Price of two upcoming Nikon lenses leaked in Japan (Nikkor 19mm f/4E ED tilt shift and 70–200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR)

The Japanese website Digicame-info leaked the prices of the upcoming two new Nikkor lenses:

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Weekly Nikon news flash #388

The 5DayDeal bundle is back and it contains 100% brand new products

After several delays, the Nikon Coolpix B700 camera is now in stock.

→ Nikon 300MM f/2 ED IF lens for sale on eBay for $22,888.

→ It seems that Nikon is already dumping the J5 mirrorless cameras: you can now get a refurbished J5 with 10-30mm lens for $379. A new Nikon 1 camera is expected in early 2017. Here are few other recent price drops on refurbished Nikon gear (see all deals here):

In addition to AF lenses for F-mount, Samyang “will probably” start producing zoom lenses as well.

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The Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 10-24mm lens in Scotland

Tieme Pool (Website | Facebook | Twitter) visited Scotland with his Nikon D7100 camera and Nikkor 10-24mm lens:

In the fast-moving world of technology, the Nikon D7100 is already ancient, and while the D7x00 series has been known as a semiprofessional body, the D5x00 series has been getting better and better. As specially since the D5200, the D5x00 series even beats the D7x00 on some aspects of image quality. My Nikon D7100 has been my reliable companion since 2014, and many people wonder why they should buy the D7x00 series over the D5x00.

As mentioned, the D5x00 series is getting better and better in image quality, but there are a few advantages if you own a Nikon D7x00. First off, the build quality is slightly better. It is weather sealed (which is a big plus if you’re an outdoors photographer like me), the viewfinder is slightly bigger and brighter, battery life is better too, and the autofocus system is superb. Besides, you have an additional memory card slot in the D7x00, it has a built-in focus motor (good for old, non-AF, lenses), and is faster in burst mode.

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Transferring Nikon D500 full size images with SnapBridge is very slow

This may not be a surprise to many of the regular [NR] readers, but transferring Nikon D500 full size images with SnapBridge is very slow. Few weeks ago the German website published a follow-up on the Nikon D500 WiFi false advertising allegation in Germany. Here is the email I got from Andreas V. who originated the complain few months ago (see also his test data in the table above - click for larger view):

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Primaluce Lab makes a special Nikon D5500a cooled camera for astrophotography

The Italian company PrimaLuceLab is specializing in astronomy and astrophotography. They just launched a cooled version of the D5500 DSLR camera and they call it simply "D5500a Cooled". Here are the improvements for astrophotography over the base D5500 model:

  • cooling system that cools down the sensor temperature up to -27°C in respect of ambient temperature and stabilize the working temperature to the desired value
  • modified front filter that improve sensitivity especially in red part of the spectrum (similar to the one of Nikon D810a)
  • anti dewing system that allows to avoid dewing problems when the cooling system starts
  • integrated shutter control to perform sequence of long expositions without the need of an external controller
  • power without the Nikon battery (in long exposure astrophotography usually DSLR camera runs out of battery, also because of cold conditions)

The price of the D5500a Cooled is €2,190 (around $2,400). For comparison, a D5500 body costs $896.95 in the US. Here is the product description (product code PLLD5500AC):

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Nikon D4s firmware update version 1.32 and NRW codec version 1.7.0 released

Nikon released firmware update version 1.32 for the D4s DSLR camera and NRW codec version 1.7.0. Additional information:

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