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Nikon D800 with the 24 Megapixels Sony sensor! Plus new Nikon D3 with anti-dust!

Update: see comments for translation. Thanks to the translators.
Thom Hogan could be correct after all - he predicted the D900 but no one believed him (including us). See also here and here of Nikon D800 fakes. Where there's smoke there's fire.
In Chasseurs d'Images n° 306 - Août - Septembre 2008

The D800 with the 24 Megapixels Sony.

A new version of D3 with anti dust.

Full scan of the page available as always on flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/nikonrumors/

I will try to get detailed translation.

Thanks T.P.
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  • apan

    Even I dont know french but many other languages as we Europeans often have to learn.

    It is easy to read out they claim it is just a rumor. I read french and understand about 70% off it. But dont talk it

  • Blog Admin

    Isn’t it unusual for a print magazine to report on rumors?

  • Z

    I wouldn’t call some very low quality, cropped columns, “a print magazine.” When/if we see an actual full size scan/photo of the magazine I’ll believe it. This just looks like junk to me. The D700 brochure was pretty convincing… this… no.

  • Blog Admin

    Go to my photostream @ flickr and you will see a full scan of the whole page:

  • Z

    Look at the full page on the left and then look at the single column on the right… the quality isn’t even remotely similar. It looks like someone took a real article and added their own additional (fake) extension.

  • Z

    Nevermind I just noticed that the pic on the right is just a cropped and enlarged version of the center column from the other pic, but it still looks less than convincing.

  • Blog Admin

    No problem. I also don’t know if it is real or fake – we report you decide. I just get excited when I see new rumors. If someone wanted to fake this, there are better ways.

    Again, this whole site is for rumors and rumors only. Official news are to be found @ nikon.com.
    Sometime the rumors are correct, sometimes not. I have to say some of them, even not true are interesting.
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Piggy

    Well…at the top of the page, it says:
    New equipment in autumn: What To Expect…

    So…err…it seems to be just a Chasseur D’images forecast of what they think will come out…AKA ‘rumors’ page…:P

  • Blog Admin

    Isn’t this crazy – D800 3-4 months after D700?

  • piggy

    Better translation:
    New Equipment in Autumn: What can we HOPE for?

  • piggy

    Well…A D800 with 24 Mpix FF sensor NOW does make sense…It will be their new flagship… Equivalent of the Canon 1Ds MArk III… And they can charge a couple extra Thousand $ for it…!!!

  • http://www.texelimages.nl Wannes

    Actualy, all it says here is there is D700 instead of the expected D90 now which has a dust removal system and that there are rumours about a D800. Nothing new I’m afraid……

  • http://www.xanga.com/matthewsaville Matthew Saville Photography

    Here’s the only problem: A D700 with a higher resolution sensor is just a D700X, not a D800. Nikno will not depart from their naming scheme…


  • piggy

    But a D3 with a higher resolution sensor could be named D800.

  • Jamie

    No, it’s literally “which (who) is nothing but a rumor”



  • Jamie

    On second thought…

  • Dan

    It could, but that would make NO sense. D800 implies a lower-spec’d camera than D3. If Nikon wants to make the 24MP camera their flagship, they won’t name it a DX00.

  • piggy

    Not if they change the naming of their Pro SLR bodies and adopt a more ‘logical’ scheme. I.e bigger number = better specs, consistent with the lower specced equipment.
    D40, D60, D80, D200, D300, D700 and D800 for flagship. Nice logical trend. And whatever flagship outdoes the ‘D800′thereafter, can be called D900 or Something else with bigger number.

    Canon should have done the same thing, but they are stuck with an even more stupid naming scheme.

  • Anonymous

    I decided to post this here instead of emailing Nikon Rumors so I can keep my anonymity and my job. I work at a high-end camera store and Friday of last week our Nikon rep came into our store and gave us a bit of information about a brand new Nikon P&S camera. The P6000 is coming and it will have RAW and higher resolution. However, he said that Nikon is coming out with a high-end P&S camera above the P6000 that will use the 10mp APS sensor from the D60 and be geared toward pros and serious enthusiasts. This is a DEFINITE FACT, no B.S. We could not get anymore info out of him as far as body design, or lens focal length. We’ll just have to wait and see. He did say that he is pretty sure it will be announced at or before Photokina.

  • Le Comte

    Esy it may be, but let’s agree to call it an easy mistake then.

    I’m bilingual French/English, and my command of both languages may not be called into question. The text clearly states that the 24 MPix Sony sensor is expected to appear under several other bodies, including a Nikon D800, “which is not just a rumor.” Having read Chasseurs d’Image for quite a while, I have yet to prove their predictions wrong.

    Note this also goes in the same direction as a post on the D1scussion list from someone with close connections to Nikon, who says we should expect to be surprised by Nikon’s Photokina announcement. Would a D3X surprise anyone?

  • rayn

    “Not if they change the naming of their Pro SLR bodies and adopt a more ‘logical’ scheme. I.e bigger number = better specs, consistent with the lower specced equipment.”

    based on that reasoning
    why did they call the d3, the d3?
    it would make no sense

  • Loa


    Now that you know that the D800 and Anti-dust D3 were only mentioned as rumors, why don’t you change the title of the article?

    I really enjoy your site, but things like this don’t hlp with credibility…


  • Blog Admin

    I am still not clear on the translation – there are still contradicting comments. I still think this is significant (Breaking News) if a well respected photo magazine writes about Nikon rumors – this is not typical for the “old” paper media.

