Eyewitness report: Ritz is low/out of stock on primes

The following Lenses are out of stock and not expected to return in stock from Ritz camera:
These are out of stock in the western half of the US, and most likely the whole company, which means stock is limited to whatever a store has (Amazon still has them all).
There are 80-400 in stock as well as D80's, but I hear the supply on those are limited.

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  • Dash

    AF-S primes!

  • Jason

    I certainly hope they’ll be bringing out AF-S versions of all of these soon, maybe some with VR too. An 85mm/f1.4 with faster focussing would be a killer candid lens at weddings! As an added bonus, the AF-D versions will (a) drop in price and (b) start appearing on the second hand market more regularly, and those of us who say things like, “if it ain’t broke . . .” will be able to bag some bargains!

  • Bryce

    Doesn’t add up. Why would they re-release two versions of the same lens at one time. Makes more sense to release the higher end at a price premium, then introduce the lower one at a price premium then let the prices meter out in about a year.

  • Steven Sow

    Hmmm…I’m intrigued by the 28 2.8, maybe Nikon will give us a fast 28, like a F2 or bring the 1.4 back. Hopefully they’ll all be AF-S, but hopefully no VR, that’ll add unnecessary cost. And then maybe the 85 1.4D will drop down a couple of hundred bucks…

  • Douglas

    you know, i keep hearing about bringing AF-S to the primes… unless you shoot with a D40(x) or D60, that is completely pointless because those lenses have such a small focal range and the larger camera’s have large enough focus moters that they focus VERY fast anyway! i would personally be MUCH more intrested in a 50 and 85 F/1.2 to compete with Canon’s INCREADIBLY sharp 1.2 lenses!

  • Blog Admin

    How about “future proof” – Nikon may move to 100% motorless DSLR body in the future? I am just speculating here.

  • Douglas

    heh, no offence, but i HIGHLY doubt that… Nikon has almost 100 years of making lenses and camera’s under them, and the one thing that kept them going through the camera wars was the fact that all thier older lenses which where of MUCH higher quality could still be used properly! now, quite frankly i was disapointed with the D60 still not having an internal motor… but quite frankly the D40(x) and D60 arent honestly meant to use more than 2 of Nikkor’s lenses (18-55, and 55-200) the two kit lenses! anybody more advanced than those two lenses should be stepping up into the more advanced D80, or its imminent replacement.

  • Blog Admin

    Well, there was a rumor that the D90 will be without AF motor. This is a pure speculation on my part, but Nikon may leave the AF motor only in the high-end pro cameras in order to be competitive on the budget models and to be able to sell their new AFS lenses.

  • Douglas

    the point of a consumer grade is to keep costs low as to draw people into SLR’s from P&S cameras. right now, Nikon is trailing pretty badly in their Consumer Market with the D60 barely being an upgrade from the D40x and the D40 and D80 being rather old and out dated. i work in a camera shop, i sell these camera’s daily. and i will tell you that the majority of customers who are first time SLR buyers are buying the D40 even though its older… because of its price point! and people who are coming into SLR’s from previous SLR’s are buying the D80 because its motordrive. the D60 falls into a hole that is very difficult to sell… now, Canon shot themselves in the foot with the new XS, but the XSi is still a prime camera, especially with a recient $100 price drop! if Nikon removes the AF drive out of the D90(?) and leave it to the D300+ they alienate an entire sect of the market! bad buisness!

  • Steven Sow

    Speaking for myself, AF-S is very addictive, the first time that I shot with one, it made me wish that all of Nikon’s lenses had it. More than just the focus speed, but for those rare times that just maybe your AF is missing the focus point, just grab the ring, kick it old school and shoot. And I’m right there with you about the 50 and 85, I get so jealous everytime I read someone’s blog where they’re talking about how nice it is to shoot with either one of those lenses. And seeing images made with them…come on Nikon, get in the game!

  • Franz

    A German store found the new AF_S 50/1.4G listed from Nikon for pre-orders and delivery in September. Price 650 Euro (which would mean 600-700$)!

  • Blog Admin
    Can you please get us a screenshot? Any other lenses?
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