Nikon D90 revealed – yes it does have video + a new lens

The replacement for the D80 will be called D90:
  • Live View
  • build in microphone
  • HDMI and GPS connectors
  • 12mp, ~4.5 fps 
  • video recording
  • new lens 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G DX VR


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  • fotomik

    Where then, are these images circulating? Shame on NikonRumors for not finding them… ;D
    Video on a DSLR? What are these people thinking? Sure, it’s nice to have, but COME ON! GET THE effing VIEWFINDERS SORTED OUT FIRST!!!!!!!

  • nv

    Well, it’s good news that it may be sooner than later – it’s about time! I could have easily done without video – this just seems so gimmicky on a nice DSLR, but I guess I can easily ignore it as I’ll never use it. Let’s hope it’s the same great sesnor that’s in the D300.
    Lastly, Oly/Pany are definitely going to steal some thunder from these Nikon P&S announcements with the Micro 4/3rds news – I’m extremely interested to see what cameras come out of that technology.

  • Mike

    It wasn’t exactly worth waiting for, was it?

    At the very least I was expecting a pull-out-and-tilt display on the back, with live view, like on the Coolpix 8400 from 2004; that was very useful, but I’m glad I got bored of waiting for the D90 and went for a D60 a few months ago, with a 16-85VR kit lens(what was Thom saying about “the VR hole Nikon had in the DX lens lineup”??) 🙂

  • ChrisL

    So its a cut-down D300 stuffed into a D80-sized body. Good, and liveview is a handy feature – for me, it all hinges on whether non-CPU lenses will meter on it or not. If that remains a D200-and-up feature then the D90 has no attraction to me at all.

    Yet another f/3.5-f/lots plastic zoom, yawn. Wake me up when the primes are announced.

  • Dash

    Video?! Seems like a rather pointless thing to have. This is photography equipment, not film(video) equipment. If you want still pictures, you use a still camera and if you want video, you use a video camera. The D90 should not be a jack of all trades and master of none.

    No one will use it regularly for sure because they’d rather take photos so why bother including it? It’s just a gimmick/marketing ploy. ZOMG Video! A pointless but pretty feature to hook the amateur market.

  • eyrieowl

    completely agree. asked thom on dpreview about the af motor…guess we’ll see sooner or later. and as Mike noted above re the lens, it’s curious how this compares with the 16-85… the 16 vs 18 still will make more of a difference (angular) on the wide end than the 105 vs 85 on the long. 18-135 vr kit would make more sense, 105…? seems strange to me.

  • Jonathan

    i don’t see anything wrong with video as long as it is implemented well. a marketing gimmick – yes – but if it works well, i don’t see why not.

    good that they are filling up the VR gaps, but i could care less…WHERE ARE THE AF-S PRIMES?!

  • Renato

    Easy, this is about the D90 kit, entry-level. The primes will come with the D3X. In fact, this is not an announcement, just a leak of specs of the D90.

  • Renato

    Where are these images of the D90 Thom mentions in his post?

  • Theo

    He said he won’t publish them in order to keep the source safe.

  • Renato

    He mentioned that there are pics floating on the internet.

  • Why not video capture? If you don’t like it, don’t use it. The cost to implement is probably next to nothing. Why should not Nikon be a spearhead in the march towards integration of video and still. so much conservatisms…….

  • Vince

    The cost to implement depends on how you do it. MJPEG – next to nothing. MPEG2/4, H.264 or whatever – that requires a more powerful chip – more $$.

    That said, I’d love video capture in my DSLR. If the kid starts walking all of a sudden, I’ll be able to get something instead of running into thec loset pulling out my video cam.

  • Rumor: Nikon D90 en camino

    A los fanáticos de las cámaras Nikon del tipo D-SLR les tenemos la posible buena noticia (ya que es un rumor, aunque de fuentes que han acertado previamente) de que el reemplazo de la excelente Nikon D80 será la supuestamente llamada Nikon D90.

