Additional Nikon D750 specifications: 51 AF points, 8fps, 91k pixels RGB sensor

I received this screenshot from a website I will not mention online in order to keep the privacy of the individuals involved. I believe that the person who posted that is very close to Nikon and that he/she is talking about the upcoming D750 camera (there is no other 24MP Nikon camera with 51 AF points). Here are the missing specifications that we did not have before (the text is translated):

Please note that this information is not coming from one of my source - it was found online and could be wrong.

I will open the comment section for guests, but if things get out of control again, I will quickly turn it back off.

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  • Bokeh

    Hi Admin, I’m wondering if you’ve heard anything at all regarding a battery grip for this new D750 model…?

    • Ted Byrne

      I’m also curious to see if they’ll go with a new grip. Can’t use the D700/D300 grip MB-D10 due to EN-EL3e batteries not being produced anymore, and the rumor is pointing towards a “light” body anyway. However, it would be nice to be able to pair with the MB-D12 and share batteries, etc. with D800/D810… or D4 battery if so inclined. I guess we’ll find out soon enough..

      • 120_300 OS for nikon

        But Ted will Nikon listen to us users ?

        • Ted Byrne

          Yeah what was I thinking… inter-camera compatibility??
          How does that Radiohead song go… “For a minute there, I lost myself….”

  • OPeter Gruj

    will it have white spots and a dusty sensor… ist´s not nikon a otherwise.

  • OttoVonSchriek

    I find it difficult to understand why many people want a DSLR to have be capable of making ‘Professional’ quality videos, whilst many others do not want a DSLR to have a tilt/swivel display like a professional video camera because it’s, ahem, not professional.

    But I can assure these people that there is no obligation to pull the display out, and also that a tilt swivel type is more rugged for a pro as they fold the display inwards (this is of course irrelevant to hobbyists who invariably chimp).

    • Captain Megaton

      Nikon users split pretty evenly between those who want better video, and those who want none at all. Which is why the Df was a good idea, in a sense, and why they should also make a “video-first” body as well.

      The tilting LCD is a reliability thing. If you are using the camera in “poor environments”, the hinge and connections between the LCD and the camera proper are a real weak point for both impact damage and sand/water ingress. A dropped camera with the LCD tilted out is almost certainly going to be a repair job, a dropped D4s is most likely pick it up and carry on.

  • Stephen Corby

    Although I like 8 FPS, I think the buffer is what we really want to see. Even 6FPS on the D7100 was OK… but when you can only do that for 1 second it gets ridiculous. If it can get 8 FPS RAW for several seconds, I will be pleased.

    • Fark

      What in God’s name are you planning to with all these exposures? Why not have some shot discipline and take the photos you want.

      At the sidelines of a sports field, the photographers are typically using two shots at a time.

      • Brent Busch

        Try that with motorsports and see how it works for you. Many times I’ve wished the buffer on my D700 was a little bigger when shooting drag racing.

        • Marcel Speta

          sure. Fark doesn’t know what he is talking about…
          sometimes even my D3s is not sufficient in terms of buffer when taking pictures of flying birds or sport.
          So yes D4s is a solution, but i am actually looking for higher resolution and there D750 could help a lot. D4 (16Mpx) versus D3s(12Mpx) is not a real difference.

          • Stephen Corby

            Not to mention it’s $4000 cheaper…

  • Richard

    You call that a D700 replacement? Now THIS is a replacement!

  • Nikon F4 user

    I only want a digital backend for the F4 please.

  • Brent Busch

    Shut up and take my money!

  • henry

    Saving best for last. At least one that will satisfy the most enthusiast’s needs. I, for one, still like the D810 with it’s larger sensor.

  • Ryan

    Would be great if Nikon looked at these forums to see what the people were asking for!

    • anon

      Nikon rumours is hardly the majority of the user base.

    • Fark

      No it wouldn’t. It’s not representative of the buying public any more than standing in a vegan store and polling people what they think of soy is representative of the buying public.

    • Captain Megaton

      That would be terrible. You’d end up with a camera with every feature under the sun, and impossible to use!

