The situation in Thailand doesn’t look good for Nikon

Nationmultimedia published the above table about the effect of the Thailand flooding on Japanese companies. Quote from the same article:

"Electronic manufacturers also are heavily dependent on production in Thailand. Nikon Corp.’s Thailand plant produces low- to mid-range single-lens reflex cameras, which account for 90 percent of the company’s SLR camera production."

Western Digital who also has factories damaged by the floods said that it may take up to six months to repair their facilities:

"They asked us to speed up draining water from the plants. If it could be done in one to two months, the company expected to then take about four to six months months for repairs."

I received an unconfirmed information that a Nikon press conference in Belgium scheduled for October 26th has been canceled.

Chase Jarvis will have a "Special chasejarvis LIVE on Wed Oct 26th":

I am clueless as of what will happen next week - a lot of conflicting information.

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  • Joe

    Oddly enough…

    All the people complaining about CEO’s and greedy corporations here probably own a Nikon camera or would like to – otherwise, why would the be here at “

    Also odd is that perhaps these same people fail to realize that Nikon is a corporation…
    I wonder if Nikon’s Board of Directors pay is even close to the pay that their (flooded) workers in Thailand make? I wonder how uncomfortable it is for the corporate employees in the Shin-Yurakucho Bldg ? Maybe they should all take pay cuts because they are making too much money?

    So while you are fondling your expensive Nikon camera and at the same time complaining that the problem in the US is that CEO’s and corporations make too much money don’t forget that you support that behavior (in another country) by purchasing what the average worker in Thailand would consider an expensive luxury…

    One other odd thing to note is that Nikon is part of Mitsubishi… Have you ever heard of that corporation? Again, remember that while you are whining like an ignoramus about “Fat CEO’s” here in the USofA that buy purchasing an expensive item that the average worker in Thailand couldn’t dream of affording you are also supporting the Nikon corporation AND the Mitsubishi corporation which happens to be Japan’s largest general trading company with over 200 bases of operations in approximately 80 countries worldwide that has has seven business segments including finance, banking, energy, machinery, chemicals, food and more.

    People complaining about “Fat and lazy CEO’s” that own a Nikon camera (and lenses, batteries, grips, accessories, etc) have no idea how blatantly stupid and hypocritical they sound.

    Occupy this.

    • You’ve presented the problem. Now, please propose a practical solution. What do you propose I do as a Nikon user? And by the way, I am not rich, I had to save and scrape for AGES to afford the USED camera and lenses I currently have.

      The unfortunate truth and hypocrisy of you calling us hypocrites when you have never met or talked with us person to person, is that you use and own products in your everyday life that ultimately can be traced back to a heartless corporation whose sole purpose to exist is to return a profit for their shareholders.

      • Brian

        and I suppose you wrote your reply to Joe by using a carrier pigeon to deliver it, rather than craft your words on a computer, cellphone, PDA, or whatever device it is that you possess purchased from one of theose Evil Corporations? Sounds like the accuser is no better than the accused

        • My point exactly. To be somewhat light-hearted, to paraphrase comedian Joe Rogan: who here could manufacture on their own any of the modern electronic conveniences we use? I know I can’t, therefore I pay “evil” corporations to make that stuff for me.

          • Keith Andrews

            Love Joe Rogan

    • Anonymous

      Another piece of gobbly gook by a sheeple right winger.

      • If you are referring to me, I’m actually centrist/moderate with some Libertarian leanings, and am far from right-wing.

        If you are referring to Joe, he is decidedly on the left side of the camp, not right-wing.

        • nah

          being centrist but having libertarian leanings is like saying you are a straight man who just loves the taste of male genitalia. libertarianism aka fascism is the most extreme form of right wing ‘government’

          • From an political science perspective – not political ideology – libertarianism and fascist are on the opposite sides of the scale. If you go to Polictial Compass you’ll see that. Take the test, I did. I fall here:

            Economic Left/Right: -3.12 (favors the left)
            Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.62 (favors libertarianism)

            There are other political graphs that indicate the same thing. If anything, extreme (I emphasize the word extreme) libertarianism is basically anarchism.

