unlikely that they know. They probably mixed it up with the Sigma 50/1.4…

  • kendall

    I’m not the one to say whether or not one source is likely or unlikely to be a good source or not, but I can say that it does seem very possible that this COULD be a mix up with the sigma. Yes, hsm and af-s are difficult to cross type but many nikon people casually afs in place hsm fairly often. And even that is a stretch, it is not a stretch that the sigma that is likely to be out in September is for nikon and is also 50mm, 1.4, internal motor, and the same price range. I’m not saying that it likely; I’m just saying that it is possible. Kind of the acom’s razor way of thinking. I mean both company’s 50mm 1.4s out in the same month in the very slow productin world of photography…. Makes one think….

  • Blog Admin
    I could be right. I don’t know. I am hoping someone from Germany/Austria to confirm. I think the 50 mm Sigma should be cheaper.
  • beodfgm

    Does this mean that the Sigma 50mm 1.4 might find its place in the world as a cheap alternative? I’ve got the 30mm and I can only speak good things about it. The new Nikon might not be so necessary at this price.

  • Blog Admin

    Nikon is expected to release a whole new set of primes. The 50mm is only one of them.

  • I’d say this is extremely likely and that this lens would have the “Nano Coating” technology. I’m wondering if the 85mm f/1.4 is also due for an update as well. With the D700 being released, I’m sure that the most popular primes are due for a refresh.

    It looks like Nikon’s “Pro” line will have the Gold “N” on it, just like Canon has their “L” series. I think this is a good move for Nikon to get people away from thinking that f/2.8 is the only thing to look for in a “Pro” lens.

  • MG

    Might be a stupid question, but what is the difference between this and the old 50mm?

  • Blog Admin

    Briefly: build-in AF motor for faster, quieter focusing (AF-S). Probably also better optics (nano coating?)

  • Anonymous

    i’ll pass at that price.

  • Budman

    Umm, pardon me for asking but if this is a “G” type lens, why would that replace the standard “non-G” 500 f1.4? I certainly wouldn’t think I’d be using this new 50mm G lens on a D3. Please correct me if I am wrong but something here doesn’t seem to add up.

  • Anon

    This is pricey for a 50mm. I can see the older motor driven 50mm even moving up in price 😉

    I’ll pass at this price.

  • Budman

    Sorry. Should have done my homework. I got the G and DX designations swapped. As Roseanne Roseannadanna would have said, “Never mind.”

  • Douglas

    *sigh* i am still not convinced that the 50’s or even the 85’s need the AF-s unless the user is using a D40(x) or D60… personally, as i have stated earlier, i would MUCH rather have seen a “Pro” AF 50mm F/1.2N for around $1000(US)i personally think this is an increadibly stupid move on Nikons part, especially at that price! (though US price may still be around $400 just not known yet)

  • cv

    € 650 with 19% VAT makes € 546 without VAT what makes $820 without VAT.

    Anyway, way too much. Since when would the Nano Crystal coating and AF-S cost an additional € 350 ? They even saved bucks on the missing Aperture ring!

    For € 650 you can get two of the 50mm f1.4 D lensen and a 50 f1.8 D

  • Jan Deiman

    I doubt whether there will be a new AF-S 50mm f 1.4. I ordered the old AF D here in Indonesia in July, everywhere out of stock. I asked Nikon in Singapore when they expected new stock, they wrote ‘half September we will be shipping to Indonesia’. Mine arrived last Friday, no AF-S, just the good old AF 50mm f 1.4 D, made in China, serial number 6122037.

  • Don’t worry about the price. It will come down as production steps up and the recommended price is discounted. The Nikon D60 started at £550, and is now down to £340, and will probably drop further.
    1.8 version will probably be cheaper still.
    AF-D glass will likely drop in price, so plenty of lenses will be available at cheap prices.

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