    • FredBear

      They probably do read forums to see what people are asking for.
      Even Nikon Execs need some humour in their life 😉

    • OttoVonSchriek

      Well in order to stay in business they have to make the cameras that people buy, which is not the same thing.

    • br0xibear

      Oh they do, if you search the archives for “Nikon Ambassador Blair Bunting” he mentions Nikon giving him permission to post here and answer questions.

      I’m pretty sure people from Nikon PR post here too.

  • John C

    Dear Nikon,

    If you allow this body to do 8fps FF and 11fps in DX mode, I may very well stop asking for the D300 replacement (that with a big dynamic range 24MP FF sensor may win a few Canon customers too!). If you do not, please make the controls on the D300 replacement look and function just like they do on the D750. If you do not do either, I don’t know that I can move from the perfect, seamless pairing of the D700 and D300 despite how nice this D750 may be.

  • Chris

    If this is 4k video I’ll buy 100%. If not ….. I’ll prob still buy it as a 2nd body for my D800. Hopefully the image will be on par with Nikon DF I was looking at.

    • G0nzo

      stay on ground, be realistic

      • Chris

        Sony and Panasonic have mirror less 4k cameras proving very popular and they really should match or beat canon to the 4k video in this price point and steal some dslr film-makers to their cause, I know soooo many video shooters with 5D’s and 7D’s.

        • KnightPhoto

          It’s not going to have 4K. The only 4K cameras out there all have specialized sensors (A7S, Canon video models) or are smaller and generate less heat (GH4).

          The tech isn’t there yet for 4K on a DSLR. Based on a Nikon Executive statement a while back I expect Nikon’s first 4K camera will be a Nikon 1.

        • mikeswitz

          Yes, Yes….their chance to post on YouTube…

  • Yes, Another Tweet

    If this really has 8fps and low-light as good as the D3s/D4 then this could easily move my D3s to a backup status. But the buffer has to be better than the D7100.

  • truc

    Nah, rather wait for Df version 2

  • Shaun V.

    Nikon is FREAKIN’ genius!

    Like evil genius brilliant!

    We’re talkin’ Austin Powers, Dr. Evil brilliant here folks!

    Put a tilty screen on what would naturally be a D620 in a year or so, call it a D750 and charge $500 more.

    All while everyone breaks their necks tripping over each other, trying to hand Nikon their money.

    Nikon D750: I AM PURE GENIUS.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Here. Have a cookie. Now hush.

      • HeWhoMustNotBeNamed

        Lettuce hope that you soon learn another tune.

  • fredsnotdead

    If the D750 lives up to the rumors and had been available last spring, I would have bought it rather than the D610, not that I have any serious complaints with the D610.

    • MarkH

      We all live with regrets. But, funnily enough, I am not sure I have found a personal need for it to replace my D700. Sounds odd, but I have printed poster sized shots which look terrific both in colour and resolution. But I will wait and see and keep an open mind. The D800 is, I am told and I suspect, a brilliant camera as was/is the D700. If I understand the observations that the D750 is positioned squarely between these two cameras, both the D800 and the D750 would have different attractions.

      My point is that you might find that your regret is misplaced – you may end up loving your D610 as I do my D700. It is all about the usage. And only when you know why you need (not want) to replace it will you not go wrong. Good luck with your D610.

      • fredsnotdead

        Thanks, Mark. If I waited for the D750, I wouldn’t have the photos and videos I’ve already taken with the D610!

      • mikeswitz

        Well said.

  • D700s

    Well, I know this, it’s time to sell my D700 and get ready for this or the D810. I’ll wait to see what this has to offer before purchasing. My poor D700 never got the use it deserves.

  • Mr. Clean

    I will buy it 🙂

  • Alderaan

    I am keen to find out whether this will be an identical sensor to the D610 or perhaps a more refined 24mp sensor. I am glad rumours are pointing to 24mp. I would be very happy with the 610 sensor in the proposed 750 body but if Nikon are able to make refinements similar to the 8xx series would be awesome. I will be waiting patiently either way to see how the 750 is received and perhaps to find out what’s in store regarding the next development in the 6xx series. If the next 6xx adopts the higher end AF and omits the tilting LCD that would be more appealing to me at this stage.

  • Paul

    price estimate yet? did I miss that? USD $2599? more?

