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Nikon DL is the name of the new compact cameras line with 1″ sensor

Additional information on the three new Nikon DL compact cameras with 1″ sensor:

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The upcoming Nikon compact cameras will have a 2,350k dots optional OLED EVF

I already mentioned that the upcoming Nikon compact cameras with fixed lens and 1″ sensor will have an optional EVF that will attach to the hot shoe. I received some more details on the EVF: it will be a 2,350k dots OLED EVF. For comparison, two of the best EVF I’ve seen so far are 4.4MP (Leica SL) […]

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Three new Nikon compact cameras with 1″ sensor and different focal lengths coming in early 2016

Some additional information on my post from few days ago – Nikon will announce three new compact cameras with fixed lenses that will have different focal lengths and apertures (something similar to the Sigma dp0-dp4 range of cameras). All three models will have a 1″ sensor (all listed ranges are in 35mm equivalents): Wide angle version: 18-50mm f/1.8-2.8 […]

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Rumors: the long awaited Nikon high-end/premium compact camera coming in early 2016

There is a very good chance that in addition to the D5 in early 2016 we will finally see the long awaited Nikon compact high-end/premium compact camera. I have been reporting for months now that Nikon is working on a new camera(s) with a large/larger sensor (1″ and/or APS-C). More than one version is also a possibility – […]

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