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Nikon NPS members are now getting 20% repair discount in the US

Nikon NPS members in the US are now getting 20% discount on repairs. You can read all the details here:

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Nikon NPS Canada consolidation: all but one service depots will be closing

  Nikon NPS Canada just sent this email to their current members – all but one service depots will be closing:

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NPS Japan stopped selling Nikon D4 cameras

I was told that NPS Japan stopped selling Nikon D4 cameras through their equipment exchange program. This is another good indication that a new flagship model is coming soon.

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NPS can diagnose and repair a Nikon D4 in 20 minutes

Nikon Professional Services (NPS) published a new video demonstrating how quickly they can diagnose and fix a Nikon D4 DSLR camera – the total repair time was 20:42: “If you’re a pro photographer, you need a support service that gives you fast and efficient repairs. Nikon Professional Services (NPS) Service Technician, Kodai Matsumoto, demonstrates just how quickly […]

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Nikon New Zealand got some exciting news coming on Monday

Nikon New Zealand posted on Facebook that they have some exciting news coming on Monday. I don’t think they have the D600 in mind, because the announcement should be on Thursday, September 13 (± 1 day based on your timezone). Maybe NPS will be coming to New Zealand, as some of the comments suggested? Update: this is probably the […]

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Nikon products lifespan according to NPS

Nikon NPS in the Czech Republic has an interesting and detailed list of photo equipment that can be registered with NPS (Nikon Professional Services). More interesting is the date listed next to each product, after which the product can no longer be registered with NPS. The speculation is that with a little bit of imagination, you could use this list […]

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