    Does the article really say it is a rumor?

  • piggy

    As I mentioned in one of my previous posts…I have checked the original scanned page from your link. The article seems genuine. However, At the top of the page it does say:
    New Equipment in Autumn: What can we HOPE for?

    To me, it just seems like chasseur D’images trying to forecast what nikon’s next move will be… As it tries to guess what the moves from the other major camera vendors will be…

    This said…They must have some kind of ‘insider’ info, which probably means that their guesstimate…Are likely to be more accurate than just any other rumor…

    My impression though, is that they do seem quite confident with the D800.

  • Piggy

    Top of Page reads:
    Nouveautes D’automne:Qu’esperer?

  • Loa


    Well my first language is French, and after reading the article there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind: they’re speculating.

    D3 anti-dust: they say there’s an urgency to add that feature. Well, ok, but is that news?

    D800: they EXPECT to see Sony’s 24MP (FX format) in the D800. Well, expecting and knowing are 2 different things. They say that the D800 is more than just a rumor, but they provide no evidence what-so-ever.

    Even if that article has been Publish, they bring nothing new to the table. Only more speculation.


  • piggy

    Well… It’s all speculation anyway…Until the goods are out…

    But If I had to take an educated guess…assuming they do name the new flagship D800…Is they CHANGED naming scheme after the D3…

    The D3 Will be forgotten a few years down the line…once the New naming scheme is well established…

    Speculation…and even more speculation…after all..it’s a Rumors site…:P

  • ChrisL

    That’s not what it says. Ne .. que means “nothing but a rumour” or “only a rumour”

  • JohnSturgees

    Loa, which bit of “… a Nikon D800, which is *not just* a rumor”* gives you the certainty that the D800 is a rumor?

    *This is the correct translation

  • Blog Admin

    I guess we are still not clear on the actual translation.

  • ChrisL

    My bad. Just bought a copy of the magazine and read it (p.9). It does indeed say “not just a rumour”.

  • JohnSturgees

    That’s OK, I am bilingual, so it’s quite clear to me, and I understand why the doubt remains in others ;)

  • http://www.sintrat.fr Fabien

    A quick translation of the first news:

    Nikon : a lot of news
    D700′s news has surprised a lot of phographers who were expecting a D80 or D90, the cheap version of the D300, or a D3x, the D3 with a superpixeled sensor.
    D700 is expected to have a great future but Nikon has other DSLRs coming son, with one with the Sony 24 Mpix’s sensor. And the D3x ? First, it will be called differently! Then, there is urgency to provide the D3 with the strongly missing antidust system.
    And as Nikon likes to surprise us, we do not know in which order this will be announced ! There is a lack between the D60 and the D300, where a D90 would fit well. But Nikon is thinking too of launching a new set of lenses for full frame.

  • Piggy

    Nikon: Barrage of new equipemnt
    The announcement of the D700 surprised numerous photographers who had been expecting a D80 or D90, toned down versions of the D300, or even a D3x, a D3 with beefed up sensor.

    The D700 is expected to do well in the future, but Nikon has new cameras in preparation, including one with the Sony 24 Mpix sensor.
    How about the D3X? For starters, it won’t even be called that.

    There is also the need to equip the D3 with dust reduction, which it sorely needs. And as nikon likes to surprise us, we do not yet know in which order all these will be issued.

    There is a large gap between the D60 and the D300, where a D90 would be welcome. However, Nikon also has to think about lenses for its new line of full frame cameras.

    Sony is still in the limelight with the Flagship camera announced months ago, which will make it’s debut at Photokina, under the name of Alpha 900.

    Sony has been preparing the market with successive announcements: Base Technical Specs, Moulds, news on the sensor, which will be a 24 MPix full frame. The flash will be there, as will new lenses (Upgrades of zeiss with SSM Motor are being developed). The Alpha 900 will gather enormous attention,, and even the Pro oriented Canon 1dsMark III cannot boast the resolution. We also expect this new sensor in cameras from other vendors, including the Nikon’s D800, which is not a rumor. However, sony could also stay with the minolta tradition of several versions. Many things to look forward to….

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks for the translations.

  • Blog Admin

    “..We also expect this new sensor in cameras from other vendors, including the Nikon’s D800, which is not a rumor…”

  • Denis

    Well, these rumors are very probable as ‘Chasseurs d’Images’ is one of the oldest and respected photo magazine in europe.

    But I doubt a lot about a nikon D90 without any AF motor. That’s a nonsense even if there are good reasons.

  • Alex

    Wrong translation

    The right one is: “…including the Nikon’s D800, which is nothing but a rumor…”

  • http://www.sintrat.fr Fabien

    No, Piggy is right.
    To be more specific ‘which is not only a rumor’.

  • piggy

    oops. Thx for correcting me Fabien, I missed out the only, and that does change the impact the sentence has…

  • Manuel

    Which is not JUST a rumor !!!!

  • Manuel

    They say that the 24mpx D3x won’t be call D3x.
    But they don’t say that it will be call D800.
    I guess 2 cameras à la D3/D700.

  • Manuel

    “qui n’est PAS qu’une rumeur” = which is NOT just a rumor (double negeation)
    “qui n’est qu’une rumeur” = wich is just a rumor

    Trust me that’s the right translation

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolas_harter/ Nico in China

    you are missing the word “QUE” which stands here for “ONLY”.
    The first (Nikon) article says the expected D3x won’t be called this way and the second (SONY) article says the D800 isn’t only a rumour


    This camera atleast 18megapixel

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