Another Nikon D3 price drop

Just 3 days later - another $200 price drop for the D3.
Something is coming soon!
This is why rumors sites make sense!

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  • Blog Admin

    That could be too. My guess is that Amazon read my post about the D800 and dropped the prices twice in three days.

  • John

    Or maybe the D700 murdered D3 sales?

  • Paddy

    The price drop is certainly an incentive to stimulate sales. But the newly listed “dropped” price is still way more than what many of the discounting sellers have on offer. i,e, $3920.

  • Marc

    If it gets low enough maybe I’ll get the D3 instead of the D700. But I love the D-pad on the grip of the MB-D10.

  • For a week know Calumet Photo has been selling D3s for $4499.

  • DAC

    I do hope nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR drop… So that I can get the new version VR2 and Nano coating…
    price drop = new version coming up 🙂

  • anonyMouse

    35 afs
    50 something. Source isn’t solid on this. Either 1.8 af-s, 1.4 IF, or 1.2 with electronic vignetting correction for d3 d700 with firmware upgrade.
    I have no details on the third.

  • Blog Admin

    Are you talking about new lenses? Let me know if you get any more details.

  • anonyMouse


    35 afs is having qa issues
    Source said 50 1.2 with electronic vignetting control will not be announced till PMA next year. Expect a 50 1.8 or 1.4 afs version.

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