First Nikon D90 picture (updated)

Update: many readers are still sending us this same D90 picture. We were the first one to publish it - no need to submit it back to the source Thanks for your effort!
Real or fake, that is the question?
The poll will decide:

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  • silverfire

    I’m just waiting to see whether it has the CA correction feature in the D3 and D300. That’s the make-or-break feature that’ll get me to starve for a few months saving to get it.

  • Douglas

    quite frankly, i have used the contrast AF, and i think that is full of it! i am of the mind that (especially in a company with a reputation like Nikon’s) that if your going to do something, do it RIGHT! i was very disapointed with the contrast AF that nikon implimented, it seemed like simply a way to “1-up” Canon’s live view. it was useless!

  • Chris

    I should probably just Google this, but the GPS port in this picture… what was there on the D80? The icon is the same, only flipped. Anyway, looks legit to me, and I can’t wait to get ahold of one!

  • au

    according to dpreview…
    “At the bottom behind a separate cover is the MC-DC1 remote cord connector.”

  • Chris

    Thanks for that!

  • RobJ

    “It’s clear that the lower cameras (D40/X/60) have a motor.”

    Actually, they don’t have a motor. That was his point. I’m glad the D90 has one, but this was never guaranteed.

  • Charles

    Why would there be a duplication of the manual and auto focus controls on both the camera and lens?

  • plai

    Because Nikon likes to confuse us 🙂

    For AF-S lenses is always a switch on the objective. Camera must be set to AF.

    For Non AF-S AF lenses it is more complicated.

    – For some lenses like the 50mm/1.8 there NO AF/MF Switch on the objective, so you have to use the AF/MF Switch on the Camera.
    – Other AF lenses like the 105 mm Micro/2.8 D have a Switch on the objectiv. There you have use the switch on the objective. Added Bonus Setting the lens to AF and the camera to MF gives no focus at all not even MF. (This also true for the cheap AF-S like 18-55 dx iirc)

    And last but not least setting MF on the camera disables AF for any lens even for AF-S.

  • vectorphoto

    Definitely FAKE:

    1) The GPS socket is in the D80’s remote shutter socket. So where does the shutter release cord plug in and why move it to make room for GPS? The cover is also square, which doesn’t make sense because the MC-35 GPS Cable has a round plug.

    2) The “90” in D90 is a different typestyle than the D80, inconsistent with previous model updates.

    3) What idiot would turn the camera to speak into a mic? It belongs on the back like other DSLRs with this feature.

    Points for good Photoshopping though! 🙂

  • Blog Admin
    1. The cover may be square, but the plug could be round.
    2. True
    3. The mic is for the video – so it should be in the front, I guess.
    In dpreview Thom Hogan confirmed that this picture is legit (he also claims to have pictures of D90).
  • vectorphoto

    1) True, but why use the remote shutter socket location? If this is correct, the it would have to be moved. The only other free spot to put it is below the SD card door. This radical a departure is so un-Nikon. Electronic shutter release cables have been consistently on the left since the D1.

    2) Glad you agree.

    3) If its purpose is for recording video, I’ll concede on this point. But for recording notations, let’s hope there’s one on the back as well.

    Re; Thom Hogan, I only read that he confirmed the features, not the authenticity of the photo. You have other information?

  • vectorphoto

    Ah yes … I’ve found the Thom Hogan comment. He says the picture “appears” to be legit. I guess we’ll have to wait for the official Nikon line to find out. I’m sceptical though. Many of us were sucked in with all the very convincing but ultimately fake D300 and D3 photos.

  • Siletto

    Doen’t really matter now does it? Basically the need for a leaked image is to confirm specs/form/shape. Thom’s not arguing, so the pic, photoshoped or not, seems to be along the line of Thom’s knowledge.

    I agree with some of you that the mic grill is just ugly and is a weak spot for moisture and water. Depending on how useful the vid recording may be, I just might tape it up and color it black with a sharpie.


  • Serv

    has anyone thinked about another application besides video recording using a mic? it maybe, not probable, but maybe, be used for high speed photography, sound shutter, i dont know just an idea

  • Adam

    Dang.. will you look at that, it’s real. Zomg! The D90 is alive and real!! All these lawns I have mowed this summer are finally going to pay off! Make room for one more photography world! Here I come!!

  • peter

    yeah, tape and a sharpie will fix the ugliness really well.

    i cant even believe people are commenting that it looks “ugly”. for christs sake its a tiny little grill hole. get over it.

  • ChrisL

    Perhaps the shutter release will be IR like on the D40/D60?