            Perhaps my use of the word centrist was incorrect from an objective political science perspective, I’ll give you that. But the declaration that libertarianism equates to fascism is patently false.

        • Joe

          Hello again guys and girls…

          Must have struck a nerve… Nothing like living rent free, even if only for a minute or two.

          (and yes, I’m typing this on a PC with parts from ASUS, AMD and Western Digital to name a few… all heartless corporations. And I used (fiat) money to purchase said items with a value based upon what the Federal Reserve said it was worth – all of it conjured up out of thin air based upon nothing while wearing clothes sold by other corporations while receiving a txt on my cellphone made by Motorola and serviced by Verizon…etc)

          “Occupy Wall Street is a people-powered movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally. #OWS is fighting back against the corrosive power major banks and unaccountable **multinational corporations** wield against democracy, and the role of Wall Street in creating the economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in nearly a century. The movement is inspired by popular uprisings in Egypt and around the world, and aims to expose how the richest 1% of people are writing the rules of a dangerous neoliberal economic agenda that is stealing our future.”


          No, I don’t have a solution however I do know that I (and perhaps other US based readers here) are more than likely 10 times richer (or more) than the average worker in the flooded Thai Nikon plant.

          If you were to ask me: what would fix it? Being generous to your fellow man… Unfortunately, I suspect that not everyone is capable of that. Perhaps the reason for that could be answered with a riddle: Why is it perfectly legal for members of congress to take part in insider trading while it is illegal for you and I to do the same?

          Seems almost worse than being a fat lazy CEO…

          • I think most of us can all agree that the system is broken. I briefly took some shots of the Occupy Wall Street rally here in San Diego. If you like you can view them here. It’s open to comments of all persuasions and opinions.

            Hopefully Nikon will recover. But not just so they can give us new cameras, but so that the Thai people employed there get back to earning a paycheck so they’re families can start recovering, too.

    • D700guy

      I suppose we’re going to have to listen to this type of belly aching over human rights now until the next Nikon natural disaster takes center stage?
      This is a Nikon equipment rumors site. We come her because we, as consumers are interested in what’s next. If we wanted to go to a belly aching site for flood victims we’d visit the Red Cross website.

      • enesunkie

        +100 Can we get back to complaining when Nikon is going to come out with a D400 or D800!

    • nah

      last time i checked nikon was not a banking entity profiting off of buying and selling debt while producing nothing. nikon produces cameras. the occupy wall street protests are not against legitimate businesses; even really, really big ones. they are against the wall street gordon gekkos who caused this recession.

    • Vandyu

      Well, I learned something new today–that Nikon was part of Mitsubishi. So, I did a bit of research. Per Wikipedia (if you trust the source), “As of 2007, Mitsubishi Corporation, a member of the Mitsubishi Group, is Japan’s largest general trading company (sogo shosha) with over 200 bases of operations in approximately 80 countries worldwide. Together with its over 500 group companies, Mitsubishi employs a multinational workforce of approximately 54,000 people. Mitsubishi has long been engaged in business with customers around the world in many industries, including energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, food and general merchandise. Mitsubishi Motors reached 1.3 million cars of total production in 2007.”

      “Mitsubishi Motors “has seven vehicle manufacturing facilities in five countries, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Thailand, United States, Brazil, and twelve plants co-owned in partnership with others. It also has three further engine and transmission manufacturing plants, five R&D centres and 75 subsidiaries, affiliates and partners. Its vehicles are manufactured, assembled or sold in more than 160 countries worldwide.”

      In the U.S., the website lists “Mitsubishi Motors R&D of America, Inc. (MRDA) head office, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States; Mitsubishi Motors R&D of America, Inc. (MRDA) Research & Design Center, Cypress, California, United States, and Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA), Normal, Illinois, United States.”

      So, I again would suggest that Nikon, also a member of the Mitsubishi Kinyokai (or Friday Club), consider locating a manufacturing plant in the United States. There are plenty of workers willing to be trained in the specifics of camera manufacturing in exchange for a paycheck from an esteemed company that sells millions of dollars of photographic equipment in the U.S. and worldwide.