  • ollie_b

    There IS a nikon camera with 51 AF points… d7100 anybody?

    • ollie_b

      ** with 24mp + 51 af points

  • Isaac Alonzo

    Yeah well I’m sure is going to be awesome but unless brings something fairly superior to the already top models likes D4s and D810, isn’t going to hurt sells of those. As a pro wedding photographer I wouldn’t trade my D4s for anything below, try taking pictures at ISO 10,000 all night long without worrying about noise in a poorly lit wedding venue 🙂

    Maybe as a second body for backup for sure. Makes me wonder when will nikon jump into the 4K video.

  • RobPul

    Agree with br0xibear on low risk of cannibalisation. Plus there are other “unknowns”.

    Maybe the rumors are not 100% complete and there’ll be a technical feature that will differentiate the 750 even more from the 610 and 810.

    Maybe Nikon analysis shows that the $2K+ is one of the segments that are not shrinking and they want a larger share of it by offering more niche choices not too expensive to design and produce, maybe they saw that the segment is actually growing.

    Maybe Nikon plans to replace the 610 with a cheaper 650 to make it even easier for people to get into FX, and replace the 810 with a more expensive 850 with higher MPs, making the gap between the two wider with the 750 fitting nicely in between.

    And even without that the 810 costs almost double than the 610, that’s a lot of money for people who stretched to get the 610, without a 750
    those people might never upgrade to another more expensive Nikon DSLR.

    The professionals who need highest MPs will keep spending more for the 810 and the ones who buy the 4 will see the 750 and 810 as possible second bodies, not really as an alternative to their camera.

    • Groosome

      Technical feature like aperture in live view? Probably will have that given the 51point AF although I’m not sure if the 2 go hand in hand.

  • peevee

    8 fps. Not exactly Earth-shuttering given than $600 a6000 can do 11 at the same 24 mpix.
    I guess Nikon has D4s to protect.

    • Stephen Corby

      While I agree I would like more, I think you should watch some reviews of the a6000’s “11 FPS”. It is actually 1 FPS in focus, and 10 out of focus shots. When shooting that fast it doesn’t continually autofocus. Tony Northup talks about this in his video (as do many others). If this can deliver 8FPS that continually focuses I will be happy.

      • peevee

        I read the reviews, including the DPR’s one, and what you say is not the case.

      • peevee

        Actually, a6000 DOES continuously autofocus at 11 fps. You are just in denial.

  • anybody know if this camera will have the optical low pass filter removed like the D7100 and the D800e?

    • Twiller, Joe

      Yes. I have seen the spec sheet.

      • br0xibear

        Care to share the details ?

      • If you say 28MP sensor, I think you have seen the wrong specs. The D750 will be 24MP.

  • George

    Is it possible that this could be an DX sensor? I read that canon 7d mark ii will be announced at photokina

  • T53

    The mockup is scary. That screen looks very precarious.

    • br0xibear

      Hi T53,

      I wanted to see how a screen would look like on a body like the D810 since the rumours are pointing to a D810 type body with some sort of tilt screen. If you want to keep the buttons as they are on the left side then a screen that hinges on the left wouldn’t work, so I thought it might be more likely be hinged underneath as in the P7100, Fujifilm XT-1 and Sony A7 bodies.
      But you’re right, they’re all somewhat precarious and you do wonder if they can take a knock and are weather sealed for something that’s supposedly an action/sports marketed body.
      Hopefully someone out there with a picture of a real D750 will “leak” it soon.

      • Stephen Corby

        I imagine the slip screen will look much more like the one on the D5300 rather than a bottom latch shown in the image. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me why they would re-invent the wheel when they already have a tilt, flip, swivel screen on another body.

        • Allen_Wentz

          And the D5xxx LCDs work very well.

      • T53

        The much rumored tilt screen is what leads me to believe this will be nothing like the D700 or D800 body but something much like the D600-D610 which begs the question about weather sealing. We should know soon.

        • broxibear

          Hi T53,
          The weather sealing on the D600/610 is to the same level as the D800/E.
          “Weather-sealed to the same degree as Nikon’s professional D800 DSLR, it offers enhanced resistance to moisture and dust.”

