Poll: Nikon D90 with video

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  • Blog Admin

    Then I would vote “horrible idea”

  • nv

    There should be a third option – Something like “Probably not a horrible idea from a marketing standpoint but I wish my new DSLR didn’t have MovieMode because it’s a little too geeky even by my standards.”
    I would choose that option.

  • nv

    Honestly, I’m totally indifferent to the camera having video recording. I’ve been waiting for this camera because the D300 is both too large and too expensive for me and as long as this unit delivers the goods in terms of IQ, user interface and build quality (which I fully expect it to), I could care less if it has a feature that will go easily ignored.

  • Leo

    I’m a Canon S5IS/G9 user sitting on the sidelines waiting to dive into the DSLR water. The N90 is clearly courting me. I tried the D40 with the non VR kit lens and was very unimpressed with the image quality but I know DSLRs have a noise performance advantage. My point and shoots don’t get used as movie cameras all that much but when they do the quality is delightfully good. So I am in the N90 video is a “good feature” camp. It seems that the purists do not want to corrupt their DSLRs with such (condescending) amateur features such as Live View, rotating displays, movie mode, smaller memory cards, high megapixel counts, yet they want their pro cameras to have motor drives approaching movie camera frame rates. Nikon probably found that the integrated circuit cost to add video was negligibile so they went with this gimmick. Video purists look down their noses at video cameras with lenses you can’t interchange. So here we have an interchangeable lens video camera as a bonus feature. You guys who got all upset when they added extra buttons to your calculator, don’t worry, it’ll be just fine. Now if Nikon would add in body image stabilization to help out shakers like me or people out there with their boxes and boxes of prime lenses. Point and shoot features with image quality. That is really the DSLR goal if they intend to advance from their infancy.

  • rumpelhund

    You’re right, video would be a nice thing if done properly. My fear is rather that all the good and fast sensors for AF and Exposure run over the mirror which won’t be available at video.
    So I don’t expect any usable performance regarding keeping focus, adapting exposure and the like. It will simply fix everything and connect the images taken with it. Useful only in few application but there very nice with the mentioned benefit (choice of lenses).

  • Video in DSLR??????? Why??????? This is a point & shoot, or Semi-Professional Camera???

  • au

    just recently here at nikonrumors there was a link to the official explanations why the developers at nikon prefer to put stabilization in lenses, not in the body. and it very much made sense

    and about the video – my old canon S2 IS has a very decent video option and even though I will most probably be buying the D90, I was planning to hold on to it because of the video. now the problem is solved!

  • au

    as far as I know, D80/90 are meant for advanced hobbysts and photography enthusiasts, D300 is a semi-professional DSLR

  • charanischiu

    Since Nikon does not manufacture any Video Camcorder like Canon and Sony, it will be nice if the D90 has function to capture 24 fps in HD format using even 1/2″ area of the CMOS sensor.

  • Catweazle

    I really don’t get it, why people are complaining about a feature they don’t have to sacrifice anything for.

    If your new car would also be able to fly, for the same price, no sacrifices, nothing else would be different other than the possibility to use it as a plane, would you complain about that?

  • Ghargh

    As long as picture quality doesn’t get worse it’s fine with me. I only hope it will have the upper LCD and an optional battery grip ;).

  • JD

    This is a brilliant idea and will probably expand their market substantially. Finally a modestly priced interchangeable-lens ‘camcorder’ for the masses, with proper DOF control, proper manual focusing, etc. I’d certainly get one if they only got it right…

  • eyrieowl

    and i agree with nikon’s stance. nonetheless…it would be Very Cool if they had sensor shift VR which would turn itself off when a (admittedly superior) VR lens was used but would be enabled when older, non-VR lenses are mounted. that would be pretty killer, i think. would cannibalize their lens sales, but man, all those f-mount lenses with some sort of VR? genius!

  • Dash

    I suppose it’s find as long as it doesn’t get in the way of anything else. But that’s what I’m afraid of with this camera. I’m mostly pessimistic when it comes to new gear. I chose to get the D80 just yesterday rather than wait for the D90. I already expect the D90 to have no focus motor especially since AF primes are out of stock practically everywhere and with with no sign of restocking. If the massive delay between the release of the D300/D3 and D90 was because of them engineering the video to be a seamless addition just like in point and shoots, it better have great quality. They did nudge at 1080p.

    Oh and I bet that the video will be effectively crippled by going into auto just like in P&S’s. ie, no manual aperture control or ISO control. Only settings to be changed are white balance presets and size/framerate presets. And dare I say no video in Ai or Ai-s lenses because of lack of metering (I want to use my 50mm f/1.2!!). So there could also be no video in non-AFS lenses because of the constant refocusing it won’t be able to do. Marketing gimmick that not everyone will use regularly, even those that plan on using it right now, and make the camera more expensive than it needs to be.

  • Here are some more comments from the poll widget:

    Aug 5, 2008 10:58pm ET

    Why not? If you don’t like it, don’t use it. The cost to implement is probably next to nothing. Why shouldnot Nikon be a spearhed in the march towards integration of video and still. so much conservatisme…….

    Aug 6, 2008 6:25am ET

    Video in DSLR??????? Why??????? This is a point & shoot, or Semi-Professional Camera???

    Aug 6, 2008 10:27am ET

    @Cicpan, It’s neither a point and shoot nor a semi professional DSLR. It’s a consumer (maybe “prosumer”) grade DSLR and as such a camera, video capability makes perfect sense.

    darrin Johnson
    Aug 6, 2008 7:51pm ET

    What are people afraid of? This is merging the still and film. There are countless times in the field that having a camera with this capability would be nice. It saves on having to take two pieces of equipment. This is a great add on.