      But, should this be considered, I recommend that Nikon fully explore the weather conditions in the cities of interest, as we also have floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

      • PeterO

        May I strongly suggest that Nikon relocate all of its factories anywhere in the province of Saskatchewan here in Canada. Although I don’t live there, it seems that they have become a very “business friendly” place. Don’t worry about the cold weather as we have now learned how to insulate our igloos. Besides, we think it’s fun to pronounce “Saskatchewan”. I can see it now: Nikon – Made in Saskatchewan.

        • Vandyu

          While I have the greatest respect and admiration for our neighbor to the north, I think Nikon should locate in Maine, specifically in MOOSELOOKMEGUNTIC. Now wouldn’t that make a great “Made in” sticker?

          But, if Saskatchewan is chosen instead, I’ve already been reading up the province and how to get to the future Nikon factory store.

          • Jim

            Make Nebraska – center of the USA, reasonable climate, reasonable economics, hard working people, etc.

            • Vandyu

              Yeah, but OU has a better Big Red football team 🙂

      • Tom

        I think southern part of India is the best option. It has best infrastructure & port facilities. I been there for couple of time and amazed with the facilities they got. Wonderful climate too…

    • Gary

      “Light the blue touchpaper …”

    • George

      It isn’t that people are against corporations making a profit, but rather that corporations have consistently failed to include employees in the corporations’ success. While executives claim the economy is too bad for cost-of-living adjustments or pay-for-performance raises, those same CEOs are taking MILLIONS in bonuses. CEOs (like Boeing) make huge sums, yet complain over employee pay BECAUSE IT REDUCES THEIR OWN BONUSES. Boeing CEO makes 20 MILLION per year…. that’s more than the ENTIRE PAYROLL at the Seattle plant…. you know, the one the CEO claims is costing the corporation too much in worker pay. Makes you wonder…..

      Further, the demand to provide stock performance often drives corporations to often ignore what is in the corporation’s best interest for what will make the shareholders happy in the short run. There is far less reinvestment today than there was in the 50’s-60’s-70’s. Minimizimg cost by p[roducing offshore means fewer people in the marketplace with the money to buy products. Corporations cut their own throats, and they are now cannabalizing themselves to keep stockholders happy.

  • Cray

    Get off your entitlement butt and get a life!!!! Go to Russia if you want the Gov or State take care of you. Or Greece – there’s a country taking care of their people. to Bankruptcy of a whole Europe!

    • George

      So, do you believe we should be able to use all of our gifts to make a profit? If so, I’d be more than happy to take what you have from you by force…. you use your connections and advantages, I use my rather unique skillset. Sounds fair to me if you want an unfettered market.

  • Rona Dare


    Why do articles on this website start with the last page of comments instead of the first page of comments? That makes absolutely no sense to me. In fact, it’s downright annoying.

    • Ke

      That’d be great actually.

  • Dave

    I live in Thailand and it is a really cool place to live. The flooding here is really, really bad and is starting to impact Bangkok now. Nikon is absolutely screwed. If you are in the market for a low to mid priced Nikon, you had better get it now because there is definitely going to be a supply disruption and price increases. There is so much damage everywhere that it is going to take time before they are going to get the plant up and running as there are lots of international manufacturing facilities that have been damaged.

  • One More Thought

    To refocus:
    First, this is a tragedy for the Thai people; their pain is far worse than waiting a bit longer for a new camera.
    Second, we know Nikon will bounce back, they always do,and quicker than anticipated usually.
    Third, perhaps make a contribution to an aid agency that is assisting there?
    Fourth, I think it’s great that we all have such interest in Nikon products; in the long run Nikon will need our business to rebuild over there…and the Thai people will need our business.

  • Blaah

    Politics aside,

    Thailand plant produces low- to mid-range single-lens reflex cameras

    D700 replacement is not low or mid-range, so the flooding might not affect its production?

    • Hard to say. While the D700 is made in Japan, their might be components that come from a supplier that’s been effected.