          I can only assume that any tilt screen mechanism on the D750 will be as weather sealed as the flash mechanism on a D700/D800/D810 is.
          I haven’t heard of any of the tilt screens on Sony, Olympus or Fuji cameras breaking. A friend who’s a photojournalist uses a NEX 7 as his carry with him camera and he loves the tilt screen.
          It’ll be interesting to see how Nikon design it.

          • T53

            I stand corrected on the weather sealing. Thanks. I still wonder though…if the tilt screen is so durable and great, why isn’t on the D800. 810, D4 or D4S. Surely Nikon has a reason for not putting it on those cameras? I’d love to know why?

            • broxibear

              Hi T53,
              I’d look at the other way, surely Nikon has a reason for putting it on the D750.
              They could be testing the waters to see if it’s something they put on the D5 ?
              I’ve played around with the Sony A6000, and the tilt screen on that feels solid. It sits flush, and if you didn’t know it was a tilt screen you wouldn’t notice, it looks like a normal lcd screen.

  • Guest

    Nikon is really aggressive with new cameras releases. If you look back, between 2013 and 2014, Nikon’s new releases are: D7100 (Feb/2013), D5300 (Oct/2013), D610 (Oct/2013), Df (Nov/2013), D3300 (Jan/2014), D4s (Feb/2014), D810 (Jul/2014), and soon now the D750 (Sep/2014) as well. Nothing less than 8 (eight) new DSLR bodies between last year and now. Am I missing any other one? It’s easy to get lost…

    And there are still unconfirmed rumors about a “D7200”, “D9300”, “D2300” etc… That’s a lot for new DSLRs. Thanks Nikon.

  • D810-D5200_user

    Nikon is really aggressive with new cameras releases. If you look back, between 2013 and 2014, Nikon’s new releases are: D7100 (Feb/2013), D5300 (Oct/2013), D610 (Oct/2013), Df (Nov/2013), D3300 (Jan/2014), D4s (Feb/2014), D810 (Jul/2014), and soon now the D750 (Sep/2014) as well. 8 (eight) new DSLR bodies between last year and now. That’s a lot! Thanks Nikon.

    And there are still rumors about a possible “D7200”, a “D9300” and a “D2300”, or something similar.

  • MTC

    I will dump my D600 for one of these.

  • Stilllearning

    It is humorous to see information from NR get copied and parroted on other Rumor sites. Some give credit and others say from multiplr sources.

  • Twiller, Joe

    Latest specs are calling for 28.4 MP.

    • br0xibear

      28.4 MP…where’s that from Joe ?

    • I seriously doubt that.

  • Stephen Corby

    The AF is very fast and accurate. For 1 shot… I am speaking about the shots that come after the first during the burst.



    NO NO NO & NO…Nikon JUST needs to FINALLY make a prosumer body
    that can actually WORK as designed to do. That is to take pictures that
    are edge-to-edge corner-to-corner in-focus without any ghoulish spots!
    All for around $2K +/- $500.00 so my bean-counters will let us get some
    new gear that works….for a change!!!

    • Michiel953

      Edge to edge corner to corner pinsharp. Yes, that would be wonderful. For postcards.

      • stanley 2

        so all you shoot is vacation stuff

        • Michiel953


          • stanley2

            what’s so hard to understand with the >> ?? << skippy. if the 1953 in your Michiel has anything to do with what I think it might then that may explain some of it ? ? ? 😀 😛 :

            do you only expect edge-to-edge corner-to-corner in-focus stuff without any ghoulish spots on your images to shoot postcards/vacation shots and copy your postage stamp collections? Nikon has built a reputation in the pro-circles as dropping the ball when it comes to producing a quality body of late. Nikon's last few generation attempts at their pro-sumer lines which many newspapers have been buying for their staffers because of their over presumptuous bean counters attempts too save their bottom-feeding dollars, at their photographers expense, namely as in Nikon's D800 D600 D7000 and even the D4s have fell short. with having Nikon deny D800 focusing, D600 sensor spots, D7000 & D4s imaging software and other internal issues. so yes I do hope many of you will and do be so quick too rush out and buy one of these rumored D750's so my fellow staff members and eye at our paper can all monitor your results, before I turn in a PO request for six new bodies for my staff, and not get a thumbs=down after the debacle I put my staff in and the embarrassment I found myself in while having to explain in the budget meeting why our pictures are no longer up to par because of the eight new D800's we just bought for our staff "! ! !" or we will wait for the D750's replacement the what…..D751 "????"

