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I am sure by now everyone has seen the Hitler video and the D700 cake pictures (and another one). Here is something else - a spy lens that allows you to shoot at a 90 degree angle:

This is basically a periscope lens extension for US $50. Check also the product video here.

Photojojo via Gizmodo

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    Funny! That Hitler video was great.

  • tonashideska

    Spiratone used to sell those in the early 70’s

  • gocrazy

    lol that thing don’t can be used like a spylense people will see the hole in that shitt pretty obvious

  • Haha, a buddy sent me a link to this thing about a month ago, very silly.

  • When Spiratone sold these 40 years ago they were ripping off a camera attachment that has been around for even longer. Anyone who read Modern Photography or similar magazines in the 70s & 80s have seen this $20 doohickey advertised numerous times in the back pages. It shows exactly how young and photographically inexperienced the kids at Gizmodo are. Despite that fact, I religiously start my day with the Giz (alongside NR of course!!!)

  • ?

    • Paddy


  • Stefan

    Whow, a periscope lens. It’s now about 35 years ago, they I read about it in a newspaper for the first time.

    It’s Christmas time: same procedure as every year.

  • Impeccability

    That Hitler video apparently isn’t available in Germany…

    • kurotsu-kun

      … indeed, maybe one of the non-German users can upload it to the likes of RapidShare and post the link??

  • rthomas

    I doubt that the periscope attachment would improve your chances and it might attract more attention than just the camera! I do street photography sometimes, and I just point the camera where the picture is. Hey, it worked for Cartier-Bresson.

    • rthomas

      PS – not to mention the vignetting you’d get with all but the longest tele lenses! That thing is at least as long as the 18-70 it’s shown attached to; even one roll of gaffer’s tape vignettes that lens at 70mm, and this device is at least twice that long…. This is not a device for making good photographs.

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