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Nikon advertising in Germany (no rumors here)

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Few images from Nikon advertisement in Germany. The first one is from Nikon’s official web site in Germany (main front page): I don’t know where this one is from but it is also in German: Again, the third Nikon ad is not for corporate surfers – open at your own risk. Do you think those […]

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Nikon is co-funding a 3D R&D project in Japan

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The article is rather technical, so you can just read the whole story here. I wonder what direct benefit would Nikon get out of this research – will we see a Nikon 3D camera in the near future? FYI – Fuji is planning to release a 3D camera next year.

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Fun stuff

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I am sure by now everyone has seen the Hitler video and the D700 cake pictures (and another one). Here is something else – a spy lens that allows you to shoot at a 90 degree angle: This is basically a periscope lens extension for US $50. Check also the product video here. Photojojo via […]

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Nikon D700 vs. Nikon F5

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There was a big discussion at NR about film vs. digital. I came across an interesting video on this topic. The cameras used were Nikon D700 and Nikon F5. Can you guess who was the winner?

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Nikon D90 – in the 9 top tech flops list

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I don’t take this seriously since the #1 top tech flop is the new Google G1 phone, the MacBook Air is #3, and Blue-Ray is #4. Nikon D90 is #6. I believe all of those technologies will prevail and will be with us for a while. Source

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Political ads on NikonRumors

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Update: Google explains how the political ads got to this blog. Several readers emailed me about a political ad that was running on NR – “Yes on 8″ which would eliminate same-sex couples’ right to marry in California. Contextual advertising means that ads should be pushed based on specific keywords found on a web page. […]

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I bet you did not know about this site… http://www.nikonhunting.com Well if you care, they are currently offering a $50 gift card when you purchase an eligible Nikon ATB Binocular from an authorized dealer. I still don’t think this Nikon ad is real:

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