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It seems that Live View is the topic of the day (see previous post).
Today Canon released its new entry level model Canon EOS Rebel XS. This camera is almost identical to the Nikon D60, except the Live View - see comparison here. Sony is also actively pushing Live View and soon will offer cheap FF DSLR.
At that point Nikon does not have a cheap(-er) DSLR with FF sensor and/or Live View (both Canon and Sony do). I am not comparing cameras here, I am just noticing the trend - so let's don't start any brand name wars. This should give us some indications what will be coming out from Nikon by the end of 2008.

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  • Honestly I don’t give a sh** about live view, the lack cheap full frame bothers me, but live view is a neat toy, not something that even factors into what camera I buy.


  • Blog Admin

    It is useful if you cannot hold the camera at eye level.

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