    Entre l

  • RobJ

    Looks like a solid camera. The video feature doesn’t excite me, but so long as it doesn’t impact the price of the camera substantially, I guess it can’t hurt to have it. Hmmm… Thom mentions a 12mp sensor but doesn’t say if it’s the same sensor as the D300. Also, no mention of a dust reduction system, which is surprising.

    And I agree with everyone else, where are the photos that Thom says are “circulating on the internet?”

  • Eric

    I can’t see it beeing the same sensor. I would think that the video component would require a whole new sensor. I hope nikon keeps the D200/D80 tradition of keeping image quality the same in the different levels. If not, then the video will really make me mad, vs. a D300 sensor. If it has the same abilities, why the heck not. I for one will likely rarly use it if I get it, but it might be nice to have it every once in a while. Plus, it was predicted several months ago by pop photo that video was around the corner. Aparently live view is only half a step away from video.

  • RobJ

    If it doesn’t have the same image quality as the D300, than I’m buying a D300. Or maybe I’ll abandon Nikon altogether, because that would really piss me off if they sacrificed IQ for video.

  • SteMa

    What about the video? What resolution will it have? Any info on the lcd, if it’s tilt&swivel or not? Also what about focusing in live view mode, is it something like sony uses, or the same as in the d300? Announcement date?

  • SteMa

    As far as I know, there’s a separate sensor for live view. And even if it’s not, the 12mpx cmos sensor can feed a 640×480 lcd display with fluid motion, so a vga video would not be a problem probably with the same technology. Personally, I’m happy for the video, if there are small things I have to take a video of, I can do it, I wouldn’t buy a camcorder, because people usually don’t watch a home video twice, but for short clips, it’s good that it’s in the package

  • Alex Fry

    the d300 sensor should absolutely be able to do it, the current D300 does high def out realtime via its HDMI connector, All its going to need is a system for capturing and encoding this existing stream.. i was actually surprised that this wasn’t implemented with the D300

    as for rez, I would be surprised if it was any less than 1280×720 as there are already P&S cameras that can do this, really 1920×1080 shouldn’t be out of the question..

    as for record formats? ideally id like to see it just writing some sort of encapsulated sequential NEF… process into raster later, just like the RED One..
    best quality, good data-rates

  • thedude

    Didnt Thom mention the number 1080 a few days ago when somebody asked him for random D90 lottery numbers?
    does this mean HD video recording??

    As long as image quality isnt compromised then im glad it has video. good for my purposes of travelling.

    Maybe Nikon has bought a stake in memory card companies? 😉

  • SteMa

    the 1080 probably stands for the video output, not the resolution, i doubt that it does more than 720p, but i’m betting for vga. with stabilized lens, and with zooming enabled, it should be fun to use on some occasions (like when you try waterskiing, and you would like to record one of the tries on video, and the others in pictures, and you have the opportunity)

  • SteMa

    you mean connecting to an HDTV, you can see the live view and it doesn’t look upscaled, but native resolution fluid video?

  • Michael

    Most of these so-called features are gimmicks that have no place on an SLR. What about the actual photographic abilities??? Will it have the latest CMOS sensor or just another CCD?

  • Jen

    I’m a little flabbergasted by the people calling video a “gimmick.” It’s not like the D90 is a professional camera; my 19 year-old cousin has a D80, for god’s sake. This is a nice mid-range SLR for people who like to take good-looking pictures, and no, you don’t even have to really know what you’re doing to get nice pics. I take my D80 everywhere and yes, there are times when I wish I could get a little video clip of the concert I’m at or my dumb friends doing tequila shots or my dog doing tricks, or whatever. Putting video into a PROFESSIONAL dslr might be a little gimmicky; putting it in the D90 is something a lot of people will appreciate.

