Yes, it could be a typo

...but we still have to report it.
What do we have here? A new Nikon 85mm lens? Could be. Why is it listed as NEW? Typo?
Pro and cons:
  • We know already that Ritz is low/out of stock on primes (including the 85mm).
  • SB-900 flash and the 60mm Macro lens are also listed as NEW, so we know this is not an out-of-date ad.
  • It still listed as AF and not as AF-S. One would expect the new 85mm to be AF-S.
  • The price seems to be the same as the old AF lens.
Thank you JJ.
As always, the full-size scan can be found @
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  • davidthenikonuser

    must be a typo. New lenses would be AF-S and G lenses.

  • Adam

    It could be that it’s a an AF-S lens with an aperture ring, like the AF-S 17-35 f/2.8 lens. This would allow backwards compatibility with older cameras if they plan on completely discontinuing the non AF-S primes they currently have in production.

  • Nikon would be committing suicide by releasing more AF-D primes. They have been trying to sell AF-D incompatible bodies for about 2 years now, and they have yet to release even ONE f/1.x lens with AF-S. UN-ACCEPTABLE.

    Of course I’m confident that the upcoming (and they ARE coming) primes will indeed be AF-S G, and hopefully the pro versions will be ED / N etc…


  • matt

    the question is, which word is the typo?
    the “new” ?? or the “AF” ??
    both could be 😉

  • christian

    I think the two “new” are from the version before and they maybe belong to the pc-e 85 and the af-s 60, which maybe were new in the last list.

  • florian

    Or it is just “new” on stock.

  • Anonymous

    Ya that’s a “new” sb-900 too. Thats about a year old now 🙂

  • M

    Er, nope. The SB-900 was announced last July together with the D700, so it’s still quite new 🙂

  • Blog Admin

    SB-900 – 1 year old? You mean 1 1/2 months old – introduced on July 1st, 2008. Check!

  • Anonymous

    AF-D and AF-S are not mutually exclusive, you know… as the 300/4 AF-S, 17-35/2.8 AF-S and 28-70/2.8 AF-S show. I agree that it’s likely a typo, though…

  • davidthenikonuser

    In the past couple of years all new lenses have been G type. The last lens to have an aperture ring was the 50mm f/1.8D in 2002. So I really don’t think Nikon is going to start putting the aperture ring back on. If people want a lens to use on the old manual cameras then they can by the old used lenses for them.

    I beet in a couple more years after Nikon updates all there primes to AF-S they will no longer put in-camera focus motors in any of there DSLR’s.

  • Jason

    The shops and re-sellers often get information about new products before the rest of us – remember Digital Depot and the D-700? I thought it’s probably a typo, but there’s just a chance that they’ve put next month’s “NEW!” tags on this month’s price list. And it all adds to the fun, of course
    – JJ

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