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Another Nikon price increase in the US?

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Read also my update to this post. So far, I have received two separate emails from two different major US retailers indicating a price increase on all Nikon products starting on October 12th (or 16th), 2011. I have removed the store names in order to protect my sources. If you have planned to buy something […]

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Nikon prices continue to rise on low inventory, rebates unlikely to be extended

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Canon reported a drop in their profit for Q1 and lowered their sales forecast. Expect similar results from Nikon when they publish their financial results on May 12, 2011 @3:00pm Japanese time. Nikon prices continue to rise in the US while inventory continues to dry up (see previous price checks on March 23rd and March […]

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Nikon prices hit MSRP in the US

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Nikon prices continue to rise in the US since my last post a week ago: Nikon D300s body only B&H: $1599 (was $1529.95 a week ago) Adorama: 1699.95 (was $1599.00) Amazon: $1529.95 (was $1449.00) Nikon D700 body only B&H $2699.95 (unchanged) Adorama: $2699.95 (was $2599.00) Amazon: $2649.95 (was $2399.95) Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens B&H: […]

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Nikon prices going up

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I received several reports that the prices of some Nikon equipment went up in the last few days. Few of the mentioned items are: Nikon D300s body only (current prices: B&H $1529.95, Adorama $1599.00, Amazon $1449.00) Nikon D700 body only (current prices: B&H 2699.95, Adorama $2599.00, Amazon $2399.95) Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens (current prices: B&H: 2299.00, […]

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Nikon to revise US Dollar and Euro foreign exchange estimates

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Bloomberg reports that Nikon will revise its US Dollar and Euro foreign exchange estimates: “The yen has gained about 19 percent against the euro and 5 percent against the dollar this year. Nikon, which earned more than 80 percent of its revenue outside Japan in the 12 months ended March 31, is using currency hedging […]

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Rumor: Nikon price decrease in Canada on Monday

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Update: this price decrease is basically an adjustment based on the exchange rate. For our fellow Canadians – the rumor is that Nikon Canada will decrease their prices on Monday. If true, I will have the new Nikon price list online on Monday (November 16, 2009). NR rating system: 75% probability

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Nikon D90: another price increase (UK) and LV bug

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Amateurphotographer reports another 10% price increase of the Nikon D90 in the UK starting next month (May, 2009). The reason – exchange rate fluctuations. Expect this price increase to trickle-down to other countries as well. Now, the D5000 pricing will not be so close to the D90 price. According to this post in dpreview, Nikon support confirmed the D90 LV […]

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