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New for May: free battery grip with the Nikon D610, D750 and D810


For the month of May Nikon introduced a new deal: you can get a free battery grip when you purchase a new Nikon D610, D750 or D810 camera. The Nikon lenses price drop is till active, the Nikon 1 rebates remain unchanged, more discounts can be found here.

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New Nikon D750 ERR shutter issue reported online


In the past few months there has been multiple reports online for a new Nikon D750 ERR shutter issue  – the error occurs when the first picture is taken at high shutter speed – the top LCD screen displays “ERR” and the shutter is locked as seen on those YouTube videos:

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Deal of the day: Nikon D750 for $1,299 (grey market)

The Nikon D750 camera (grey market) is currently listed for $1,299 on eBay. This is the lowest price we’ve seen so far. The MSRP of the D750 right now is $1,996.95 after a $300 rebate.

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Updated technical service advisory for the Nikon D750 released

Nikon D750 camera service advisory reacall for reflection flaring issue

This just in – Nikon released a third service advisory on the D750 shading issue. Now cameras produced between December 2014 and June 2015 are also being recalled (the previous timeframe for impacted models was October – November, 2014):

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Faces of Vietnam with the Nikon D750 by Klaus Tan

Faces of Vietnam with the D750 10

Today’s guest post “Faces of Vietnam with the D750” is by Klaus Tan (Instagram | Flickr) who is 15 years old:

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