Vote for the “Imagine the Nikon D4″ contest winner

I received a total of 69 entries for the “Imagine the Nikon D4″ contest where you can win a ThinkTankPhoto Airport Airstream roller. I decided to allow readers to vote on all 69 entries instead of me selecting the top 20. All entries can be seen on flickr. Simply note the picture number (#) in the title and vote for that number (for example if you like "Imagine the Nikon D4" contest (#67)" you will vote for #67). The poll is embedded after this slideshow of all 69 entries:

The poll will close on August 19th at midnight (US Eastern time).

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  • Jabs

    My wish for the upcoming Nikon D4 and D4X:

    I know this is a little off topic, but I would really like to see Nikon continue with an expanded recorded plus OUTPUT dynamic range (they are different factors) in their newer D4 series just like this test clearly shows the superiority of a Nikon D3X versus a similar sensor equipped Sony A900, both with 24megapixel sensors and this comparison was shot at ISO 1600 – can you believe the difference?

    Look at the wood grain of the violin before you zoom plus the light levels recorded (from light to dark colors in the wood), and since I am a former violin player myself, then I am really familiar with violins, as in using them for most of my young life daily.

    Use Firefox 5 or 6 (new) and the ‘Color Management 0.5.3 Add-on’ (don’t know if this add-in works with Firefox 6?) ONLY, to view the below web site and then see the differences clearly yourself. Please make sure that your monitor is adjusted well and not set up to be just bright ONLY, like most LCD’s or LED’s are!

    The ‘genius’ is in the details apparently !

  • broxibear

    I see the D7000 won ‘European Advanced SLR Camera of the Year’ at the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) awards
    As an organisation and the way it awards I don’t have a lot of faith in EISA, many of their past awards make little sense and are often pretty baffling.
    I guess the little blue sticker helps shift more stock ?

  • Porto

    I think admin should make a second round voting with the 3 top selections after this one is done…

    • broxibear

      Hi Porto,
      I’ve contacted admin/Peter about the voting system, there’s something wrong with it and hopefully he’ll look into it and come up with a solution
      If it’s a competition it has to be fair for all the entrants.

      • Broxibear, I am not aware of better voting system online. As I said already, the more people vote as the week goes by (2,371 so far), the chance of speculations will diminish.

        • JP Parmentier

          Broxibear, when you said “fair” what exactly did you mean ?

          Good job on winning the prize. And you made a good point for the next competitions to come. No more polls.

          • broxibear

            JP Parmentier
            “Good job on winning the prize” what prize ?
            I can promise you I won’t be winning.

            • JP Parmentier

              well, As I said you made a good point and the votes have gone from fun to a bit of social networking to complete fixing.
              I think some of the designs deserved to have a chance given that the prize should have been going to whomever made the best effort at “imagining the D4”.
              In the end, it will go down to either you or #12, who actually both did a good job.
              But the total of votes for these two is getting so ridiculous now that everybody knows the winner will have fixed the result.
              It’s time to go back to the random picks.
              It was fun doing the contest, though. And I liked some designs better than mine actually 🙂

            • broxibear

              Hi JP Parmentier,
              I was never going to be me when I realised something odd was going on with the voting… Had my entry had the most votes I wouldn’t have accepted the prize. My votes were making a point to Peter about something he said to me about the voting system, and the flaws it has.
              Hopefully next time there’s a competition of this type Peter can ask someone to judge it as they do in photographic competitions.
              It’s not a fix in that only one person can win, anyone can win if they’ve got the time and will.
              You’re right the contest was fun…just needed a legitimate way to judge it ?

            • JP Parmentier

              Maybe a selection, then a vote by members who are out of the competition would be interesting.

              I had as much fun making an entry as I had looking at what people did before and after.

              So I wouldn’t mind for instance judging without taking part. There may be some people with different qualities and background i.e. technicians, bloggers, amateurs photogs, pro photogs, etc… And all in all 15 to 20 people could vote.

              I wouldn’t mind also that the people making the entries could attach a description of their work, to make their point. It was really hard to see where some concept where going or the small details. A little caption could have helped, too.

            • Midnight Lost Chidl

              The thing is that social networks are incredibly large! I have only 560 people on my Facebook page and I’m antisocial as Facebook goes. If you spend the time to go throughout every contact you have and get your contacts to agree to send it to everyone on there contacts with the simple explanation that its for a good cause and it costs them NOTHING to help then the social vote explosion is humongous.

              I don’t know if you guys are the same but I have a Facebook social network that is not very similar in population as my twitter social network that both are majorly different than my google + network. Those 3 networks are just the start of all the networks out there for people to tap into!

              Having a panel of judges that are not participating would be a nice way to see how you are doing without just getting 60ish people to participate and one winner with no feed back for everyone else other than “yep your all winners in my book” type of thing. If you could get a panel of judges, like 12 or so then you could tell/show everyone how many votes went to what concept in order to give people feedback.

              Last thing! In these contests NONE of the images should be released until the time of accepting images has come to a close! letting other people see everyone elses work first gives people with extra time a great advantage over those who submitted their works first!

              You will get more original designs and fewer copies if people dont base their work off someone elses work.

            • I certainly will look into other ways of determining the winner next time. I just wanted to be “democratic” and let the readers vote.

            • Midnight Lost Chidl

              Sorry [NR] admin !

              I know that my comment sounds like I’m a complete asshole, and I probably am for posting it.

              I should mention that I am grateful that you provided something fun for the community to take part in! Also I think we are all thankful that on top of having something fun to do we all have a goal to win something awesome that you provided and we are grateful for your efforts!

            • broxibear

              Hi Midnight Lost Chidl,
              I don’t think anyone thinks you’re a “complete asshole” or anything…personally I like to hear other views rather than the usual “where’s my Dxxx Nikon ?”
              I understand what you’re saying about social networks but in this poll there is a technical flaw, those who figured it out were (and still are) capable of voting as many times as they want.
              I tracked someone yesterday to see how far they would go to chase votes if I had more than them…they voted for hours on end. Something Peter didn’t think anyone would do, Peter you’re too trusting my friend lol.
              Technically it doesn’t say anywhere you can’t do that so I guess it’s not against the rules…at least that’s what the winner will be saying to themselves.
              That must be one hell of a bag lol ?

  • The invisible man
  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    #65 for the win succes man

  • Midnight lost child

    It would be nice if there was a second place prize, like half the awesomeness of the first place prize, and a third place prize, like 10 or 20 dollar amazon gift card.

  • Dennis Brickett

    just waiting for the new D4, D800, D400. Hurry I can’t stand it!!

  • na

    2000+ votes for some.. I honestly think there is some cheating going on… IMO

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