            I went to the local haberdashery and the owner thought I was nuts…I very well may be…. because I wanted to brake the seal and check through his NEW IN the BOX inventory of his D810's for a black dot in the tripod socket.

            and Mr Nikon Rumors . . . sorry but sometimes the truth hurts and it must be said and simply not swept away because in order to be fully transparent if not faced head on like in the world of “J” a photographer is only as good as their last photo-assignment as is a camera manufacture only as good as its last new body which can sometimes influence how good a photographers last picture looks. because yes a camera is a tool but if that tool is some what defective right out of the box then how can you work with it to produce a quality image ” ? ? ” photoshop can only do so much as it still lacks spell check too ” ! ! ! ! ! “

            • nostatic

              I don’t know who are you, but with all your typos, misspellings and bizarro references, you’re not in the newspaper business…unless it’s The Schizophrenic Times.

            • stanley2

              nostatic stop wasting your & our time trolling and google AP Style Handbook and learn about something before you pass judgement on what you think I know or do to pay the bills then up your dose of Chlorpromazine and take a nap then comeback when you have something to contribute besides your snarky remarks what Nikon didn’t have issues that they denied they did with their D800 D600 D7000 and D4s that they later did finally admit to here’s some (. . . . & , , , & ?? ) for you to insert where you feel they belong

            • Michiel953

              @Stanley2 (Wot, there’s more than one Stanley??): accurate reading is proving even more of challenge to you than correct spelling. It’s Michiel953, not Michiel1953, and I was born in 1952 with the unusual talent of being able to read and write reasonably correctly, although it took a while for that talent to show itself.

              If you want to know (probably not) what the 953 stands for, google it.

              What my post intended to convey was that corner-to-corner, edge-to-edge pinpoint sharpness (if it were possible; it isn’t) doesn’t interest me; it’s boring in the extreme. The lenses I use most on my 800E are the 1.4/35G and 1.4/58G; both not exactly known for their perfectly flat planes of focus. Field curvature anyone?

              I’ve had the D200, D700, D800 and now D800E; I’ve never seen spots, ghoulish or otherwise.

            • stanley2

              Some d700’s have “err” message issues that will pop up from time to time from what is believed to be a side effect of excessive oil left behind during manufacturing. Some had aperture operation issues and their angle of their mirror’s being out of spec. These were covered in a service tech memo being just shy of a recall. The D800’s had focusing issues and Nikon did a recall, so yes edge-to-edge corner-to-corner focus is essential. Since you do not have a
              D600 you wouldn’t be hindered by spotty images which the d600’s are known to have oil spots on their sensors and Nikon did a recall. Nikon’s d810 had issues and you need to check the tripod socket for a black dot if you buy one to know it is not infected. If you have never had any issues with your d700 and d800 lucky
              you. I had to return seven out of seven d800’s that our paper bought for our staff because they were all defective. And in rejoinder to your snide remark I would expect one on 953’s to be mentally challenged, try upping your ante. So let’s see what the future holds if a d750 does materialize.

            • Michiel953


              My D700 was in the three and a half years I used completely troublefree (except for the thumb grip coming loose). My D800 turned out (after eight months) to have its AF out of whack by 42 micron, which explained a lot. My current 800E is troublefree.

  • wasserball

    (there is no other 24MP Nikon camera with 51 AF points).
    Nikon D7100

    • again, it is not full frame and it doesn’t have the same RGB sensor

      • TeaBreak

        Don’t forget D3x.

  • jtan163

    I don’t understand about the “no other Nikon 24MP camrera having 51 AF points” comment in the post. Doesn’t the D7100 have 51 AF points and 24MP?

    Anyone worked out the source site yet?

    My googilng some of the strings in the above screening comes up with this:
    But the only 22 Aug post is:

    Nothing about nikon thouigh.

