Nikon D90 US pricing coming soon

Received reliable information about the US pricing of the Nikon D90. Waiting on confirmation from the source that I can post it. Stay tuned.
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  • SteMa

    The sad thing is whatever it’ll cost, it will cost as much in euro as in dollar even though the dollar worth ~35% less. And the thing is, that in hungary the starting price will be 10% higher for a month, than the MSRP.
    I hope there will be a price for both kit with the new lens (18-105) and the 16-85.

  • au

    if it costs more than 1000 euros, I’ll probably be getting the D80

  • NNatic

    ohhhhhhhhh! Hope that comes with a release date!

  • Hofbrau

    Szia SteMa!

    Látom honfitársak vagyunk… Én is nagyon várom a D90-et, mit gondolsz, mennyi lesz a bevezető ára?

    Üdv Hofbrau

  • FL33C3

    @SteMa that’s true. I’ll probably order it from Germany with 105 kit lens if I get it under 1100 EUR.

  • Bruno

    you still have a lot of reasons to be happy!
    Here (Brazil) the price is usually 100% over the US price.
    and the new stuff usually take 3~6 months to arrive here.

    anyway, i’m hoping for something around 1100~1400 US$ @ US. hope it doesn’t come much higher on thecountry where i buy it.

  • Jimmy

    Well I also hope that there will be a 16-85mm kit because I’m not that optimistic that the default kit lens will be that great.

  • Anonymous

    other than build quality, the 16-85 isn’t much better than the kit 18-55 vr in terms of optics. yeah, the wider end is nice but it isn’t a bunch wider. the kit 18-105 will certainly be all plastic but i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s optically as good as the 16-85 – plus it should cost less. if the optics and size come close to the 16-85, i welcome the additional reach at a lower price point.

  • jonas

    The question is, how much more than canons 450D (XSi in the US) can they charge? You can get that one for <700 dollars today, and the D90 isn't really bound to be that much better..

  • oscar

    Upon the generally excellent reviews of the Canon 450, I went to B&H to check one out. I thought the build quality/feel of both the body & kit lens were really poor – it just felt like a plastic toy compared to any Nikon – even a D40. Of course this is subjective and it’s likely a solid unit but it felt & looked way too cheap to me. After about 1 minute of handling it I told myself to wait for the D90.

  • SteMa

    Let’s talk in english here, before they get mad 🙂 I hope it’ll be under 300k HUF with the 16-85.
    Anyway, about the 16-85: much nicer range, I like the wide end, and gives a fairly good telephoto, and with twice the range, the same quality is really great, even though the quality of the 18-55 is questinonable regarding reviews i’ve looked at, but the 16-85 is almost excellent in sharpness all the way, wide open, and other defects can be easily corrected (CA, vignetting).

  • Jen

    I was wondering if anybody thinks that the Nikon D40 will drop in price any time soon? I know it’s dropped a bit, but just wondering if I should wait a bit longer while the D90 just hit the shelves?


  • Blog Admin

    Nikon D90 is already available – see here.

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