  • Alex Fry

    Yeah, absolutely..
    We shot this commercial at the end of last year on a D300
    we used the HD liveview output via HDMI to feed into a HD mixer and lined up all the people frame by frame..
    the HD output looks super clean..

    dpreview has a capture from the D300 in live view mode here

  • Jovan

    I have to agree with Michael. Adding video capability is just an excuse to keep a cheaper, inferior CCD sensor in this camera rather than inheriting the latest pro sensor (the D300’s CMOS). Nikon has a long tradition of handing down features from the pros to consumers over time. Is that ending?

  • Ryan Raphael

    My only question is, can we trust everything Thom Hogan saw/heard? Was there any example which his sources failed?

  • Hofbrau

    Any new info about the D90 announcement??? today there were new p&s cameras announced, but to be honest I don’t give a shit to them 🙂
    I’m looking forward to the d80 successor!!!!!!

  • stageshadow

    I was thinking about this video thing on the D90 and then i realized that the D60 is also able to Record Videos with its stop motion technique…

    Maybe recording Video on the D90 means it´s just using this D60 feature?


  • ChrisL

    Remember that midrange video and film cameras have built in lenses, while high end ones either have, or are modified to take, interchangable lenses including Nikon ones … so the video output from a Nikon SLR can be pretty good, in principle.

  • ChrisL

    You seem to have missed that the D300 sensor, with liveview, is what makes the HDMI video output possible in the first place. So clearly its going to be the D300 sensor. besides, its not as if there are an abundance of sensors to choose from! The old 6Mpx one (D100, D70, D40); the current 10Mpx one (D60, D80, D200); the FF CMOS one (D3, D700) – and then the 12Mpx CMOS one from the D300 (okay, and the forthcoming 24 Mpx one). The chance that they use a different sensor, not on this list, seems unlikely purely on economic grounds.

  • Jovan

    You’ve proven the point then. The fact that video wasn’t included in the D300 proves it’s a gimmick aimed at everyday consumers.

    Those even mildly serious about taking photographs will need to look elsewhere. Nikon should take caution not to drive them away entirely. The glass and the, pardon the pun, focus on the IMAGE used to be key to Nikon’s success — will it soon be gizmos?

  • eyrieowl

    and the on camera microphone mentioned is…to do stop motion sound? unless the leaks are incorrect, i’m guessing it means real video.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, it totally forgot about the microphone…

    Thanks for remembering!

  • ChrisL

    No, you have completely missed the point. As I said, high end video cameras are often used with Nikon lenses. So clearly they are suited to the task; thus, the video from a D90 is likely to be high quality.

    Your “serious photographers” slur is not backed up by any evidence, merely empty hyperbole. Unless you can demonstrate that the quality of still pictures is somehow compromised by the ability to take video, which you have not done. Or unless the D300 is also, in your estimation, unsuitable for “serious photographers”.

  • Nik

    How is video a gimmick. People buy a video camera and ask “what are the stills like?” People buy a phone and ask “How many megapixels does it have?”

    Gimmick. Sure, just like live view when everyone had a big whine about it on the Olympus cameras.

  • Eric

    1000% agree Chris, well said. If stills aren’t comprimised, and Nikon isn’t stupid so I doubt that they will do that, than why not?

  • cbap

    I’m a producer. Studied cinematography at NYU. Direct/Write for a cable channel.

    I’d give my right eye for the video function. I often use a d-series Nikon to shoot stills in the field because the image quality of a low-end SLR is amusingly better than what you find on a $100K HiDef video camera.

    Video has been a bit of an expensive scam for the past decade. Cameras like the Red Scarlet and (maybe) the D90 could change the industry. Cheap, good Nikon glass and a nice big sensor = me getting excited enough to post on some random rumor site at 12:09.

    My point… I hope Nikon took a look at Casio’s EX F1 and saw the beginning of something new, and er…. awesome.

    If you haven’t shot video or film at 300-3000 fps, then you’re missing out. Heck, if you’re too lazy to shoot and edit moving images you’re probably living in the past. It’s 2008.