    • FredBear

      You missed the ‘Full size’ bit before the 24 MP 😉

      • jtan163

        Ah yes in the image.
        I was reading the NikonRumours post text, not the text of the screenshot.

        • FredBear

          You’re not the first. The same comment has cropped up before 😉

  • TeaBreak

    If specs are true I bet this will be the last round for 51 Point AF. Very likely we’ll see something spectacular in this regard in 2015.

  • Enrico

    One or two card slot/s? CF or SD?

  • Stephen Corby

    Anyone have an idea when this will actually be in consumer hands? I have a trip to Australia for several weeks and I’m leaving on November 13. I would love to have this before then.

    • br0xibear

      Photokina is Tuesday, September 16th to Sunday, September 21st., if it is actually announced there then you’ve got a 6 week window…you might get lucky but that’s a bit tight.

      • Stephen Corby

        Thanks for the reply, any thoughts on the fastest provider to consumer hands? I usually use amazon (prime membership and all), but historically have B&H or Adorama gotten them out faster? By “them”, I mean new camera releases. Like this past D810, and the like.

        • br0xibear

          Hi Stephen,
          Other people here will have far more knowledge about that than I do, but if you’re in the States and going by previous posters, Best Buy seems to be one of the fastest and easiest places to pick up newly realeased Nikon DSLRs. B&H and Adorama usually have pre-order waiting lists, often those on waiting lists have just walked into a Best Buy and bought a body, then cancelled their other order.

          • Stephen Corby

            Fantastic, I will certainly check that out. Thanks!

        • Sports

          Many people have reported that new Nikon cameras show up in smaller, local shops long before Amazon, B&H, Adorama are able to get through their huge, waiting lists.

    • Steve of Oz

      Buy it in honkong on the way or in Oz itself duty free.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Amazes me folks want an unannounced product.

      • Stephen Corby

        I am not interested in buying an “unannounced product”. I am interested in buying this particular product with these rumored specifications. If it turns out that the actual camera doesn’t have enough FPS or buffer, then I will not buy it. If, during my pre-order wait, I see some reviews pop up with problems, I will consider canceling it. In today’s consumer economy I feel pretty safe buying from a large company. They will deliver on their products one way or another. Enough negative social media reviews and they will bend over backwards for you. Besides, the D810 had one minor issue, and even that was addressed and fixed promptly. I think they’ve gotten better since the D600 fiasco.

  • Myles
  • catinhat

    why was the youtube video removed?

    • spam maybe?

      • Myles

        I posted a video link yesterday without additional comment. Figured I’d let the video speak for itself

  • stanley2

    With all the issues Nikon has built into their bodies over the past couple years it will be interesting to see what adventures lie in wait for this one 😀

  • Jason

    OMG, I will get this if these specs are true

  • Alex13

    hello everyone!
    “there is no other 24MP Nikon camera with 51 AF points”
    what does it mean???.. my english not so good to understand the meaning..

  • 103David

    Apparently you’re responding to obnoxious behavior on the postings. Just so you know, I rarely even visit the website anymore as the content is so meaningless and TOXIC that it’s largely impossible to wade through the content to find the occasional positive contribution. Who knows how many users you’ve lost because of this phoneme.
    There’s many a website using even a modicum of supervision to ban the particularly vile “contributors” that would make attendance much more tolerable…and useful, for all.
    Please take note and perhaps some attention, exclusion and even outright banning of the worst would generate a more pleasant experience for all.

    • What makes you think that I do not moderate the comments? Even if I have missed something, you can always flag a comment and then I will look at it again. Just because you don’t agree with somebody’s opinion, if doesn’t mean I have to ban them. How would you classify a “toxic” comment? Maybe on the outside, it all looks very easy and simple, but it is not, trust me. I am not sure if you have noticed, but up till few days ago you had to be a registered member in order to post s comment. This triggered a whole new wave of complains, and I removed that requirement. Many readers do not to share their emails/facebook accounts with disquss and that is a valid point. With the amount of readers I have, not matter what I do, somebody will always be unhappy. Go to any major website that allows comments, and you will see the same problem.

      • Stilllearning

        if they want to see toxic they should visit some of the forums on DPReview.

