Leica fans?
We now have also LeicaRumors.com (same as NikonRumors, but in red )
You got to be patient until we gain momentum.
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  • Siletto


    I thought you guys were Nikon fanboys only.


  • Blog Admin

    We are Nikon fanboys. The Leica thing is a hobby 🙂

  • I have a dream….
    That there will be a combined Nikon – Leica digital rangefinder site.
    Let’s watch Photokina..

  • kim

    Who wants Leica rumours? Give us Canon rumours. I’m holding off on the D700 awaiting 5D2 specs but can’t find a Canon site to match this one. The build up to the D700 here was a cliffhanger! Great site.

  • Blog Admin

    go to canonrumors.com – they are friends

  • Anonymous

    And now back to our scheduled program…
    More D90 please!

  • Blog Admin

    I am working on it…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah!They probably had Rumors via wire just before the original UR-Leica came out.

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