    Aug 6, 2008 8:38pm ET

    Great idea. Basically P&S users are used to having this feature and are confused when DSLR’s don’t have liveview and movie mode. If it helps people make the transition then its a good inclusion. How many of the existing features in your DSLR don’t you use now? This is just another one. Oh and the clincher, the first friend I told excitedly said she wanted one once I mentioned video.

  • Siletto

    wow, looks like the poll is split quite even: 871 vs 849 (for vs against)

    God damn it all the rumors and the rumor discussions about the D90 are dead. Nothing new on it since yesterday 🙁

  • Blog Admin

    Patience is a virtue, my friend.

  • Wow! This is really dead heat! 50/50

  • fansnikon
  • Hofbrau

    Man, that looks real (or a damn good PS work…). The GPS and HDMI labels are also convincing. What the others think? I want D90 now!!!!!! Nikon, have mercy on us!!!! :))))

  • Jake

    People who complain about video come from the same stock that complained when they first put shocks and air conditioning in cars.

  • Blog Admin

    I will put a poll.

  • au

    wasn’t the LCD once considered by SLR purists to be exclusively for the preview of photos that were already taken? and now live view is such a must-have

  • I had to delete a specific comment in order to protect the source.

  • I am very surprised that about half the people voting think that having some sort of video capability available as an option on the Nikon D90 or any other DSLR is “a horrible idea”. My Pentax K20D has a 20 frames per second lower resolution still shot capability that is so close (yet so far away. . .) from 24 fps HD format video it’s not funny. Why Pentax and Samsung didn’t go all the way and add a microphone to the K20D with functional 24 fps 1080 HD format video is beyond me.

    For the record I am a semi-retired professional photographer with over 20 years of experience who is something of a traditionalist. For those who think that it’s “a horrible idea” to have some form of video capability on the Nikon D90 all I can say is you don’t have to use that function. I don’t use many of the functions on my DSLRs or compact digital cameras. Heck, most of the time I am shooting in manual exposure mode and barely looking at the light meter in my Nikon D300 or Pentax K20D. Autofocus does come in handy though.

    I just bought a Samsung NV24HD compact digital camera in part because it can shoot 720p HD video at 30 fps. I am having a blast with it and would be only too happy if the Nikon D90 has similar capability. In fact I will be somewhat disappointed if the D90’s video capability is limited to 640X480 VGA quality. I would want at least 720p HD video but 1080i or 1080p would be better, even at a lower frame rate. Of course a lower resolution high frame rate video capability would be great too. Let’s say 60 fps at 640X480 for example. But I’ll take 60 fps at on 720p HD video if Nikon will be so kind as to provide it.

    I look forward to owning a Nikon D90 in the coming months. It may even relegate my D300 to back-up use. Seriously, I don’t need most of the features of the D300 and it is just a tad too big and heavy for my liking. I expect that the D90 would become my primary Nikon body if it has decent video capability. I know it is asking too much to have an articulated viewing screen on it but it sure would be nice if Nikon and other DSLR manufacturers made it possible to attach an articulated viewing screen as an optional accessory on future models of DSLRs.

  • Pablov

    As I’ve already said in

    today’s and future Multimedia device technology tends to integrate many features in one device, when possible.

    As long as the Image Quality is not compromised, adding a very useful features (for some or many situations) as Video recording is ALWAYS a GOOD thing.

    I don’t use GPS feature, but I could NEVER say it is a “Horrible” idea. Just don’t use it, as simple as that.

    In the future DSLR will have HD Video recording (hope it happens SOON).
    If you don’t like it, don’t use it. SIMPLE as that.

    If you are a “traditionalist” who think a “Pro” or “Prosumer” DSLR “Should ONLY” take still photographs, then you should see what happens around you.
    Maybe you should also go for a SLR and discard Digital too, not to mention avoid using GPS features, Wireless connection between cameras or devices, 51-points AF (use manual), LiveView, or any new feature that is not compatible with “traditional” photography…

    ** THE POINT IS: if a DSLR camera can add a Video feature (or any other that could be useful for many people or situations) Whitout compromising IQ, why not to do it?
    It Expands the possibility of use. Even more if it is HD at good frame rate video recording.

    As one said, he used, in his job, the real time HDMI output of a Nikon D300 to make a TV comercial…. That is AMAZING, and I congratulate him for that intelligent idea.

    Journalist Photographers could also take some video clips, not only still images, if the Video recording get Good quality.

    Jobs and tasks tend to integrate each other, in MANY Professional areas
    Despite High Pro Video (as for Film/Movie making) is still far away from implementation on a Photographic Camera and maybe never happens, there will be some (sveral) approachs to integrate Lot of Features in one Digital Device.

    That already happened (and still happens) with Cell phones, the clearest example.

    Digital Photography is growing exponentially, so it will also integrate lot of features.

    ** CONGRATULATIONS TO NIKON for making this GOOD MOVE, and keep improving that. SEVERAL Professionals will appreciate, and take advantages of HD VIDEO recording on DSLR. ***

    I’m a photographer since 1994, now I work in VISUAL ARTS and Fine Arts, as well as Computer Graphics imaging, and Photo and Video capabilities are more than wlecome and useful.
    Also more MP that allows make bigger prints, more detailed digital stills, or crop an area with more details.
    Of course, as long as keeping or improving the Image Quality, that’s obvious.

  • Pablov

    Exactly, for LOT of situations/task a LiveView feature is ECELLENT and Really usefull. For otherS maybe not, but you can always turn it off if you don’t like or need it.
    GPS, Wireless, and some other features are in the same category…

    “Purists” photographers need to review the way they are thinking or viewing the world around them, and better stop complainting that a DSLR or device incorporates new features they don’t like or think “should” be (… let’s see if in future they don’t star to use them 🙂 )

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