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Full size Nikon D800 sample images

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I uploaded few Nikon D800 sample images on flickr that I took during the weekend. There are few cropped images, some high ISO samples, with and without post processing. See the description of each photo for more details. You must check also the full resolution version of each image (go to->actions->view all sizes). Needless to say that I am very pleased with my D800 purchase.

Embedded slide show:

I will be uploading more D800 image to this flickr set in the next few weeks. Detailed Nikon D800 review and side-by-side comparison with the D4 and D800E are coming soon.

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  • Alfons

    Oh, I remember the day when my friend’s big brother won a high tech 3MP point and shoot circa 2001.

    The quality was breath taking. My friend’s brother had a shot of their dog. You could see the photographer from a reflection of dog’s eye.

  • asdasd

    Awesome dude


    Wow 24mpx on the smallest DSLR body. I heard someone mention that they are going to release a D4x with more Megapxls than the D800 which i figured someone would be full of it. Now seeing these kind of Numbers coming out I cant think but wonder whats next! Could there be a 10k dollar D4x with 40+ mpx hmmm might be overkill but then again a 24mpx D3200 seems that way too so anything could happen right.

  • anne
  • http://www.speich.net/photo/photodb/photo.php Simon Speich

    For all those who were wondering if the D800 is also good for wildlife. I just wrote a post with some bird photos taken with the D800 and the 600mm VR f4 for all pixel peepers.

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