Photokina rumors

Did someone noticed this comment from a reader on one of the posts?

24-120mm VR II - correct
70-200mm VR II - correct
D3x - correct
Primes - correct, 3 will be introduced with D3x
D90 (d80 replacement) correct
I would not have mentioned it, but I got confirmation form another source that this may be the real deal for Photokina.
Do you remember the German magazine leak - it was also submitted as a comment to an existing post.
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  • Eric

    I see all but the 24-120, I think they would sooner update the 18-135 with VR2. I also think Thom has had a few good points about the D700x, instead of the D3x. I would love to see a few fast primes, with AF-S and VR, like the 105mm.

  • PHB

    It all looks like this is adding up to a golden year for Nikon buyers.

    It also makes sense from the development standpoint. If VRII means anything at all it is in the mechanism driving the optics rather than the optics themselves. So adding VRII to an existing VR lens is probably easier than introducing a VR version of an existing lens which I would bet requires something much closer to a complete redesign.

    The 70-200 zoom looks to me like it was somewhat DX-ified. The performance was optimized for the center of the frame and the falloff towards the edges considered an acceptable compromise. So now they need to back out those changes. I suspect the replacement will turn out to be bigger and heavier but have no falloff.

    24-120 is the kit lens for the D700, which is somewhat weird but there you go. $3000 camera and a $500 lens.

    The choice of primes will be interesting as they will show if Nikon’s new product roll outs are design limited or production limited. If design is the bottleneck I would expect the designs to be three rather similar lenses with similar properties – as we saw with the PC-E lenses. So three wides, three teles or three mid range (e.g. 24, 28, 35). If on the other hand getting them into production is the bottleneck I would expect them to be spread across the range (e.g. 20, 35, 135) to satisfy more buyers.

  • JEF

    Is the 24-120 going to be ED glass or consumer grade?

    I’m thinking that will fit nice with a d90 that I’m hoping to buy.

  • Leif Wickland

    Have you noticed how many places are out of the D80? For the first time I can remember since September of last year, Costco isn’t featuring Nikon DSLRs on the front page of their website or in their email newsletters. They’re out of every Nikon DSLR online. My local Costco is out of all Nikon DSLRs. I’m betting that the D80 replacement will be announced in August, which I believe is two years after the D80 was announced based on Thom Hogan’s chart) and is before Photokina.

  • Poopinmymouth

    The D90 is on the horizon…

  • Blog Admin

    I wish we can get some pics and specs.

  • Neil

    yeah seriously…i am tired of waiting for it.. been damn near 9 months now.. thought it would be at PMA 🙁

    Leak something Nikone 🙂

  • heddy

    any guesses what the d90 will retail at? and what lens will be in the kit?

  • richard p

    well the 18-135 has been very popular in the kit – a rejigged version of that perhaps? 18-200 is too expensive for a ‘kit’ lens and 18-55vr will be perceived as too cheap by consumers. hmmmm…

  • Maik

    I guess that most of us do not look at any kit as we are waiting for the replacement of the body. Come on Nikon, give us the D300 sensor in a D200 body with the D300 LCD display for less than 1000 Euro and almost any of us will hurry to get the D90. Such a combination would be a real improvement. And Nikon, drop life view on the D90. That belongs to point and shoot but does not improve any taken picture.

  • Bill

    What 3 Primes does the poster expect? Does anyone have any thoughts? Is the 85 1.4D going to be replaced?

  • Maciek

    As for the new primes with I expect 35, 50 and 85 with AF-S and perhaps VR

  • Blog Admin

    I do not know, but I expect to get some more info in the next few weeks.

  • Blog Admin

    You should post this to our partner’s site:

  • Dan

    I’d be shocked if Nikon released 5 new lenses at Photokina. They release on average 5 lenses a year. They’ve already released 5 this year. Don’t get your hopes up.

  • astro

    As for the upcoming D90, I was told by a Nikon rep that we shouldn’t get our hopes up. In a way, it’s going to be worse than the D80 – no AF motor, an overmegapixeled chip and no D300 features. A clear division line is going to be made between the Dxx and Dxxx series, the former being for pure amateurs, the latter being more pro. So the D90 will be probably closer to cameras like the D60 etc… Sorry to say so but that’s the way Nikon plans to do it.

  • Bruno

    it would be a shot on nikon’s own foot. but i’ve already got myself thinking on that. it is a possibility. honestly, if nikon does that they will piss of A LOT of people. and i’ll get a D80 on the hurry. =)

  • chris

    the d90 will have an AF motor, its not time to drop it off the body yet. maybe in 18mnths-24mnts when they have updated their primes to af-s.

    it will not be a MP monster either. its going to go up between the xsi and 40d so expect it to be 12-14mp max, 14bit, 5fps, 3inch lcd…etc etc its pretty predictable really so no need to create false drama about what some nikon rep told you cos they are mostly full of crap anyway. ie: they have no more clue than we do.

  • chris

    i also doubt all of that will come this year. nikon still trying to meet demand for the d300, now the d700. no way they can relese the d90 plus the d3x plus all those lens’ now.

  • astro

    I think there will be no motor inside because these bodies are simply not meant to be used with primes but with kit AF-S lenses and the like.

    I didn’t say “a monster” but a 14mp Sony chip (probably CCD) is more than enough, I think…

    Let’s just all wait and see… 😉

  • Blog Admin

    I don’t think Nikon will go a step back.

  • Blog Admin

    Read the latest post – we may not see the D90 this year.

  • richard p

    I really doubt nikon will go backwards – historically they haven’t gotten rid of features on lower dslrs just for the sake of having a difference between their ‘amateur’ and ‘pro’ lines.

  • Blog Admin


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