  • Yoda

    On Union Rumors I am ? ? ?

  • Richard

    OT. We interrupt this enlightening political and economic discussion to speculate about Nikon’s response to the Canon 1D X. Has anyone analyzed the processor configuration yet?

    It appears that there are three processors. One seems to be a controller which may or may not process images. The other two may be set up in parallel for processing images. I am wondering if processor A will take on more than 1 image file prior to handing off the next image file to the B processor. Are there other “tricks” Canon may have used to be able to process 12 18 MP RAW files per second? There were earlier rumors surrounding Nikon processors. Canon have set a rather high mark for Nikon to match.

    • Pat Mann

      Now Canon is calling their TOTL full-frame camera DX.

      Does anyone else find this humorous?


  • The invisible man

    Nikon D3x is backorder at B&H and Adorama…….D4 coming ?

  • hmm

    it seems as though most of the readers of this site know as little about politics as they do about cameras. does that make nikonrumors the fox news of the photo world?

  • Jabs

    WOW – This place got hostile – lol

    And I thought the Nikon vs Canon rivalry was bad, but politics sure has polarized humans.

    Tragedy often unites and politics often divides, hence perhaps so MANY tragedies this year!

  • rhlpetrus

    It’s looking bad and may get worse. Nikon is not such a large company, more than half of their income these days come from cameras and dslrs, mainly the ASP-C low to midrange (read d3100-d7000) are the bread and butter of their lineup. If this is as bad as it looks, Nikon may loose a lot of their revenies for the next few months, including the holiday season. People say they’ll recoup, yes, probably, but at a lot of cost, money and people included.

  • photog

    first Nikon doesn’t talk about cameras, now NikonRumours don’t talk about cameras, BUT everything else…….
    …..thats it, I am switching to Canon…

  • photog

    first Nikon doesn’t talk about cameras, now NikonRumours don’t talk about cameras, BUT everything else…….
    …..thats it, I am switching to Canon…

  • Bama

    According to Thom Hogan, this is what is affected by the flood:

    So what things are made in the affected plant? D3100, D5100, D7000, D300s bodies, plus the 18-55mm DX, 18-105mm DX, 18-200mm DX, 70-300mm, and I think, 60mm Micro-Nikkor lens are assembled there, as well as the 24-120mm and 28-300mm. That’s basically the bulk of Nikon’s consumer DSLR sales, plus a large chunk of the low-end FX optics.

  • Just to “confirm” (under a merely “photographic” term) this is what I got into today’s mailing list from one of the online shops over here:

    – due to flooding in Thailand, photographic market will be subject to price variations and camera / lens availability will be checked and updated daily. Nikon is the company most impacted and they say the the “plant manufacturing D5100, D3100, 55-300, 50mm is completely destroyed”

    So they say that some cameras (mostly p/s but also Canon EOS MKII body) plus D7000, D90 etc. are in “short supply” while those and other cameras (always p/s plus more Canon SLRs – 7D / 600D / 5D and also some popular lenses like Tamron 17-50 and Nikon 70-300 or 18-105), not to forget Apple iPAD2 prices are raising because of the uncertainty of availability (probably they are impacted indirectly)

    • I have been receiving similar tips, my only problem is that the D800 is supposed to be produced in Japan and the announcement should not be impacted by the flooding in Thailand.

      • john

        I hope you are right Admin. I’ll buy it.

        If not I’m selling my Nikon stuff and going with the new Canon.

        • Richard

          For one thing, even if Canon delivers the 1D X on time that will be next march. For another, we have not yet heard from Nikon.

          What Canon appears to have done is to have taken a page or two (or three) from the Nikon approach to IQ and high ISO performance and what everybody and their dog, myself included, have been harping on for a very long time, the need for improve image processing ASICs. What Canon have done appears to use their old ASIC for auto-focus and exposure calculation and then used two new ASICs for nothing other than image processing, including, and I emphasize this, noise reduction in processing. That they are able to claim a 12 fps (RAW) burst rate is a testament to the dual ASIC image processing hardware. Please note that at very high ISOs the frame rate drops to 10 fps, presumably because of the additional noise reduction processing.

