“High-end P&S camera above the P6000 that will use the 10mp APS sensor from the D60 “

This was submitted as a comment to the previous post (that way the reader remains anonymous):
"I decided to post this here instead of emailing Nikon Rumors so I can keep my anonymity and my job. I work at a high-end camera store and Friday of last week our Nikon rep came into our store and gave us a bit of information about a brand new Nikon P&S camera. The P6000 is coming and it will have RAW and higher resolution. However, he said that Nikon is coming out with a high-end P&S camera above the P6000 that will use the 10mp APS sensor from the D60 and be geared toward pros and serious enthusiasts. This is a DEFINITE FACT, no B.S. We could not get anymore info out of him as far as body design, or lens focal length. We'll just have to wait and see. He did say that he is pretty sure it will be announced at or before Photokina."
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  • si

    This reminds me of a survey by Nikon about a year ago: most of the questions were about this type of P&S camera and whether we would buy it.
    As far as I can remember, the specs they were not so exciting as the lens was a prime with a f4 apperture…
    but maybe some of you would like it still.

  • Jonathan

    i think this is great, finally bringing the p & s into a new light. looking at the market now, i’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. i wasn’t expecting an APS-C sized sensor, maybe something around Four-Thirds format or a little smaller, but it was bound to happen.

  • Bruno

    September 3rd?

  • billl

    Remember 35mm point & shoots? There is no reason we couldn’t get a proper lens plus aps-c is slightly smaller so a good lens is only nessicary, to 1-up the DP-1 and Canon G9, both niche products.

  • butt

    Anyone notice the new Panasonic compact, F2.0 zoom, wide angle 1/1.63″ CCD, 24mm wide, 16L9 aspect ratio.
    Hot shoe.

    Could it get much better?

  • Eric

    If nikon picks a better focal length than sigma, maybe 35-50mm equivalent, and does it better than sigma, this might be on my list to by. A zoom would surprise me. t would have to be such a short zoom, like 1.5x, that a prime just looks better. It needs a hotshoe, PASM modes, RAW, and to to it all right. I hope this is true.

  • RobJ

    I’m impressed by the specs, but will wait to see some sample images before I get excited. The sensor in that camera is still much smaller than APS-C. So yes, it could get better.

  • Willem

    A nikon variation on the Canon G9 is more than welcome. I was wondering when they might be striking back on the P&S front.

  • Blog Admin

    Was this online? Do you have any reference of it?

  • si

    I think it was online, as I connected to the support site (french). I can’t find any link anymore though.

  • Jon

    If this is a true thing, I may have to use nikon point and shoots, even though i generally choose Canon! 😮

  • peter

    not gonna happen. keep dreaming.

  • Blog Admin

    Why do you think so? I am trying to get opinions from both sides.

  • chris

    i hope it’s gonna be a d40 replacement with a light and compact body and oldschool 35mm slr design :D, something like leica m8 at an affordable price. i would buy such a camera the next day it’s available.

  • xbadx

    i am looking forward a update of s10
    best compact long zoom body design

  • jfid

    It will need to be bigger than, say, the just-announced Lumix LX3. Bigger sensor means lower noise (hopefully) or more pixels (hopefully not so much), but also means bigger lens, probably longer distance from lens to sensor, etc. Still, I’m hoping this is a true rumor. We need more choice among non-SLR’s that can shoot raw. I’m definitely over jpg’s.

  • richard p

    this is such a great rumour. great in the sense that the rumoured product sounds attractive and also that is something very rumouresque. Perhaps the sigma gave nikon some food for thought. Though a capable camera in a deft pair of hands, it failed on other levels and is a pain to wield effectively. Hopefully nikon can address this. I know i’d definitely be in the market, regardless of price so long as it is a good item. The 28ti and 35ti 35mm compacts proved that nikon can do great premium compacts.

  • tibor

    My dream would be a 20mm-20mm sensor (or higher!) with a rotativ 3 lens option. (portrait-wide-zoom) in a compact design.
    “I have a dream “…

  • Anonymous

    APS-C sensor pwns DP-1 and oly slrs. hurrah

  • Wolfie

    An APS sensor compact is an idea whose time is come – the technology has certainly been around long enough!

  • NOPE

    All’s fake, I Think.

  • AnnA

    Rumors is always Rumors.

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