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How to tell if a Nikon D810 camera has the thermal issue fix?

Firmware update C1.01

A reader send me a confirmation that Nikon updated the C firmware on his D810 camera to 1.01 in order to fix the thermal issue (white dots) during long exposures:


Black dot in the tripod socket

Several readers purchased a Nikon D810 from the last B&H shipment (see this post) and confirmed the presence of a black dot in the tripod socket:

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Nikon already sees “signs of recovery” in North America, Asia and China in their Q&A of financial results

Nikon published their Q&A for the Q1 financial results. For the Imaging Business, Nikon already sees "signs of recovery" in North America, Asia and China. The company's strategy for the next few months will be cost cutting, generating sales by introducing new products (D750, SB-500) and concentrating on promotional activities:

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The latest B&H shipment of Nikon D810 cameras does not have the thermal issue (white dots)

Nikon D810 camera service advisory for thermal issue white dots

The black dot in the tripod socket means that inspection and necessary adjustments have already been made.

After it has been out of stock for a while, B&H just received a new shipment of Nikon D810 DSLRs and they confirmed to me that all cameras in their warehouse already have the fix for the thermal issue (white dots) during long exposures.

I am curious if those "new" cameras will have a different firmware update. If somebody has purchased one, please share the firmware version in the comments section. Thanks!

Update: it seems that the new D810 shipment has firmware update C 1.01 (before the thermal issue fix, the firmware was C 1.00).

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Nikon will also announce a new SB-500 Speedlight flash

In addition to the D750 DSLR camera, Nikon will also announce a new SB-500 Speedlight flash. The SB-400 has already been listed as discontinued (previously reported here and here) and I think the new SB-500 will be its replacement.

If you make a search on nikon.com for "SB-500", you will see that at some point the flash was listed on nikonusa.com (see screenshot above).

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Nikon’s service advisory for thermal issue (white dots) during long exposures with the D810 camera

Nikon D810 camera service advisory for thermal issue white dots

The black dot means that inspection and necessary adjustments have already been made.

Nikon USA/Nikon EU/Nikon Japan issued a service advisory for thermal problem (white dots/bright spots) during long exposures with the D810 camera. Back in 2010 the D7000 had a similar issue and I am surprised that Nikon has another QA problem after the D600 spots. At least this time they offered a solution just few weeks after the camera was released.

This internal memo indicates that the problem will be fixed with a combination of a firmware update and "pixel defect compensation":

Full text of the service advisory (US version):

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The upcoming full frame DSLR camera will be called Nikon D750

I can now confirm the name of the upcoming full frame DSLR camera: Nikon D750 (see also the rumored specifications).

I am also pretty confident (over 95% probability) that the new Nikon D750 camera will have a 24.3MP full frame sensor and will be released for Photokina. I am still not sure about the focusing system and whether or not the sensor will have an AA filter.

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Weekly Nikon news flash #276

→ Topaz Adjust plugin (designed to make your photos pop) is currently 50% off with coupon code "augadjust" (valid till August 31st).

Here are the latest deals on US refurbished Nikon equipment:

Joby released their Pro Series ‘UltraPlate’ as a standalone accessory (available at B&H for $19.95).

Nikon updated their support article on counterfeit batteries (the original article can be found here).

→New RRS plates for the Nikon D810 are coming soon.

→ This is the final 3D printed version of a Nikon Df camera grip from Candela Productions I mentioned last week. Here is a quick explanation from the creator:

"The Df I find is a little hard to hold, especially when you have a speed light on top. So, I have designed a grip styled to that of the old MD-4 which was for the F3. Call it the MG-Df. It weighs just over 100g and has space to store a batter internally. Unfortunately 3D printing is not advanced enough to be able to make this functional. It also has its limitations in that each print will be slightly different in some areas. However, I can honestly say it transforms the camera and makes it a joy to hold. It may not be for everyone but that’s okay, it optional."


→ The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM lens for Nikon mount is now $150 off (till August 19th).

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