          That Canon has taken this approach is a testament to the outstanding performance of the D3S.

          If one already uses Canon equipment either by itself or with other equipment, whether Nikon or not, it would be logical to be interested in adding the 1D X to their arsenal. If one is heavily invested in Nikon kit, it would be jumping the gun to abandon it at this point without even seeing Nikon’s next generation of products.

          I will say that Canon have had the benefit of designing and manufacturing their own sensors whereas Nikon have worked in conjunction with their partner Sony and may not always have gotten the exact sensor they may have wanted, but have, nevertheless, benefitted from Sony’s capabilities. Nikon have increasingly worked on their own sensor design. Whether the next generation of sensors will be theirs or remain a collaborative effort remains to be seen.

          Either way I look forward to what new offerings Nikon brings forth.

  • Just Me

    Well all, I kind of like to take off and go shoot photography to forget about all the greed, politics, bills, unemployment, and government angst. I also like to escape to Nikon Rumors for the same kind of enjoyment. I am sure we could find a site or many sites that would love all the economical, governing methodologies, and the like discussions. I kind of like talking about cameras and reading what you guys have to say about cameras. I like dreaming about what the next generation camera is going to have. Can we talk about cameras?

    No offense intended I just come here to read about cameras.

    Looking forward to the D800. May have to upgraded the computer memory to handle panos. I love panos with the Gigapan head. Largest todate is a 166 photos at 12 megapixels each (Yosemite El Capitan).


    • studio460

      I too, come here just to read about cameras. I was surprised by the amount of political discourse here, in a comment section mainly about the devastation to Nikon’s plant in Thailand.

      Aside from the human tragedies to those in the affected areas, I can’t help but feel sorry for Nikon’s management for their incredible misfortunes. I read about the Nikon Thailand plant flooding almost in disbelief. Certainly, two natural disasters to contend with must’ve hit Nikon hard. The only saving grace is that their new product line, Nikon 1, is being manufactured in China.

  • Citycom

    They should build factory where are no floods, tornado’s, tsunamis, exploding power plants, earthquakes, rioting people and other disasters 🙂 There are so many countries with cheap workers and good position without such destructing natural phenomenons 🙂

    • another voice

      In that case recommend to Siberia, but there are two disadvantages in this, the first is the upcoming replay of Putin’s rule which means problems for business, and another: cold.


      Poland, but there is a one disadvantage, from a fanatical right-wing Catholics who have a lot of power and influence to manipulate the public because they want to make a religious state. Besides, the rest of the conditions satisfied;)

  • OitaJP

    Meanwhile here in the land of the rising sun, prices are rising as the sun : ( D3100 double kit is almost $100 more, $100 more even for basic D3100 lens kit. D5100, D7000 prices are also increasing day by day. One of my supplier even run of out of stock and they don’t even know when they will have stock available.

    • studio460

      Yes. Everything seems to have increased by at least $100 overnight (since last Sunday). A refurb lens I was about to click “buy” on Saturday night, went from $1,000 to $1,100, overnight. The new MAP jumped $200. NR was right on target again (thank you, Admin!), about Nikon’s new MAP retail policy. Thankfully, I got at least one $1,400 lens under the wire as a refurb for only $999, just two days before the across-the-board MAP increase. Thank you, again, NR!

  • good luck to everyone waiting/wishing for a new camera, maybe next xmas

    • studio460

      Thank god I bought that D3s refurb in April, a month after the tsunami. Yes, the D4 is going to be awesome. But it’s going to be EXPENSIVE. As NR reported, everything has gone up. The Canon 1D X is near D3s pricing, which I think is a good indicator that the D4 will be megabucks.

      Maybe the moral is: Buy what you want NOW. Why wait for the D800? Get that D700 and a super-good lens with the money saved. It’s only going to get worse.

      • studio460

        I said, “The Canon 1D X is near D3s pricing.” I meant to say, it’s near-D3x pricing, meaning a LOT!

  • I’ll keep patient and nursing my D700 into next year.

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