    I agree its odd to move the socket though. It would also be awkward to have the door open with the GPS attached, in that location. I would have expected to see a captive rubber plug, like on the D700.

  • Blog Admin

    I am trying to get some more pictures.

  • Ben

    Speaking as a graphic designer I don’t see anything wrong with the typeface? I flipped the D60 “6” and it seems to exactly match the ‘9’ in the photo.


  • quatschmacher

    It probably is an IR shutter release (as opposed to cable). Thom’s site says: ” On the front there’s a microphone grill next to the INFRARED RECEIVER.” (my emphasis)

  • Goa

    Serv wrote:
    “has anyone thinked about another application besides video recording using a mic? it maybe, not probable, but maybe, be used for high speed photography, sound shutter”

    The only thing that gets me about that theory is that why would a pro camera company that knows its stuff gets used outdoors all the time would put a mic in that risks taking some pretty nasty water damage….

  • Sandy

    Shutter not used, it uses the live view feed.

  • Jason

    Shows what I know about HD and flat screen TVs! Looks like the real deal to me, though

  • fansnikon
  • charanischiu

    This is absolutely real picture of the new Nikon D90 because it has a separate socket for the GPS unit connection. Other Nikon D200,300,3 use the same socket for the remote control unit, if this socket is occupied by GPS unit, you can not use the remote control.

  • chrisky

    How about primes first? (I hope…)

  • Mike

    Looks pretty legit to me…

    Just some thoughts:
    – wouldn’t it be smarter to name the D80’s successor D10 instead of D90? Cause it would make no sense to name the D90’s successor “D100”. Unless they plan to take the D10 road after the D90 is released…

    – I think movie recording in a dSLR is completely and utterly ridiculous. Why would a D90 user (majorly pro-sumers) want to record mediocre video, when they probably have a camcorder already? Leave that to the P&S market!

    – GPS? Are you kidding me? Why pay more for a feature only 10% of users will use? C’mon!

    – kudos for the bracketing button 😀

  • Blog Admin

    There was a D10 rumor a while ago, but I guess it was fake. Check the old posts.

  • Mateo

    I’m certain this picture is a fake. It is a good fake, but a fake. Basically just let your eyes trace the seam of the front panel and you’ll start to “see” the paste job. As someone else mentioned, the lense release button doesn’t look right at all. Notice the area just above the button and it clearly looks doctored as does the seam around the AF/M lever. Speaking of the AF/M lever, look behind the lever and then immediately down. The lines don’t line up!! Lastly, look at the seam along the upper righ side of the front panel. (This is right of the “D90” and slighly below). Immediately next to the seam, notice how the reflection changes. There is this small “strip” of surface that is inconsistant. This alone is a dead give away how the surface of contours of the camera are not consistent. You would have to believe that Nikon placed a serious surface crevis on this seam. All in all, you can see it is a really cool FAKE.

  • 76mm

    You know… I just have this feeling that the D90 will become THE camera within the Nikon line of modern cameras.

  • Sportymonk

    A question more than a comment. I have a camcorder but have never thought about how it works in terms of the shutter and achieving 29 fps (IIRC). I was thinking (an admittedly dangerous thing) and got to thinking that if an SLR has to open and close the shutter at the rate of 29fps then it will open and close 104400 times for an hour’s worth of shooting. IF the shutter is rated at 150,000, then the camera could be worn out post haste.

    BUT does the shutter open and close on a camcorder. It it has a different mechanism, then does that mean the D90 has a completely new mechanism inside also?

    OR am I in the dark and all wet? Questions questions.

  • Ghargh

    I don’t think it’s a mechanic shutter, rather some electronic cut off device like in cell phones. I’m not shure however.

  • Dave

    you know it is real because—its got the dust on it no one ever sees until they take a photo…and no one ever bothers to clean off and retake the picture ;o)

  • james

    looks real i really like the video mode and hope that the mic can be used to set off the shutter

  • Javier

    Besides, the D90 is not supposed to be weather sealed so I don’t see the problem. As you say, if this pic is real, it’s surely from a pre production model, perhaps the definitive design will be further improved.

    I must say though that even if the camera is not weather sealed, a small flap to cover the mic holes when not in use would not hurt at all. 🙂

    We’ll see.

  • Pablov

    Yes, I hope that too about a Cover for the Mic, wouldn’t hurt, and could be really important, would make the camera much “weather-proof” (at least for water drops or tiny rain)

    I also would appreciate VERY MUCH if the Video mode records audio in STEREO format instead of just Mono.

    In that case that would need 2 mics, of course.. maybe in the other side, not shown here? I hope !! 🙂

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