Thom Hogan: Nikon D900?

What is Thom Hogan talking about? D900 instead of D3x? See his post on dpreview:

"I'm going to go a different direction: no D3x. Yes, a 24mp FX body, but it'll be the D900. This allows them to use the Sony sensor and bring it downscale to compete with the A900/5DII."

I say this rumor is busted.

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  • I’m gonna say that yes, future full-frame Dxxx models may achieve 18 or 24 megapixels, but I doubt soon. The D3X is coming.

    Maybe in a year they’ll do a D700x with a D3X sensor, just like they did a D40x with a D200 / D80 sensor. But not NOW… That would just be too cruel to D700 buyers who were hoping for more than 12 megapixels cause they shoot landscapes or something.

    Like I said, bring on the D700 body with 18-24 megapixels, it would make a GREAT adventure / landscape camera. Especially if it had native ISO 100 and LO-1 ISO 50. But, not in 2008, I don’t think…


  • Blog Admin

    I agree 100% with you.

  • Mike

    Although the clientel these cameras will be aimed at are knowledgable enough to know the difference, I don’t think Nikon would bring a similarly named body into the market as Sony. The A900 and D900 would perhaps cause some market confusion? I know the Canon had similarly named bodies early in the digital era as Nikon has now, but these products were years apart.

  • OK – but what about the ‘D7’ this would be the true replacement for both digital/film high end 35mm slr??

    The previous was F6 (Film) and the new D700 seems like the D200 when the D2X/Xs was for sale??

    Any thoughts

  • daniel millikan

    If you are using a 35mm camera for landscape.. then you are using the wrong camera. Lower megapixel with a faster sensor is more important to the 35mm users. Landcape phtographers should use a medium format with a great sensor.. like a hasselblad.. 48x36mm sensor.. 39mpix.. 16bit color

  • 1.) Hardly ANY landscape photographers (especially mere hobbyists) can afford medium format digital, nor do they care to get into medium format or large format film. (Even though personally I’d LOVE to get into 4×5 or 8×10 some day, and ROCK the “silly” medium format digital scene altogether.

    2.) = not all “landscape” photographers can afford the luxury of carrying around medium or large format cameras. In fact most ALL “adventure photographers” simply CAN NOT do anything more than 35mm.


    • charlie

      Matt I dont know if I agree with you there. You can pick up a used 4×5 rig, some nice lenses and film holders, a good tripod all for about the price of a good digital slr. Not only is the resolution AMAZING, but its not going to obsolete itself in a year.

  • alex

    Nikon will need to release a d*00 camera in order to not loose money to sony–it is not about timing of release, its about money.

  • Nikon D800 with the 24 Megapixels Sony sensor! Plus new Nikon D3 with anti-dust!

    Update: see comments for translation. Thanks to the translators.Thom Hogan could be correct after all – he predicted the D900 but no one believed him (including us). See also here and here of Nikon D800 fakes. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.In Chasseurs d’Images n° 306 – Août – Septembre 2008The D800 with the 24 Megapixels Sony.A new version of D3 with anti dust.Full scan of the page available as always on flickr @ will try to get detailed translation.Thanks T.P. …

  • Azem Koleci

    Well, whatever way goes this way has no ‘end’ at least for now. We got used with digital market that after short time will be something new. At list with film was more stable. Anyway for a photographer is neccesary to have camera if good’s an advantage but better an eye and will for photos it doen’t matter if takes bit longer. So if you shoot film or digital the aim is same. Of course the better camera makes work easier but sure with around 10mp camera it is enough to cover most aspects of photography.
    I love photography as well cameras so if someting new and better will come in market it will be another headache for me.

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  • Mike Devonport

    Looks like Nikon is bring out D3x, I hope at same time they might bring out D800 or D900 camera full frame. Last time they brought out both cameras at same time on Aug. 23/2007

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