  • tofu k

    Is this d620? huhu comeon nikon where is inovation!

  • Sonia

    “will not mention online in order to keep the privacy of the individuals involved”
    Because there is nobody’s privacy to protect as you made the whole thing up.
    I spoke to a NIkon rep. There will never be a D400 and there is no new FX camera for this year.
    Stop spreading lies in order to get traffic to your fake content website.

    • Lillis

      If it is true, that there is no new FX camera from Nikon this year, all this hype is misleading and very sad. The (fake) news is all over the internet in many countries and makes me angry. Also – It doesn’t seem right to launch so many new FX bodies within a relative short time frame. I was hoping this could be my entry to FX instead of D610. Regards Lars from Denmark.

      • br0xibear

        “all this hype is misleading and very sad. The (fake) news is all over the internet in many countries and makes me angry”
        Why is it “misleading and very sad” ?, this is a rumour site, the reason so many other camera and tech sites post articles from Nikonrumors is because of the reputation Peter (admin) has for being right. He’s not right 100% of the time, but that’s the nature of dealing with rumours from various sources and trying to make sense of them all.
        Peter is saying “I am also pretty confident (over 95% probability) that the new Nikon D750 camera will have a 24.3MP full frame sensor and will be released for Photokina.” I very much doubt he’s “spreading lies in order to get traffic”. as Sonia put it.
        Before the announcement of any major DSLR nikonrumors fills up with people like Sonia posting things like “I spoke to a NIkon rep. There will never be a D400 and there is no new FX camera for this year.”, then when they’re proved wrong you never hear from them again.
        If Peter just wanted traffic he’d add that feature I’ve been asking him to add for years called “Nikon Babe Of the Week”, lol.

        • Lillis

          You (br0xibear) only quoted part of my comment. I wrote: “if it is true what Sonya says – then it is misleading and sad”. I did not criticize NR for their rumor content. And by the way I look forward to D750 as well.

          • broxibear

            No problem…sorry for the error.

      • Trust me, the D750 will be announced with the specs I mentioned. This is not a “fake” news – I am not sure where you are getting your info from – I cannot control the junk some other websites post online.

        • Kartken

          thanks Peter

        • Lillis

          I think so too. My comment was related to Sonia above. I wrote: if what Sonia says is true – I think its misleading and sad.

          • sorry, then my response should be directed to the previous comment

    • Sebastien

      You spoke to a Nikon rep, really? Wow, what a reliable source!! We all know that all reps have the complete roadmap of the company they support… NOT!

      Don’t visit that website if you don’t like it.

      • Correct, even if a Nikon rep knows something, they will not risk their job – most likely they get their news from this website.

    • stilllearning

      Interesting the Nikon Rep in our area said there would be a new fx announced in September. He gave no other details. Which one is right? You don’t know NR do you? They are more right then not. You must be mixing them up with another site.

    • Nikon reps have no idea what’s coming and even if they do, they will not risk their job to tell. There will be a new FX camera called D750, period.

      • stanley2

        about 8-days and counting ? ? …. tick-tock ~ tick-tock…. 😀

        if an employee becomes privy to inside info and it leaks they will pay a heavy price if they get caught spilling the beans per se.

    • Oh, and if you haven’t noticed for the past 6 years, I do not make stuff up.

    • some.guy from.texas

      You’re new here: 2 comments and neither does much to create a good rep.

      Congrats! Nothing you say will be taken seriously.

  • Grumpy Dunce

    I’d prefer it with the 12MP Sony A7s sensor

  • Gino

    I currently own a Canon 1DX, 5DMKIII, Nikon D600…I’ve also owned a D4 in the past. The rumored specs for the D750 sound great, and I actually like Nikon RAW files over Canon RAW files, but I hope Nikon didn’t handicap the ability of the D750 to shoot high FPS with a low buffer! If the D750 has D810 build quality, a good FPS buffer that can handle at least 30 full RAW files being shot in a row before slowing down, and the same 51 point autofocus as the D810, then I’ll most likely buy two D750s!

  • Dan Men

    Sony is rumoured to come out with a sub 1000$ FF within a year’s time, that will seriously pull the rug out from Nikon’s feet imo

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