  • Blog Admin

    We got you excited @ 12:09? That’s why we are here, even if we are just a “random” site.

    Thanks for your interesting post.
  • mig

    Video on my d-SLR…?!? Nikon’s gone astray w/ marketing (or engineering…?) gimmicks. Clearly the end of the world as we used to know it!

    Thanks God somebody broke the ice of bigotry. For Nikon it’s partial redemption – for their past sins (e.g. encrypted WB channel). As for video we’d better get used to it, ‘cos in a few years it may be nigh on impossible to get a dSLR *without* video, and quite decent, too.

    There’s demand from both ends: consumers spoiled by P&S features, and media pros from photo-reportage, film, TV and magazine industries. Even if the pros can afford to buy and haul both photo AND video gear on the field, switching them during the action is costly. Staffing a double crew for still and video is expensive, yet possible. Both crews simultaneously sharing the same PoV w/ the DoP and the film director is often impossible: it ain’t enough room for all to dance on the same pinhead… I’m sure “cbap” could tell us much more.

    To better understand “cbap” and the shape of things to come, pls. read “The Convergence…” articles on Luminous Landscape.

    Some xtal ball gazing: Predictably Nikon will deliver 1080p and/or high FPS video rather soon… a ‘differentiating feature’ that Canon has delayed till 2-3 yrs. ago (to protect their other business). Even Canon, Samsung, Sony, Fuji, Pany etc. will have no option but to provide 1080p – at the risk of canibalizing into their own videocam lines – still better than competition doing it to them…

    In fact they’ve started a few years ago w/ work on ‘converged’ sensors; at least Sony and Canon already have issued/leaked statements re. their new chips. And products such as EX F1, RED are proofs of concept. Fuji and Samsung can’t be far behind either…

    About me: I’m just a hobbi(s)t of no particular talent; i enjoy landscape and macro. As gear I have a bunch of Nikon bodies and glass, but no videocam; that’s why i made sure my P&S (Canon) has a basic VGA video. Why? Because I see potential for an alternate form of visual expression… landscapes combining static details in hi-res stills w/ sweeping panoramas and dynamic 1080p segments: waterflow, falling leaf, wind moving the rows of wheat, rivers of fog flowing in the Alps (where i’m fortunate to live), rain in desert (where i travel), snowdrifting blizzards, you got the pic … As proven by the talented DoP’s of many a scenic movie, such mix could be the future of visual arts. Too long of a rant (instead of me cracking some diff equations), yet I wanted to share my excitment w/ you.

  • Pablov

    I guess people that think the Video capability is not good to be in a DSLR are entirely wrong.

    A lot of things in the technology/electronic world tends to integrate components into one package.

    GPS is one of them.
    Video capturing is another.

    I think even Professionals Photographers could take advantage of good quality Video capturing, specially if that features become HD video in near future, maybe in the Pro’s DSLR.

    Pro Phtographers need to think that many jobs/professions/activities also tend to integrate each other, so I Don’t think impossible to see in the future a photographer that also records videos in some situations/jobs

    Specially keeping in mind that the “multimedia” world goes more and more for the moving-images rather than still-images.

    Photography is photography, and Video is Video, but … I see both things integrated in a single device in near future, at least for some applications.

    Of course there are other situations that requires specific and highly expensive Video devices, but THERE IS NO REASON why DSLR could not have Video capturing feature.

    People who stack to the old idea that a Pro camera should only take pics, are wrong and needing to see what’s happening around.

    Some years ago the D1 was delivering IQ much lower than today’s “prosumer” DSLR.
    Some years ago a “Pro” DSLR “shouldn’t” have an integrated flash…

    The more (useful) features a device has, the more versatile it becomes

    – I REALLY like and APPRECIATE Video in a DSLR, also good (or better) IQ when shooting still pics, also FX format sensor, and also integrated GPS too (would be seen in future if not soon).

