There was an announcement today

Nikon Profit Declines 23% on Lower Camera Prices:
Full financial results available at:
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  • Blog Admin

    Check the latest post

    99% is now 100%
  • Crabby

    99% certain? I think you meant that when Nikon next announces cameras, these (the P&S detailed below) will be included. Still, 99% is awfully high.

  • dps

    I suppose if you have another 999,999,999 opportunities to be certain… this is 1 out of 9,999,999 times you are allowed to miss the mark. Here’s to better odds, and the D90 being announced soon!

  • Blog Admin
    The source was awfully convincing – let’s wait till tomorrow.
  • NNatic

    screw the PS i want the official D90 release… lets get this ball rolling.. i want to buy the damn thing already… i have already waited too long ha ha

    Hopefully they do announce before photokina… it is just too far away 🙁

  • Renato
  • Blog Admin

    Got it already – thanks!

  • dps


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