New Nikon flash coming out?

A reader asked me if I know something about a new Nikon flash coming out. I don't and I could not find any information on this rumor. So, this post is for all you people that have or know something - enlighten us please! Rumors are welcome, fantasies are not.

The new flash is supposedly a "step up from the SB800... more power maybe".
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  • NL_Apex

    Why would Nikon do something like that :O? I can’t see how that could be what nikon thinks the people want.

    Only positive (next to having more choice) is that if this would come out, it would put a lot of sb800’s for sale for bottom-prices because there’s always a group of people who need to have the lates-of-the-lates.

  • My prediction, there will be a SB-600 successor close to the D90 release.

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