    VIDEO in a DSLR is coming and is GREAT additional feature, just like (or even more in some situations) usefull as GPS feature.

    ** CONGRATULATIONS TO NIKON to make this move.
    ADD this feature to “PRO DSLR” too soon!!

    Sorry for so long post. 🙂

  • Pablov

    I forgot to mention, one simple but extremelly wide spreaded example of integration are the cell phones (who use a cell phone that can ONLY call or receive calls today?… Nobody)

    And lot of people said “LiveView” was a feature unuseful for a DSLR.. Very WRONG.
    Just think in Pros working at Studio all day, journalists taking pics over a crowd or at a glance without putting the viewfinder in his/her eye on a sudden/sport/whatever situation, etc..

    – Also another feature I REALLY (and several Pros too) would like is more MegaPixels, mantaining the Image Quality (of course)
    -Because I work in Arts, and more MP give me the possibility to make Bigger prints and/or crop the part I need better with more details.
    Just as simple as that.

    Maybe more MegaPixels is not very necessary for a journal photographer, but IT IS for several other activities/jobs.

    Would be great to have a camera with FX sensor, LiveView, HD Video recording and 18 or 24 MP of resolution.

    Am I asking too much? maybe at this time, but it is very possible in near future

  • I am very surprised that about half the people voting on a poll posted elsewhere on this blog think that having some sort of video capability available as an option on the Nikon D90 (to say nothing of any other DSLR) is “a horrible idea”. My Pentax K20D has a 20 frames per second lower resolution still shot capability that is so close (yet so far away. . .) from 24 fps HD format video it’s not funny. Why Pentax and Samsung didn’t go all the way and add a microphone to the K20D with functional 24 fps 1080 HD format video is beyond me.

    For the record I am a semi-retired professional photographer with over 20 years of experience who is something of a traditionalist. For those who think that it’s “a horrible idea” to have some form of video capability on the Nikon D90 all I can say is you don’t have to use that function. I don’t use many of the functions on my DSLRs or compact digital cameras. Heck, most of the time I am shooting in manual exposure mode and barely looking at the light meter in my Nikon D300 or Pentax K20D. Autofocus does come in handy though.

    I just bought a Samsung NV24HD compact digital camera in part because it can shoot 720p HD video at 30 fps. I am having a blast with it and would be only too happy if the Nikon D90 has similar capability. In fact I will be somewhat disappointed if the D90’s video capability is limited to 640X480 VGA quality. I would want at least 720p HD video but 1080i or 1080p would be better, even at a lower frame rate. Of course a lower resolution high frame rate video capability would be great too. Let’s say 60 fps at 640X480 for example. But I’ll take 60 fps at on 720p HD video if Nikon will be so kind as to provide it.

    I look forward to owning a Nikon D90 in the coming months. It may even relegate my D300 to back-up use. Seriously, I don’t need most of the features of the D300 and it is just a tad too big and heavy for my liking. I expect that the D90 would become my primary Nikon body if it has decent video capability. I know it is asking too much to have an articulated viewing screen on it but it sure would be nice if Nikon and other DSLR manufacturers made it possible to attach an articulated viewing screen as an optional accessory on future models of DSLRs.

  • kishor

    Nikon D90 deliver superb image quality. high ISO performance of D90 is slighty better than D300. Nikon (0 image quality is equal or slighty better than D300. Day by day, camera manufactuers are improving tech. very fast due to cut throat competation. nikon R&D improved tech. over one year after announcing D300. Nikon add more advance feature in D90 such as face detaction, high quality video recording, new retouch technic etc…. to D90 which are not invented while announcing D300. As nikon plastic body is concern, very few people photograph in extremely climate condition which requie D300’s tough body. As you purchase any SLR, you surely upgrade in coming two years, as camera technic advances very fast. Your current SLR might be out of date at that time. Then why worry about plastic body

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